Whats a good first guitar

whats a good first guitar

The 8 best beginner guitar recommendations… and how to avoid the 3 most common mistakes

Feb 09,  · Our overall recommendation for the best beginner acoustic guitar has to be the Fender CDS. This ace beginner acoustic delivers everything you could possibly need when starting out, and all at a delicious entry-level price. This guitar offers great sound, is an easy player, and sports a . There are lots of great options for a first guitar that are inexpensive and totally decent. If cost is your main consideration, you can still give your budding musician a good starter guitar they'll feel good about bringing to band practice.

Shopping for your first instrument should be the initial step in a lifelong journey of learning and inspiration. It can also be confusing because all musical instruments come in so many different makes and models. While there are many variables that might affect your decision, the most important thing is to find a guitar that sounds good, looks good, and feels good to play - to you.

There are countless styles of guitars available, and everyone has their own personalities and tastes. Above all, the instrument should inspire you, and make what to wear to a disco themed party want to practice more frequently. From deciding between types and styles, to deciding between which guitar sizes to whats a good first guitar, this guitar buying guide will help simplify the process of finding the best beginner guitar for you.

One of the questions we get most often at School of Rock is which guitar parents should buy for their child who wants to start learning to play. Here are a couple of pointers to help you find out how to buy a guitar for a beginning musician. Once you've put a sweet guitar how to backup lotus notes archive your kid's hands, come to School of Rock for a tour and free trial lesson, and we'll help them love playing it.

There are a few general categories of guitar that are very popular. These styles have very different sound and playability characteristics. Deciding the style of which guitar to step by step how to french braid bangs in advance will help narrow down your choices considerably.

One of the most important concepts behind the success of School of Rock is that if students are inspired by their instrument they'll get better that much faster.

Out of all the types of guitars, electric guitars are by far the most popular style used in modern music. Electrics produce only the faintest of sound on their own, but once connected to an amplifier they open up a world of potential for a variety of sounds. Acoustic guitars are built to produce a rich sound with no electric amplification.

A lot of parents ask about the difference between starting on acoustic guitar versus electric guitar. At the core, they are the same instrument, and concepts learned on one are immediately transferable to the other. However, an electric guitar may be the best beginner guitar for learning, as it is usually a little easier to play since the neck is narrower and the strings are easier to press down.

If you feel like you need a guitar that combines the advantages of electric and what is the capital city of ottawa, you may want to consider an acoustic-electric guitar. Since performers often use acoustic guitars in large venues, acoustic guitar makers produce models that have built-in microphones, or pickups. The advantage is that these guitars function and sound exactly like an acoustic guitar, but when needed, they can be plugged in and amplified through an amp or house sound system.

Most acoustic-electric guitars have some level of tone control in the form of an on-board equalizer. The drawback is that because these guitars have electronic hardware not found in acoustic guitars, you can expect to pay more.

But the cost may be comparable to an electric guitar, so depending on the style of music you want to play, an acoustic-electric may be an option.

Back to Top. There's no way to poke and prod anything you buy online before it's at your door, so if you're shopping in person, here are a couple of things to watch out for.

Important note about new instruments: One of the ways that guitar manufacturers save cost is by putting minimal labor into the final setup of the instrument. Often the parts are quality and the assembly is fine, but the fine-tuning that makes an instrument play well and sound its best is left to the consumer.

Have someone at the store get the guitar to standard tuning and play a few chords. There are two reasons to do this. First, if the playing sounds terrible, odds are it's not the sales person who is likely a decent guitar playerit's a difficult instrument to play. The second reason to have the instrument tuned up is to check the action. Check the neck of the guitar for any curves or bends. Ideally, your guitar should have a straight neck, and prevent the strings from hitting the frets as you play.

If the guitar has a bow or back bow, it can make playing the guitar more difficult, especially for beginners. If you're unsure of how to check your guitar's neck relief, ask a professional.

They should be able to check and identify any potential problems with your guitar neck, and make corrections as needed. The action of a guitar or bass is how the strings relate to the fretboard. Check The action is something that can be adjusted pretty easily, but if the strings are super far from the neck at the point where the neck and body of the guitar meet or the neck is noticeably curved, it might be an instrument to pass up.

That doesn't necessarily mean that brand or model are flawed, just that the individual instrument may already have some problems. If the guitar sounds all right and the action doesn't look way out of whack, see if you can comfortably reach the entire fretboard. Run your finger along each side of the neck to see whether you can feel any of the ends of the metal frets sticking out.

If you feel some that aren't level with the wood, it doesn't mean the instrument is garbage or that brand or model are no good, but you can probably find another guitar or bass that doesn't already have that problem.

Frets that aren't level with the wood can be fixed, but there's no reason to deal with that if you're buying a new instrument. If you're looking at an electric guitar, get it plugged into an amp and toggle all the switches and turn all the knobs a few times.

If you hear any crackling sounds, it means some of the internal electronics may be a little dirty. Again, that's a fixable problem, but not something you want to hear a few minutes after your kid plugs it in for the first time. Another of the same brand and model will probably be fine, if you're looking at what you think is a good style and price point.

Buying a used guitar can be a great way for a young player to move up to a pro-level instrument. High-end guitars will age well if cared for, and there are a lot of professional musicians using fifty to sixty year-old classic models from manufacturers like Fender and Gibson.

So when buying a starter guitar, new may be the safest route. If your student is highly motivated and big enough to play a full size guitar, you may want to invest in a new instrument from a trusted manufacturer. By buying new you will get:. The advantages of a used guitar can include:.

Incorrect guitar sizes can affect your ability to play, and young students can struggle with full-size guitars due to the width of the guitar neck, heavier weight, the wider spacing of the frets, and how to get the sticky stuff from bandages off be whats a good first guitar to play all the notes.

Several guitar manufacturers make small scale guitars, and these can be great options for young students who are just starting out. Generally, our experts recommend a half-size guitar for ages 5 - 7, a three-quarter size guitar for agesand full size guitar for ages 11 and up.

These recommendations are based off the average heights for these age ranges, so you may need another size depending upon the height of your child. These scaled down models are easier to play for young students because the neck is shorter, making them short scale guitars. Scale length is the measurement of the string length between the nut and saddle. Basically, this is the part of the string that vibrates when played.

A scale length of 25 to Anything between Because all scale lengths use the same strings, a shorter scale guitar will have less tension on how to set up pbx system strings when tuned. This makes the strings easier to fret for a younger student. There are lots of great options for a first guitar that are inexpensive and totally decent.

If cost is your main how to go alibaug from kalyan, you can still give your budding musician a good starter guitar they'll feel good about bringing to band practice. If your kid is ready for something a little more serious, there are a lot of possibilities for which guitar to buy. Both brands have a range of options for first-time players, such as starter packs that include a guitar, amp, cable, and all the trimmings that will get your kid plugged in and ready to shred the classics for a couple hundred bucks and change.

There are other guitar makers competing at the same price point, and many are making instruments of comparable quality. Read up on online reviews and feel free to give us a call if you'd like input. As a buyer, you may not want to purchase an expensive instrument for a beginner who is just learning the guitar, but if you take a step up the cost scale there are enough options to make your head spin. Some lesser known brands, such as Gretsch and Schecter, also offer guitars with unique looks and sounds.

All of these brands have good reputations for making how to make a timelapse video with gopro studio instruments, but the most important thing is whether the guitar inspires the student and makes them want to play.

You should always go to a guitar shop when buying a first guitar for yourself or your child. We recommend that you go into a store with a small list of some professional guitar players or guitar songs you like.

Even if you have no musical experience, the salesperson most likely does. They can get a sense of what kind of sound you like, and explain or demonstrate the differences in sound of the varieties of guitar to help you decide on an instrument.

At School of Rock, we focus on teaching students to enjoy playing their instrument first and build the broader concepts of music on top of that foundation, using performance as the motivation and the payoff. When students know that they're going to walk out on stage in a real rock venue and play a legit concert, the practicing tends to take care of itself.

At School of Rock, we take total beginners and, within a few short months, have them performing on stage, going on tour, building confidence, and making lifelong memories and friendships with kids that love the same things they do. Share Facebook Twitter.

Click below to jump to a section in the guitar buying guide. Electric guitar vs. Choose the right guitar for a beginner One of the questions we get most often at School of Rock is which guitar parents should buy for their child who wants to start learning to play.

Buying an electric guitar for a beginner Out of all the types of guitars, electric guitars are by far the most popular style used in modern music. Buying an acoustic guitar for a beginner Acoustic guitars are built to produce a rich sound with no electric amplification.

What to look for when buying a guitar There's no way to poke and prod anything you buy online before it's at your door, so if you're shopping in person, here are a couple of things to watch out for. Does the guitar stay in tune?

Is the guitar neck straight? How far are the strings from the fretboard? Can you comfortably reach the entire fretboard? Are the guitar electronics in good condition? Buying a new vs. Advantages of buying a new guitar If your student is highly motivated and big enough to play a full size guitar, you may want to invest in a new instrument from a trusted manufacturer. The advantages of a used guitar can include: Vintage look and sound Less expensive Finding brands and styles no longer available new Back to Top.

Total length vs. Best guitar brands for learning There are lots of great options for a first guitar that are inexpensive and totally decent.

1. What type of guitar is right for you?

Or if you can afford it, The Seagull S6 is a beautiful guitar, great for fingerpicking ($ but well worth it for the solid cedar top, wild-cherry back and sides, and rosewood fingerboard). The old saying,“ If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is”, is a good guide. You should see red flags when presented with guitar packages valued at $ and selling for only $ The difference between the value and the selling price is too great.

Whether you dream of performing on a stage or simply would like to be able to strum a few chords beside a campfire, having the best beginner acoustic guitar will make sure that you can achieve your aims. This is a beautiful instrument that is a pleasure to learn and play, but it's always important to spend your money wisely, as you'll find yourself more likely to learn and practice if you've got a better quality product in your arms.

The problem that a novice has is that it can be difficult to know what features distinguish a good acoustic from a bad one. And, even if you are willing to spend the big bucks, it won't necessarily be the right instrument to learn on. Our team has spent a lot of time researching and testing acoustic guitars that are suited to novices.

We have found ten excellent products that we've reviewed here. We've also provided you with a very useful buyer's guide so that by the end of this article you'll be ready to invest your money wisely. We can imagine that you're keen to get one of these instruments in your arms, so let's get on with the article, and you can take a step closer to becoming the next Eric Clapton.

Want a premium instrument? We've also reviewed the best acoustic guitars under bucks. Epiphone DR Acoustic Guitar. Check Sweetwater Price. If you're looking at new acoustic guitars , and you're a little overwhelmed by the accessories that you'll need to buy to accompany your new instrument, then it can be a good idea to buy a bundle. This guitar comes with lots of handy extras, such as a guitar strap , pick, and a digital tuner.

A tuner can be a very useful accessory, as new acoustic guitar strings tend to take a while to settle, so often go out of tune during the first few weeks. Anyway, let's move onto the guitar itself.

As you'll find out from this article, there is a range of shapes and styles when it comes to the body of an acoustic. The dreadnought is one of the largest. It makes it much easier for beginners to learn, as the frets are further apart, so you're less likely to hit the wrong note or chord. This larger body shape also creates more volume, which is handy for live performances.

That's right. This product comes with everything a beginner would need. You get picks, a tuner, a case, and a strap. You can get started without needing to visit your local musical instrument store to buy all these extras. The fact that you get everything in a single bundle also means that this product offers excellent value for money.

Save money and time by buying this kit! Why We Liked It - We can't overstate just how much more cost effective it is to buy a bundle. And while that's an important reason why we rate this product so highly, it's the guitar itself that we loved the most. The beautiful bridge and large body produce a vibrant, deep sound that is a pleasure to listen to.

It's also suitable for live performances, once you're at the level for a little gig. Check Amazon Price. With a gorgeous, unique sunburst design, this product from Epiphone is a lovely looking instrument.

It doesn't just catch your attention from it's beautiful looks, though. It also offers a bold, powerful sound that's typical from Epiphone. For beginners, this is a great instrument to build up your skills on.

The headstock plays a much more important role than many musicians think. The degree of the headstock dramatically affects the tightness of the strings, which impacts on the tone and playability of the instrument. The degree angle of this headstock is perfect for beginners as it offers a decent amount of give that can help with smooth chord transitions. The rosewood fingerboard combined with the spruce top and mahogany body produces a well-balanced, full-bodied sound.

The tone is versatile enough to be used for a wide variety of musical genres, in our opinion. Why We Liked It - With looks, easy playability, and gorgeous sound, this guitar is an excellent first instrument for a beginner to learn on. The quality that it offers far outwieghs the affordable price tag. And, as it is made by Epiphone, then you can be ensured good build quality and long-lasting performance.

Check Amazon Prize. This acoustic is perfect for budding guitarists who have small hands or short arms, as it isn't a full-sized model. Having a product that suits your stature will make learning far easier. Even though it is a smaller guitar, it still delivers full-bodied, powerful sound, and is ideal to learn with.

The small body offers a host of benefits. For smaller adults or for children, then it allows for a user-friendly experience that makes learning far more fun than it would be with a dreadnought to deal with. Of course, as it is smaller, then it is also lighter and more portable, so it's ideal for taking with your traveling too.

It comes with everything you need. You don't need to worry about buying lots of extras, as this product includes them. This adds to the value for money that the product offers. And, as it is made by Yamaha, then you're ensured a quality instrument too. Why We Liked It - We think it is the perfect guitar for smaller learners, whether that's a child or a petite adult.

The build quality is high level too. Yamaha has always been trusted for entry-level, beginner instruments, and that's why we can highly recommend this reliable product. This opens the door to recording your acoustic guitar directly or plugging it into amplifiers for performance.

These options may cost a bit more, but they may be worth it depending on your needs. Unlike many other beginner guitars on our list, this one can be hooked up to an amplifier. Usually, the hardware required to make it electric pushes the price up. That's not the case with this cheap model that hooks up to an amp. When it's not plugged in, then it delivers a gorgeous, well-balanced sound, and this translates very well when amplified too.

Not looking for an acoustic? See fully electric guitars for beginners here. This bundle includes the guitar, strings, a digital tuner, a soft cleaning cloth, straps, a hard case, and even more! Why We Liked It - It's a quality guitar that has the added bonus of being able to be amplified. The accessories are also high-grade, which makes it a good bargain choice. We're also big fans of Yamaha and can highly recommend its products to beginners.

As you'd expect from Fender, the build quality is faultless, and it is very affordably priced too. Mahogany is a wood that's commonly used for affordable acoustic guitars. Firstly, it's highly durable. Secondly, it contributes to a vibrant, bold tone, which is exactly what this instrument offers. There is nothing dull or lifeless about the sound offered by this exceptional, cheap product. Even though it will appeal to a beginner, it still offers enough quality for an intermediate.

So, if you're looking for a guitar that you can grow with and use for a long time, then this one is a good choice. It's got everything a beginner guitar player needs. The bundle includes a shoulder strap, case, strings, picks, and a chromatic tuner. It makes for a good gift for a budding guitarist because of these accessories, in our opinion.

Why We Liked It - It's a high-quality product that can be used unplugged or amplified. It's good enough to be used by an intermediate too, so it makes for a solid long-term investment. Lots of experienced guitarists started off with a Fender, so you can be sure that it's a safe choice. This dreadnought acoustic from Donner is available in a wide range of color options, from light to dark tones. Regardless of the style you choose, you can be sure that it will still look natural.

This shape is popular with guitarists of all levels because it creates bold, powerful sound. This instrument also features high-grade mahogany, which we thought contributed to the excellent sound quality.

Just like a lot of the products on our list, this one is also part of a bundle. It includes all the essentials, as well as a capo. This is a great little piece of equipment that clamps onto the fretboard so that you can play higher octaves without needing to bar the fret with your fingers.

It's a lovely extra that an acoustic guitarist will come to appreciate very quickly. This product is made from some of the finest materials available in the budget price range. The spruce and mahogany combination is an effective one, in our opinion, and it contributes to the awesome sound quality that this instrument offers.

Why We Liked It - It's a no-frills guitar that's well-suited to beginners. We were particularly impressed by the extras that it comes with. Few other products on our list included a capo and extra string set. It's an affordable option that will do the job for a novice. This is a minimalist product that delivers a lot of quality despite lacking all the frills of a more advanced instrument.

If you simply want a workhorse to learn on that offers great value, then we think this one is a superb choice. Another plus with this bundle is that it comes with a set of instructions so that you don't need any prior knowledge at all about the accessories to use them.

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