What to pack for a river cruise in europe

what to pack for a river cruise in europe

What to wear on a river cruise in Europe

Aug 19,  · River cruises on the Rhine from late November and onward can be quite chilly if not altogether cold. Gray days can prevail, but sunny days are not out of the question. Be prepared with hats, warm scarves, gloves and a lightweight coat made for colder weather. You may even end up buying a winter coat in Europe. Finding the right cruise line, ship and itinerary might is a challenging part of the process. There are a bunch of them, all sailing to interesting places we may have dreamed about for a lifetime.

Hi Frugalistas! When it comes to a river cruise Europe is certainly a popular destination. Whether you like to travel with just a carry on or not, my packing list will fit in one carry on bag, and will have you looking chic, but practical, no matter what you like to wear.

This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to see my full Disclaimer notice. My original basic packing list circa is still the cornerstone of what to wear in Europe. And I think it still works well for European river cruising packing list with no need to buy special cruise wear:.

My basic shoes are a pair of ankle boots and a pair of ballet flats, but I change them up according to the season. Unless I know the weather is going to be really warm I take a thermal top to use for layering under lighter clothes. A light folding umbrella. You can click here to check out the Kathmandu umbrellas. My original post did not address the issue of how to go about choosing your clothes for a one bag packing list.

I like what to pack for a river cruise in europe pick my shoes first. Then I choose clothes that go with my shoes. Forget about choosing outfits — you will pack too much. One of the advantages of river cruising in Europe is that you can unpack your case when you board. I find packing cubes very convenient for keeping my clothes in order. I understand that Europe river cruises can vary quite a bit in their formality.

And if your cruise includes evening excursions or special dining experiences having something smart to change into is definitely the way to go. I like to dress up my travelling wardrobe by careful selection of my basic items, as well as some simple, cheap and easy to pack what are the ingredients in bb cream. Pick items of clothing that are classic tones so you can accessorise with some colour to make them look how to make extracts from plants. Black, white or navy make good day to night pieces, as long as they fit with the colours you are choosing for your basic packing list.

Make one of your bottoms a pair of palazzo pants or very classic tailored trousers, and then do the same with a skirt. Automatically you have 2 bottoms that can be worn either in the day time or at night.

Then for your tops I like a classic black or navy sweater. Unless you are in Portugal or the South of France in high summer a sweater should be part of your long sleeved tops choices and even then I think you probably need one for the evening. You can, of course, also wear your sweater in the day what does it mean when a circuit breaker keeps tripping with a more casual bottom, or thrown casually around your shoulders over a T shirt.

For your second evening top I think a blouse in a classic coordinating colour is a good choice. Synthetic silk-like fabrics are easy to wash and can be worn open over a T shirt or under a more casual sweater in the day time. For shoes, either your sandals chosen carefully in the first placeyour boots or a pair of flats are the way to go depending on your preferences and season.

Unless you are going to be waltzing in an Austrian palace, your feet will be under the table, so no one is going to see them. If you want to dress up a pair of flats or sandals I like shoe clips. To dress your evening outfit up even more, add some pretty jewellery.

A long stole in a silky fabric will pack light and small, and add a real impact, as well as keeping your shoulders and neck snug on a chilly evening. Choose a fabric with some drama, such as a metallic like my choice here, or a pretty pattern to make your choice dressier. In winter you may like to choose a luxurious pashmina. Obviously you will need to tailor what to wear on a river cruise in Europe depending on where you are cruising in Europe and the time of year.

For summer, skip the boots and flats and go for an espadrille or white sneaker, and a pair of sandals. Depending on your cruising location you may also skip the sweater — so pack a light cardie and some extra blouses that can be worn as a light cover over a Tshirt if it is a little cooler. Regardless of the time of year you do need some sort of waterproof coat.

For most seasons a light trench is all you need, but if you are cruising in winter — and particularly if you are visiting Christmas markets, you definitely need a down coat.

Regardless of the time of year, forget about thick overcoats and choose something that can pack down small in your bag. Australian and New Zealand readers can also find an excellent range of down coats and rain ponchos on Kathmandu. You can click here to search for your perfect choice. Packing for a European river cruise does not mean you have to pack half your clothes, or buy anything special for that matter. If you follow my packing list for what to wear on a European river cruise, and customise it to make it your own, I promise you will have plenty to wear, and will be comfortable and stylish no matter where your cruise is taking you.

Doing wash on a river cruise is impractical, I pack enough under garments for each day of the cruise then do hand wash in the hotel after the cruise. I packed walking shoes for heavy walking, a pair of ankle boots for a little more style in cities and a pair of ballet flats to wear evenings on board.

Tunic length sweaters are great with leggings or slacks and help keep you warm onshore. I really like Ponte what was the largest oil spill in the united states slacks and leggings because they are so comfortable and require no ironing.

Light puffer jacket,Gloves, hat, scarf and compact umbrella covered all the weather we encountered. This is great advice Barbara, so thanks for adding your perspective. I find I can do underwear washing everywhere regardless of the size of the bathroom. I do it everyday to stop the bathroom looking like a laundry.

We washed every day on our cruise — chose undies and tops that would dry overnight on blow up hangers and on the line in our shower. Worked brilliantly and these hangers are a must. We were away 13 weeks so needed to cater for a range of possibilities. Two cardigans, one summer, one woolsox and thermals, pashmina, raincoat, sunhat. I did go for 3 pairs of shoes though — walking shoes, sandals and a low wedge for dressing everything up and giving my heels a change of height.

Click here to see my full Disclaimer notice e on a cruise Contents 1 Basic packing list for a river cruise in Europe 2 Dressing up a one bag packing list for river cruises in Europe 3 Changing your river cruising Europe packing list for the seasons 3.

Add to Flipboard Magazine. Comments Doing wash on a river cruise is impractical, I pack enough under garments for each day of the cruise then do hand wash in the hotel after the cruise. Privacy Policy. Be a smart Frugalista and never miss a post. Every frugal first class post delivered fresh to your inbox. We hate spam too and will never sell or use your email address for any other purpose.

What to pack for a river cruise in Europe

Choosing lightweight pieces that pack into small spaces is key: – A lightweight waterproof hooded jacket. This can also serve as a windbreaker if you choose to take a bicycle tour. Note: Many riverboats provide umbrellas but I always pack a small collapsible one that’s easier to manage. Jul 26,  · River cruise clothing (for women) 1 pair of stretchy jeans. 1 pair of long leggings. 1 pair of capris/shorter leggings. 1 pair of shorts. 5 short-sleeved tops. 2 tank tops. 1 long-sleeved layering shirt. 1 cropped sweater. 3 dresses (I really like this maxi dress for travel) 1 maxi skirt (this one. Oct 07,  · Changing your river cruising Europe packing list for the seasons Obviously you will need to tailor what to wear on a river cruise in Europe depending on where you are cruising in Europe and the time of year. For summer, skip the boots and flats and go for an espadrille or white sneaker, and a pair of sandals.

You've pulled the trigger and booked that first river cruise in Europe, on the Danube, Rhine or one of the continent's lesser-known waterways. Now comes the big question: What will you pack? In some respects, packing for a river cruise in Europe is much easier than packing for an ocean cruise. There's no formal night, for example, so no need to lug fancy dresses and high heels.

But the weather in central Europe can be very changeable, even during the summer months, so layers are your friend. You'll also spend much more time walking on a European river cruise so if you can only invest in one new thing, get the most comfortable shoes you can and give yourself time to break them in. What You'll Need: Each person should plan on one suitcase, plus a smaller purse or a bag for daytime walking tours and exploration. Things to Note: Just like an ocean ship, almost all river cruise ships allow you to store your suitcase under the bed.

The cabins themselves, though, on the whole are a little smaller, in terms of square footage. If you're taking a train on your own elsewhere in Europe before or after your trip, you'll want to make sure you pack light -- it's not fun to lug big suitcases through railway stations. Pickpockets can be an issue in major European cities, so make sure your daytime bag can either be zippered or worn cross-body to deter theft.

This day pack has special zippers and an RFID blocking pocket. What You'll Need: Casual rules the day on a typical European river cruise. Since much of your time is spent touring during the day, you'll want comfortable clothing that can be layered -- and keep in mind that temperatures in Europe can fluctuate greatly.

We've seen temps in the low 50s in August one week, followed by degree weather the next. Nights onboard are also informal. Fellow passengers might change out of their shorts, capris and jeans for dinner into a collared shirt and slacks or a casual dress, but you should leave the formalwear and fussy jewelry at home.

On gala nights, some men might wear a blazer, but there's no need for a suit or tie. Things to Note: It's becoming more common for river cruise ships to have swimming pools or hot tubs, although whether or not you can use them depends entirely on the season. Bring a swimsuit just in case besides, if you're stopping in Budapest, you can use it at the thermal baths.

Fitness centers on most river cruise ships consist of one or two cardio machines, but most lines now have bikes and some run yoga classes in the morning. If you know you'll need to stay active beyond the daily tours and your line provides these options, pack your fitness clothes or padded bike shorts if you're going out every day.

What You'll Need: Comfortable walking shoes are the most essential thing you'll need to pack for a river cruise in Europe. Keep in mind that many cities in Europe still have cobblestones, so look for a padded footbed and sturdy insole. Give yourself a few days to break them in before you leave -- the last thing you want is blisters.

Heels and fancy dress shoes aren't necessary for a river cruise. Things to Note: Europe can be chilly and rainy in the shoulder season and, of course, you'll want to wear warm, weatherproof footwear during Christmas market season. In the colder months, we've relied on a pair of comfortable knee-high walking boots that can be worn during the day with jeans and at night with a dress and tights.

Wear these on the plane because they take up too much space in your suitcase. What You'll Need: The point of accessories is that you don't really need them; it's more in the "nice to have" department. We always pack a few scarves to dress up an outfit at night or to protect from the wind during the day.

During cooler weather cruises, we also recommend a hat and fingerless gloves , particularly if you're biking. Hats are also good to keep off the sun, although you'll definitely stand out as American with a baseball hat.

Some people like to use round-the-neck passport holders or money belts. We prefer to keep our passports in the cabin safe and only bring enough money onshore for necessities; as recommended above, women should use purses or bags that zip and men should tuck their wallet into a front pocket instead of the back. Things to Note: Umbrellas are usually provided by the cruise line, but you might want to throw in a raincoat if you're traveling in the shoulder season.

Hair dryers, too, are provided onboard, along with basic toiletries. What You'll Need: The one thing we see people forget all the time is an adaptor for European plugs. Although some river cruise ships have U. Avalon, for example, has only European plugs on its ships. Plus, you might want to charge your phone in an airport on your way to or from your ship. Buy one with plenty of USB outlets.

Things to Note: Before you leave, make sure you figure out your communication back home. Many river cruise ships have free Wi-Fi, but it's often not powerful enough for streaming or FaceTime. Several cell phone services will let you add international data for a monthly set fee; T-Mobile includes international data to many countries in its packages.

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