What is the meaning of rough

what is the meaning of rough

rough. noun. Definition of rough (Entry 3 of 4) 1: uneven ground covered with high grass, brush, and stones specifically: such ground bordering a golf fairway. 2: the rugged or disagreeable side or aspect hiking-camping admirers of nature in the rough — Eleanor Stirling. adj. rough·er, rough·est. 1. a. Having a surface marked by irregularities, protuberances, or ridges; not smooth: planed the board so it was no longer rough. b. Coarse or shaggy to the touch: a rough scratchy blanket. 2. a. Difficult to travel over or through: the rough terrain of the highlands.

Related to rough: rough idea. Having a surface marked by irregularities, protuberances, or ridges; not smooth: planed the board so it was no longer rough. Coarse or shaggy to the touch: a rough scratchy blanket. Difficult to travel over or through: the rough terrain of the highlands.

Characterized by violent motion; turbulent: rough waters. Difficult to endure or live through, especially because of harsh or inclement weather: a rough winter. Unpleasant or difficult: had a rough time during the exam. Characterized by or done with violence or forcefulness: a sport noted for rough play; a package that received rough handling.

Boisterous, disorderly, or given to violence: ran with a rough crowd. Characterized by violence or crime: lives in a rough neighborhood. Lacking polish or finesse: rough manners. Harsh to the ear: a rough raspy sound. Being in a natural state: rough diamonds. Not perfected, completed, or fully detailed: a rough drawing; rough carpentry. The surface or part of something that is uneven or coarse: felt the rough of his chin.

Sports The area of a golf hole in which the grass is left unmowed or is cut to a length longer than that of the fairway. A disorderly, unrefined, or unfinished state. A difficult or disagreeable aspect or condition of something: observed politics in the rough when working as an intern on Capitol Hill.

To treat roughly or with physical violence: roughed up his opponent. Sports To treat an opposing player with unnecessary roughness, often in violation of the rules: was ejected from the game for roughing the passer. To prepare or indicate in an unfinished form: rough out a house plan. In a rough manner; roughly: The engine began to run rough and faltered.

All rights reserved. Golf the rough golf the part of the course bordering the fairways where the grass is untrimmed. Tennis tennis squash badminton the side of a racket on which the binding strings form an uneven line. Badminton tennis squash badminton the side of a racket on which the binding strings form an uneven line.

Copyright, by Random House, Inc. Switch to new thesaurus. Based on WordNet 3. Informal unwellpoorly informalillupsetsickcrook Austral. Informal thugtoughcasualrowdyhoon Austral.

Having a surface that is not smooth: coarsecraggedcraggyharshironboundjaggedraggedruggedscabrousuneven. Consisting of or covered with large particles: coarsegrainygranulargritty. Violently disturbed or agitated, as by storms: dirtyheavyragingroiledroilyruggedstormytempestuoustumultuousturbulentuglyviolentwild. Requiring great or extreme bodily, mental, or spiritual strength: arduousbackbreakingburdensomedemandingdifficulteffortfulexactingexigentformidablehardheavylaboriousonerousoppressiverigorousseveretaxingtoughtryingweighty.

Causing what is the meaning of rough, often prolonged discomfort: bitterbrutalhardharshsevere. Hard to deal with or get out of: tighttricky. Lacking in delicacy or refinement: barbarianbarbaricboorishchurlishcoarsecrasscrudegrossill-bredindelicatephilistinerudetastelessuncivilizeduncouthuncultivatedunculturedunpolishedunrefinedvulgar.

Marked by vigorous physical exertion: knockaboutrough-and-tumbleruggedstrenuoustough. Disagreeable to the sense of hearing: drygratingharshhoarsejarringraspingraspyraucousscratchysquawkystrident.

In a primitive state; not domesticated or cultivated; produced by nature: nativenaturaluncultivatedundomesticateduntamedwild. Not perfected, elaborated, or completed: preliminarysketchytentativeunfinishedunperfectedunpolished. Lacking expert, careful craftsmanship: crudeprimitiverawrudeunpolished. To be rough or brutal with. Also used with up : knock about or aroundmanhandleslap around.

To draw up a preliminary plan or version of: adumbrateblock in or outwhat to do when baby prefers bottle over breastoutlinesketch.

To injure or damage, as by abuse or heavy wear: batterknock about or aroundmanglemaul. A preliminary plan or version, as of a written work: draftoutlineskeletonsketch. ADJ rougher compar roughest superl 1. Has she been up all night? Elle n'a pas dormi de la nuit? Her skin felt rough. The sea was rough; rough weather.

I lost my ball in the rough. The sea roughened as the wind rose. They roughed it in the jungles for two months. I roughed out a diagram; He roughed out his plan. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? She was cracking walnuts and picking them out of the shells, throwing out a remark occasionally to a rough man in a rabbit-skin how to make an origami heart for kids, with straps under the knees of his corduroy trousers, who stood puffing a black clay pipe with his back against the wall.

View in context. Gathering in Green River valley Visitings and feastings of leaders Rough wassailing among the trappers Wild blades of the mountains Indian belles Potency of bright beads and red blankets Arrival of supplies Revelry and extravagance Mad wolves The lost Indian View in context.

The wretch often disguises himself, but you will know him what is the meaning of rough once by his rough voice and his black feet. And ye also, to whom life is rough labour and disquiet, are ye not very tired of life? I took a long walk north of the town, out into the pastures where the land was so rough that it had never been ploughed up, and the long red grass of early times still grew shaggy over the draws and hillocks.

They's been too much drink, an' you know what the Micks are for a rough house. He argued that it enticed men with the calmness of its looks, but when it had induced them to plow its waters, it grew rough and destroyed them.

Some of the bricks were missing and the sidewalk was rough and irregular. This man was as hard-tempered and hard-handed as Samson; he always spoke in a roughimpatient voice, and if I did not move in the stall the moment he wanted me, he would hit me above the hocks with his stable broom or the fork, whichever he might have in his hand. By the light of how to make sweet chilli chicken noodles tallow candle which had been placed on one end of a rough table a man was reading something written in a book.

Wide and far swung Tarzan of the Apes, until at last, as he reached the highest point of the arc the rope, which rapidly had frayed on the rough bark of the tree limb, parted suddenly. Dictionary browser? Full browser? Rouget, Charles M.

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adjective, rough·er, rough·est. having a coarse or uneven surface, as from projections, irregularities, or breaks; not smooth: rough, red hands; a rough road. shaggy or coarse: a . rough adjective (NOT EVEN) B1 not even or smooth, often because of being in bad condition: It was a rough mountain road, full of stones and huge holes. rough meaning: 1. not even or smooth, often because of being in bad condition: 2. If a surface such as paper or. Learn more.

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Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. B1 not even or smooth , often because of being in bad condition :. It was a rough mountain road , full of stones and huge holes. B1 If a surface such as paper or skin is rough, it does not feel smooth when you touch it:. My hands get very rough in the cold. Rough ground is ground that is not used for any particular purpose , is not even , and is full of wild plants.

Driving on those rough roads has really messed up my car. The horse and cart jogged down the rough track toward the farm. My tires took quite a punishing on the rough terrain. The fabric had a rough texture. He had workman's hands that were rough and covered with calluses.

Rough, irregular and uneven. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: In bad condition. Want to learn more? B1 [ before noun ] not exact or detailed :. The builder did a rough sketch of how the new stairs would look. This is only a rough guess. The tests are a rough guide to students ' progress. Synonym approximate. See more results ». This is only a rough draft - the finished article will have pictures as well. I can give you a rough estimate of how much it will cost.

I never follow recipes exactly when I cook - I just use them as rough guides. Could you give me a rough approximation of how many people will be coming? You can get a rough idea of the size of the room by pacing it out. I made a rough table out of some old boxes. Synonyms basic. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Crude and basic. A rough voice or sound is hard and loud. If a machine sounds rough, it is making a noise because it is in bad condition.

Describing qualities of the human voice. B2 dangerous or violent :. The other boys were rough, always looking for a fight. Violent or aggressive. B2 of the weather or the sea having strong winds or big waves :. Describing bad weather. B2 difficult or unpleasant :. It must be rough to have two kids and nowhere to live.

Synonyms austere. Serious and unpleasant. You look a bit rough - how much did you have to drink last night? Related word roughness. Idioms rough and ready. While the house was being decorated we roughed it in a tent.

Phrasal verbs rough sth in. His first plans were drawn up in rough. Unpleasant people in general. My ball landed in the rough. Idioms rough and tumble. The local team had a bad reputation for playing rough. When we ran out of money , we slept rough for a week. It was a rough road , full of potholes. Her laugh was rough and loud. The sea was too rough for sailing.

They live in a rough neighborhood. I quickly made a rough table from some boards. Can you give us a rough estimate of the cost? The team had a reputation for playing rough. Idiom rough it. These are very rough figures which will help us to plan for the future. He gave me a rough draft of the presentation. Small stores are having a very rough time.

Subprime lending on private markets is in for a rough ride. He sent me over the roughs. The plans were drawn up in rough. Examples of rough. That's about as rough of a schedule as it gets. From ESPN. There's nothing wrong wanting to make money, but in the beginning it's going to be rough. From VentureBeat. There are student athletes who may have had a very rough start in life. This comic book collection is based on the original rough -draft screenplay and concept art for the movie.

From Huffington Post. The goal is good, it's only today that may seem rough. This made their estimates extremely rough -- especially given that no components are actually shaped like smooth, round bars. From Wired. We want to see all the rough edges worn off before we accept change. From Dallas Morning News. The girls split and make up in a rough tumble in the woods. From Hollywood Reporter. It landed in the rough and got a great kick. From Los Angeles Times. At times the going has been extremely rough.

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