What is the capital city of ottawa

what is the capital city of ottawa

Ottawa, the Capital City of Canada

Feb 11, Updated February 11, Ottawa, in the province of Ontario, is the capital of Canada. This picturesque and safe city is the fourth largest city in the country, with a population of , as of the Canadian census. It's on the eastern border of Ontario, just across the Ottawa River from Gatineau, Quebec. 16 rows Note that while the capital city of Canada (Ottawa) is located in Ontario, it is not the.

It stands on the south bank of the Ottawa River in the eastern portion of southern Ontario. In Junethe City of Ottawa estimated it had surpassed a population of one million. Founded in as Bytownand incorporated as Ottawa inthe city has evolved into the political centre of Canada. Its original boundaries were expanded through numerous annexations and were ultimately replaced by a new city incorporation and amalgamation in which significantly increased its land area.

The how to make a trellis for potted plants name Ottawa was chosen in reference to the Ottawa River, the name of which is derived from the Algonquin Odawameaning "to trade".

Ottawa has the most educated population among Canadian cities [15] and is home to a number of colleges and universities, research and cultural institutions, including the National Arts Centrethe National Gallery of Canadaand numerous national museums. With the draining of the Champlain Sea around ten thousand years ago, the Ottawa Valley became habitable.

The Ottawa River valley has archeological sites with arrow headspotteryand stone tools. Three major rivers meet within Ottawa, making it an important trade and travel area for thousands of years. The first maps of the area used the word Ottawa, derived from the Algonquin word adawe 'to trade', used in reference to the area's importance to First Nations tradersto name the river.

Philemon Wrighta New Englandercreated the first European settlement in the area on 7 March on the north side of the river, across from the present-day city of Ottawa in Hull.

Wright pioneered the Ottawa Valley timber trade soon to be the area's most significant economic activity by transporting timber by river from the Ottawa Valley to Quebec City.

The canal's military purpose was to provide a secure route between Montreal and Kingston on Lake Ontariobypassing a particularly vulnerable stretch of the St. Lawrence River bordering the state of New York that had left re-supply ships bound for southwestern Ontario easily exposed to enemy fire during the War of He also laid out the streets of the town and created two distinct neighbourhoods named "Upper Town" west of the canal and " Lower Town " east of the canal.

On New Year's EveQueen Victoriaas a symbolic and political gesture, was presented with the responsibility of selecting a location for the permanent capital of the Province of Canada. Macdonald had assigned this selection process to the Executive Branch of the Government, how to recover data off a broken hard drive previous attempts to arrive at a consensus had ended in deadlock.

Additionally, despite Ottawa's regional isolation, it had seasonal water transportation access to Montreal over the Ottawa River and to Kingston via the Rideau Waterway. By it also had a modern all-season Bytown and Prescott Railway that carried passengers, lumber and supplies the 82 kilometres to Prescott on the Saint Lawrence River and beyond.

Ottawa was the only settlement of any substantial size that was already directly on the border of French populated former Lower Canada and English populated former Upper Canada thus additionally making the selection an important political compromise.

Starting in the s, entrepreneurs known as lumber barons began to build large sawmills, which became some of the largest mills in the world. The Library of Parliament and Parliament Hill landscaping would not be completed until The HullOttawa fire of destroyed two-thirds of Hull, including 40 percent of its residential buildings and most of its largest employers along the waterfront. It was redeveloped as a ceremonial centre in as part of the City Beautiful Movement and became the site of the National War Memorial in and designated a National Historic Site in Ottawa's former industrial appearance was vastly altered by the Greber Plan.

Prime Minister Mackenzie King hired French architect-planner Jacques Greber to design an urban plan for managing development in the National Capital Region, to make it more aesthetically pleasing and more befitting a location for Canada's political centre.

This new location was close to Ottawa's first and second City Halls. This new city hall complex also contained an adjacent 19th century restored heritage building formerly known as the Ottawa Normal School. From the s until the s, the National Capital Region experienced a building boom, [65] which was followed by large growth in the high-tech industry during the s and s.

By the s, Bell Northern Research later Nortel employed thousands, and large federally assisted research facilities such as the National Research Council contributed to an eventual technology boom. The early adopters led to offshoot companies such as Newbridge NetworksMitel and Corel.

Ottawa's city limits had been increasing over the years, but it acquired the most territory on 1 Januarywhen it amalgamated all the municipalities of the Regional Municipality of OttawaCarleton into one single city. The city's growth led to strains on the public transit system and on road bridges.

On 15 Octobera diesel-powered light rail transit LRT line was introduced on an experimental basis. Known today as the Trillium Lineit was dubbed the O-Train and connected downtown Ottawa to the southern suburbs via Carleton University. The decision to extend the O-Train, and to replace it with an electric light rail system was a major issue in the municipal elections where Chiarelli was defeated by businessman Larry O'Brien.

After O'Brien's election transit plans were changed to establish a series of light rail stations from the east side of the city into downtown, and for using a tunnel through the downtown core. Jim Watsonthe last mayor of Ottawa prior to amalgamation, was re-elected in the election. In OctoberCity Council approved the final Lansdowne Park plan, an agreement with the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group that saw a new stadium, increased green space, and housing and retail added to the site.

Across the canal to the west lies Centretown and Downtown Ottawawhich is the city's financial and commercial hub and home to the Parliament of Canada and numerous federal government department headquarters, notably the Privy Council Office. Located within the major, yet mostly dormant Western Quebec Seismic Zone[74] Ottawa is occasionally struck by earthquakes. Examples include the Kipawa earthquake[75] a magnitude It was able to bypass the unnavigable sections of the Cataraqui and Rideau rivers and various small lakes along the waterway due to flooding techniques and the construction of what is the capital city of ottawa water transport locks.

The Rideau River got its name from early French explorers who thought the waterfalls at the point where the Rideau River empties into the Ottawa River resembled a "curtain". Hence they began naming the falls and river "rideau" which is the French equivalent of the English word for curtain. Across the Ottawa River, which forms the border between Ontario and Quebeclies the city of Gatineauitself the result of amalgamation of the former Quebec cities of Hull and Aylmer together with Gatineau.

One federal crown corporation, the National Capital Commission, or NCC, has significant land holdings in both cities, including sites of historical and touristic importance.

The NCC, through its responsibility for planning and development of these lands, is a contributor to both cities. Around the main urban area is an extensive greenbeltadministered by the NCC for conservation and leisure, and comprising mostly forest, farmland and marshland.

Summers are warm and humid in Ottawa. Snow and ice are dominant during the winter season. On average Ottawa receives cm 88 in of snowfall annually but maintains an average 22 cm 9 in of snowpack throughout the three winter months.

Spring and fall are variable, prone to extremes in temperature and unpredictable swings in conditions. The highest temperature ever recorded in Ottawa was The hottest daily low temperature was The hottest month on record was Julyaveraging The city has a main urban area but many other urban, suburban and rural areas exist within the modern city's limits. Inthe populations of the City of Ottawa and the OttawaGatineau census metropolitan area CMA were what is lamotrigine taken for, and 1, respectively.

The city had a population density of It is the second-largest city in Ontario, fourth-largest city in the country, and the fourth-largest CMA in the country. Ottawa's median age of Youths under 15 years constituted Over 20 percent of the city's population is foreign-born, with the most common non-Canadian countries of origin being the United Kingdom 8.

About 6. Non-Christian religions are also very well established in Ottawa, the largest being Islam 6. Those with no religious affiliation represent As ofapproximately Approximately Below is a breakdown of the demographics. Bilingualism became official policy for the conduct of municipal business in[] and In terms of respondents' knowledge of one or both official languages, The overall OttawaGatineau census metropolitan area CMA has a larger proportion of How long to cook a boned stuffed turkey speakers than Ottawa itself, since Gatineau is overwhelmingly French speaking.

An additional These include Arabic 3. Ottawa's primary employers are the Public Service of Canada and the high-tech industry, although tourism and healthcare also represent increasingly sizeable economic activities.

The Federal government is the city's largest employer, employing overindividuals from the National Capital region. During the summer, the city hosts the Ceremonial Guardwhich performs functions such as the Changing the Guard. The lead-up to the festivities saw much investment in civic infrastructure, upgrades to tourist infrastructure and increases in national cultural attractions.

The National Capital Region annually attracts an estimated 7. In addition to the economic activities that come with being the national capital, Ottawa is an important technology centre; inits companies employed approximately 63, people. Another major employer is the health sector, which employs over 18, people. InOttawa experienced an increase of 40, what is the university of minnesota known for over with a five-year average growth that was relatively slower than in the late s.

The overall growth of jobs in Ottawa-Gatineau was 1. Inthe unemployment rate in Ottawa was 7. In the province, however, this rate increased over the same period from 6. Ottawa already has the largest rural economy among Canada's major cities. Ottawa hosts a variety of annual seasonal activitiessuch as Winterludethe largest festival in Canada, [] and Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill and surrounding downtown area, as well as BluesfestCanadian Tulip FestivalOttawa Dragon Boat Festival what is the capital city of ottawa, Ottawa International Jazz FestivalFringe Festival and Folk Music Festivalthat have grown to become some of the largest festivals of their kind in the world.

As Canada's capital, Ottawa has played host to a number of significant cultural events in Canadian historyincluding the first visit of the reigning Canadian sovereign King George VIwith his consortQueen Elizabeth to his parliament, on 19 May Influenced by government structures, much of the city's architecture tends to be formalistic and functional ; however, the city is also marked by Romantic and Picturesque styles of architecture such as the Parliament Buildings' gothic revival architecture.

Many domestic buildings are clad in brick, with small numbers covered in wood, stone, or siding of different materials; variations are common, depending on neighbourhoods and the age of dwellings within them. The skyline has been controlled by building height restrictions originally implemented to keep Parliament Hill and the Peace Tower at Amongst the city's national museums and galleries is the National Gallery of Canada ; designed by famous architect Moshe Safdieit is a permanent home to the Maman sculpture.

The Ottawa Little Theatreoriginally called the Ottawa Drama League at its inception inis the longest-running community theatre company in Ottawa. Many other properties of cultural value have been designated as having "heritage elements" by the City of Ottawa under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act. Sport in Ottawa has a history dating back to the 19th century.

Ottawa is home to six professional sports teams. The Senators play their home games at the Canadian Tire Centre. Several non-professional teams also play in Ottawa, including the Ottawa 67's junior ice hockey team. Collegiate teams in various sports compete in U Sports.

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Mar 17, Ottawa, city, capital of Canada, located in southeastern Ontario. In the eastern extreme of the province, Ottawa is situated on the Ottawa River across from Gatineau, Quebec, at the confluence of the Ottawa, Gatineau, and Rideau rivers. The Ottawa River was a key factor in the citys settlement. The App Showcase is a collection of applications developed and built by the City of Ottawa and private third parties using datasets published by the City of Ottawa. Major projects Light Rail Transit, Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel, LeBreton Flats, Ottawa Central Library. Mar 18, The capital city of Canada is Ottawa. It is the fourth largest city in Canada and capital of the country. It is located on the banks of the Ottawa River in the southeast of the province of Ontario. Capital City Of Canada The 31 of December of the Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom [ ].

In , Ottawa was nothing more than a small city known for its lumber industry. In fact, it had only been incorporated as an official city two years prior. It did not have a lot of land, or other industries, or people for that matter. And compared to some bigger Canadian cities, like Montreal or Toronto, Ottawa seemed fairly unremarkable. At first glance the decision seemed arbitrary. Some said she simply put her hat-pin on a map somewhere between Toronto and Montreal and happened to land on Ottawa.

For one, Ottawa was the centre of what was Canada at the time. Ottawa is situated right on the Ottawa River which separates the two provinces. So, selecting Ottawa created a central capital for the small Canadian nation. Similarly, picking Ottawa was an attempt to favour neither Ontario nor Quebec. The history between the traditionally English Ontario and French Quebec was turbulent to say the least.

Picking a capital easily accessible by both the English and French speaking Canadians was a step towards mitigating tensions between the two provinces and cultures. Finally, Ottawa was far enough away from the American boarder to be safe from attack. The War of , in which Americans attempted to invade what was then British North America now Canada several times, was still fresh in the minds of many Canadians.

One American news paper claimed that Ottawa was safe from invasion as the US military would get lost in the woods if they tried to attack the new capital. But all this history aside, since Ottawa has flourished into a beautiful city that our nation can be proud to call the capital.

So be sure to consult our calendar of events to check out everything Ottawa has to offer. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. View Larger Image. But there may have been more rationale for her decision than Queen Victoria was given credit for. Follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates on the Canada celebrations. Related Posts. June 29th, 0 Comments. June 7th, 0 Comments. March 29th, 0 Comments. One Comment. Bablofil June 16, at pm - Reply.

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