What does miel mean in spanish

what does miel mean in spanish

luna de miel

The English for miel is honey. Find more Spanish words at electronicgamingbusiness.com! 1. (culinary) a. honey. Recomiendo que bebas te con miel para aliviarte el dolor de garganta.I recommend that you drink tea with honey to alleviate your sore throat. Copyright © Curiosity Media Inc.

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miel sustantivo. honey. Quick Quizzes. Grow your. vocabulary! Miel. Means honey in Spanish she is hot and thick she’s stunning and has pretty eyes and is bad bitch and a feisty woman she will stick with you fight for you and if you ever make her mad be careful because she’s not afraid to do anything to you. Miels so feisty. via giphy. Advanced Word Finder. See Also in Spanish. recoger verb. collect, pick, pick up, gather, reap. miel noun. honey. See Also in English.

Asked by Wiki User. Do you mean Honey You say either tomar or beber miel. Honey and syrup are both miel in Spanish. Honey is "miel" in Spanish. Pour vous le miel means "for you the honey" in French. It would be "miel oscuro". Most all thick, sweet, viscous substances in Spanish are called "miel," including what we call 'syrup' in English.

Puedo aprender espanol para ti, miel. Singular: "Que tengas una luna de miel maravillosa. It means "you know honey". Edit: it means "you taste like honey" anything with "sabe s a" means "to taste like". Miel Campioni was born in Miel Campioni died in Miel Mundt died in Miel Mundt was born in Sabor a Miel was created in Ask Question. English to Spanish. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions.

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