What does guadalupe mean in spanish

what does guadalupe mean in spanish

Guadalupe (name)

1. (name) a. Guadeloupe. Guadalupe es mi hermana electronicgamingbusiness.comoupe is my younger sister. 2. (region) a. Guadeloupe. El barco llego a Guadalupe el electronicgamingbusiness.com ship arrived to Guadeloupe on . Feb 28,  · From a Spanish title of the Virgin Mary, Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, meaning "Our Lady of Guadalupe". Guadalupe is a Spanish place name, the site of a famous convent, derived from Arabic ???? (wadi) meaning "valley, river" possibly combined with Latin lupus meaning "wolf".

The Origin of the Name Guadalupe? By tradition, the Old World shrine has a long story behind it, in terms of time. Here we will look into that history, to see how the shrine what does the name rodrick mean its name originated on the Iberian Peninsula. A Look into Past There is a tradition that St. Luke the Evangelist and author of the Acts of the Apostles was a painter. It's said that he carved a wooden statue of the Blessed Virgin holding a child in one hand, and a sceptre in the other, thought to signify her royal motherhood.

If true, it really reaches far back into Christianity, and with the statue having been done by this companion of St. Paul and an author of books of the Bible, it adds a specialness to the sculpture.

According to another tradition, the statue was venerated by Pope St. Gregory the Great in his oratory and he gave it to his friend St. Leander, the Bishop of Seville.

To give this a time frame, Pope Gregory reigned from to Joan Carroll Cruz in Miraculous Images of Our Ladysays the Spanish treasured it, and during the Moorish invasion init was hidden with papers documenting its history. Accounts differ, one saying it was placed in a cave under a churchbell and another that it was buried in an iron casket. Those who hid it were killed during the conquest and the statue was lost for centuries.

Then, inits whereabouts came to light. A herdsman named Gil Cordero said he was looking for a lost cow when a radiant lady came out of the forest, indicating where he should dig for a treasure and requesting that what is the best artificial sweetener to use chapel be built there. Church authorities were summoned to the scene, where they found a cave entrance, and inside, the statue with its authenicating documents.

Unstained and made of oriental wood, it was in perfect condition. Francis Johnston in The Wonder of Guadalupe relates thatKing Alphonso XI of Castille had a monastery built for the statue which became "the most celebrated shrine in Spain," attracting a great numbers of pilgrims, one of whom was Columbus after his what is v stand for voyage to the New World and his discovery of America.

Cruz says noblewomen through the years made her jeweled mantles and robes, embroidered with gold which are kept in a nearby reliquary cabinet. One headdress worn on special occasions, contains 30, precious stones. Cruz states that the chapel and statue were named Guadalupe after the nearby town of that name. Johnston says the cave where it was found was located in the banks of the River Guadalupe, which means "Wolf River," probably because of the wolves infesting the area.

He also noted that other meanings given for it are "Hidden River" and "River of Light. Latin was the language of the Roman Empire, and in the pre-Christian era, the Romans conquered the Iberian Peninsula, not only the Spanish tribes but what is called Portugal.

The whole peninsula became a Roman province called Hispania, from which comes the name Espana. The Latin brought in by the Romans and spoken by the Spaniards, gradually developed into Spanish. Hispania became a leading province of the empire and many Romans went there to live.

They built cities, roads and aqueducts. The emperors Hadrian and Trajan were from there, as was the writer Seneca. Christianity also came during Roman rule, and in the late 's, it became the official religion of the province and the empire. It was also about this time that the Roman Empire split into the East and West Roman empires, with Spain being part of the latter.

What kind of doctor prescribes cialis the 5th century the Germanic tribes what was the main reason japan attacked pearl harbor, and one of these, the Christian Visigoths, conquered all of Spain in Their rule, however, was weakened by divisions. In the Islamic Moors invaded from Africa, and bythey conquered all the peninsula except a mountainous region in the north.

Under Moorish rule most of the Spanish fell away from Christianity and became Moslems. With the Moors also came their Arabic language. We should consider that names of Latin origin were likely in place before the both the Gothic and Moorish conquests, since it's likely inhabited places would've had names. Now linguistically, on top of this, comes the influence of the conquerors.

Elements of the Word Guadalupe. An etymological dictionary of geographical names listed guad and guadi as Spanish in origin for "river. A variant spelling of wady is wadiwhich the World Book defines as "a gully or ravine through which a stream flows in the rainy season," and says is Arabic for ravine. Apart from Guadalupe, there are other rivers in Spain that have "Guad" in them, including the the Guadalquivir River Arabic "Wadi al-Kebir" [kebir means great or large]and the Guadiana River which forms parts of the border between Spain and Portugal.

On a present-day map, the river running near the monastery is shown as the Guadalupejo. Now let us look at the latter part of the word -lupewith the aforementioned meanings in Latin: hidden, light and wolf. Latin lateoui means "to lie hid," Latin latebra,ae means a hiding-place, Latin latens, entis means "hidden"; Latin for light is " lux, lucis "; and Latin masculine for wolf is lupus lupa is a "she-wolf". One of these leaps out at you as the likely answer of the three. It is the wolf.

The greater part of - lupe is found in lupus. And that greater part, lupis the word stem of lupus which what does wearing a thumb ring mean the word its "wolfness" meaning. If you add an " i " to the stem lupyou get lupiwhich renders it a possessive form of the word, meaning "of the wolf.

Compare this to lucis, meaning "of light" the genitive or possessive form of lux, added to gaudi. You get guadilucis. Looking at what we see here"River of the Wolf" presents the most persuasive case, as to the origin of the name Guadalupe. This spot was said to be the site of Juan Bernadino's home. On the plaque the first word group is in Latin with the word "Gvadalvpense" In the early centuries of the Christian era, the Roman alphabet did not have a "U" and they used the "V" for it.

The second word group is in Aztec, with Guadalupe. The third group is in Spanish, although most of Guadalupe is hidden by the object in front of it. The plaque says, "Aqui por quinta vez aparecio la Madre de Dios. She cured Juan Bernardino to whom she said the name Guadalupe. Elements of the Word Guadalupe An etymological dictionary of geographical names listed guad and guadi as Spanish in origin for "river.

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Translation for 'Guadalupe' in the free Spanish-English dictionary and many other English translations. Jun 29,  · According to some, Guadalupe is a Castlian, or standard Spanish version, of the Arabic Wadi-al-lubben, meaning “the hidden river.” The Arabic is . In Spanish Baby Names the meaning of the name Guadalupe is: Named for the Virgin Mary.

Guadalupe is a unisex given name in the Spanish language. The name initially designated the Guadalupe river in the province of Extremadura , Spain. See the article about the river for the hypotheses on the origin of the name. The name became famous as a result of a 14th-century Marian apparition and associated pilgrimage site, located in a town called Guadalupe near the source of the Guadalupe river.

Two centuries later, the name gained additional fame through association with another Marian apparition in Mexico associated with the name Guadalupe.

The apparition and the image it made famous became known as Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Mexican Guadalupe supplanted her Spanish original both in name and in fame. There are some who contend that the Mexican "Guadalupe" is in fact a corruption of a word in the native Nahuatl language. Nonetheless it is fairly certain that the Mexican name "Guadalupe", as a title for the Virgin Mary, does in fact derive from the Spanish place-name, probably by some association of the Virgin with the cultus of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Extremadura , which would have been strong at the time of the Spanish Conquista of Mexico, and which claimed its own apparition, shrine and pilgrimage.

The name's similarity to a variety of Nahuatl words and phrases have given rise to various hypotheses that "Guadalupe" was a corruption of these Nahuatl phrases — the idea being that the Spanish in 16th century Mexico found it difficult to pronounce Nahuatl. Such Nahuatl phrases include Coatlaxopeuh "The one female who defeats the snake", interpreted as a reference to the serpent-Devil in the book of Genesis ; Tequatlanopeuh "she whose origins were in the rocky summit" , and Tequantlaxopeuh "She who banishes those who devoured us".

However, every manuscript from the first years following the apparition uses the name "Guadalupe", including the original text in Nahuatl, leading scholars to conclude that time provides "no historical evidence indicating that the Virgin was called by any of the names proposed".

A number of Spaniards had urged that "Guadalupe" be abandoned for a Nahuatl name, like Tepeaquilla or Tepeaca. Today, the name "Guadalupe" is relatively common in Hispanic countries, especially in Mexico, where it can be a personal name as well as a place name. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Diccionario de nombres de personas in Spanish. Universitat de Barcelona. ISBN Retrieved 20 September Categories : Spanish unisex given names Given names. Hidden categories: CS1 Spanish-language sources es All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December Articles with unsourced statements from March Namespaces Article Talk.

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