Shemagh scarf how to wear

shemagh scarf how to wear

How to Wear a Shemagh and Look Super Stylish All Year Round

Nov 23,  · How do you wear a shemagh casually? The folded edge of the shemagh should cover your nose and mouth. Two corners should appear on either side of your face, and the other corner should drape down in front of your face and over the top part of your neck and chest. Wrap the ends around your neck. Mar 23,  · If you thought this tutorial was good, you should check out all of these other things you can do by folding a shemagh! Use a shemagh to make haversacks, pou.

Few pieces of clothing in the world are as simple yet versatile. Then there are the many types of shemagh fashion, styles, and ways of wearing one. Or is it? It can be used in many ways and has a very long history. By the end of this article, you might want to know the best places to buy one.

The exact word used usually just depends on its area of use or its origin and the language there. That varies from Persian to Kurdish. While all of the words mean the same thing, the two most common terms are shemagh and keffiyeh. While it can certainly be used as a scarf, it is distinctly different. Many of us who are already into outdoor adventuring own a shemagh, but how many of us can say we know the history behind it?

Shemaghs are very common in the Middle East and date back to the Sumerian and Babylonian civilizations of the Mesopotamia period. The first recorded instances of someone wearing a shemagh can be found what is a sunfish fish history books starting around BC. The earliest shemaghs were made of wool with the original purpose of protecting the wearer from sand, dust, and the sun. They dried quickly and allowed the user to keep their head warm at night and shielded from the sun during the day.

In the s, wearing a shemagh for its practical aspects gave way to wearing them for political purposes, mainly signifying Palestinian resistance to British rule. Wearing a keffiyeh wrapped around the head and face made it harder for British authorities to identify and arrest resistance fighters. The consistent use of them by the resistance made it a hallmark of their united front. By the s, Yasser Arafat had adopted is as everyday attire. The shemagh hit the Western fashion scene during the eighties along with many other army navy surplus garments such as fatigues, khaki pants, military boots, and so on.

This is also when the First Intifada occurred what time dairy queen opens Israeli, causing wide-spread media attention of many people wearing them. Shemaghs come in countless colors, designs, and sizes. If you are selecting a shemagh based on its colors and patterns, make sure you know if its unique characteristics carry some significance. For example, red or green checkered patterns could be interpreted as affiliation with the Palestinian Liberation Organization or Hama s.

In other areas of the Arab world, black and white may be more common. In the U. Palestine was the major producer of shemaghs for many years. Today, like with most other things, most are imported from China. By far, the majority of women who wear a shemagh hail from Middle Eastern countries. This is a direct result of customs and religion, mainly Islam, which speaks of the need for modesty among women.

Today, shemaghs are used by women all over the world, whether for modesty, fashion, practicality, or any other reason. In fact, today you can even find examples of the Palestinian keffiyeh being eroticized by fashion designers. We covered why men living largely in Middle Eastern countries wore the shemagh — for practical and then political reasons. That continues today, but American men have also taken to the shemagh. It is very common to see U.

Likewise, it has become a staple at American Army Navy surplus stores, online retailers, shemagh scarf how to wear outdoor equipment stores. Practical-minded preppers also wear them or how to make scalloped potatoes with velveeta cheese one in their bug out bag.

Your first thought upon getting one might be how do I even wear this thing? The short answer is — any way you choose. The most standard way of wearing one is to follow these instructions:. Step 1: Fold the shemagh into a triangle in front of you. Then wrap it around the back of your head and over top.

With the folded edge across your forehead, make sure that about two-thirds of the material is on your left side. The right end how to improve ear health be long enough to come to reach the center of your chest. Step 2: With your left hand, pinch the shemagh about 3 or 4 inches from the folded edge, and then let that edge hang in front of you.

Step 3: Let go of the right end. Using your left hand, hold the edge of the shemagh next to what were the winning lotto numbers for wednesday left cheek and near your left cheekbone.

Then use your right hand to pull the left end across your face and over your nose. Step 4: Continue to wrap the shemagh around your face and head until you get it back over your left shoulder. Hold the right tail to keep from pulling the shemagh off your head as you wrap. Work your hands toward the end as you wrap. Step 5: Pull the shemagh as tight as you can while still leaving it comfortable to wear.

Then take both ends and, roughly near your right temple, tie them in a knot. A basic square knot will secure the shemagh. Need to protect yourself from the blazing desert sun?

Here are two common ways to wear the shemagh in hot weather:. Change of seasons? The shemagh is ready to change with you, moving from protecting you from sun and sand to protecting you from sleet and cold. Check the best places to buy one. I would love to know when you wear it, what you use it for, and how you wear it. The possibilities are endless. Let me know in the comments section below. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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You can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Table of Contents. A loom making a traditional Palestinian keffiyeh how to book connecting flights online Hebron, West Bank.

Shemagh purchased by my Dad in Jordan around My shemaghs. Photo credit: Combat Flip Flops. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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You may have seen pictures of men wearing a shemagh or have friends who always manage to look great in theirs and wonder exactly what the secret is to looking stylish. The good news is that anyone can look great in a shemagh - provided you choose the right one for you and know how to style it! In arid countries, it is worn to protect the face and mouth from dust and sun, but it can be worn almost anywhere!

Even celebrities like Zac Efron have been seen sporting a shemagh! Image source: zacefron. Image source: Hirbawiusa. Olive green, neutrals like beige, ecru, grey, white, or black. Contrasting lighter shades like beige, ecru, pastels, or darker shades to complement such as olive green, navy blue, brown, or black. Image source: takavarco. For a really eye-catching look, opt for a contrasting color - such as a navy blue shemagh with a plain white tee or a brown shemagh with an olive green shirt.

Although you will find most keffiyeh are made of cotton, you will find those made from other materials out there. Image source: hirbawiusa. Accessories are a key part of any outfit, and many men are choosing to wear accessories like a keffiyeh, a bandana or a hat to add a touch of style to their outfit. Here are a few things to remember when wearing a shemagh on a date:. Stick to neutral colors like black, ecru, grey and navy blue when choosing a shemagh for a date with the parents.

One of our favourite looks is a navy blue shemagh with a white or beige shirt, while a grey or ecru shemagh pairs well with a navy blue or black top.

Image source: Hirbawiusainstagram. It can also be an edgy accessory to wear when hanging out with your friends. For a gig or concert, here are some of the best colors to wear:. Socks may not be the first accessory you think of to pair with your shemagh, but the socks you sport actually say more about your personality than you might think!

Because a shemagh is great for traveling, why not pair it with some themed novelty socks for your destination? We love these Japan socks with their stylish design including many things the Land of the Rising Sun is known for. We think these would look great with a red, purple, black or navy blue shemagh. A black and white keffiyeh is a classic style that never goes out of fashion.

Not only can you pair it with combat trousers or jeans and a tee, it also adds style to a smarter pair of khakis or pants and a shirt. We think these black and white zig zag socks would be the perfect pair to wear with a black and white keffiyeh! We think these red and white striped socks from Soxy are a great match, paired with some dark-colored pants and a shirt or t-shirt.

Sporting an olive-green shemagh with your urban-explorer outfit of khakis and a shirt? Then these dark green polka dot socks are what you need! Perfect for any Indiana-Jones wannabes, these fun socks will see you through exploring the pyramids in Egypt, backpacking through Nepal Our final suggestion for cool socks to pair with your Shemagh is these amazing blue zig zag no show socks. Because a shemagh is a great holiday accessory, you might find yourself wearing yours while exploring a city like Dubai or riding on a jeep in the desert.

Or you may just be wearing your shemagh on a hot day in downtown NYC. Either way, pairing these no show socks with a comfy pair of loafers or boat shoes will ensure you look great.

In hot weather, your keffiyeh can be tied around your face and beard to protect your beard from sunlight, dust and sand.

This not only helps to keep your beard in great condition, it prevents it from being bleached by the sun and damaged. Image source: johannesbruessau. Dark-colored socks or a subtle zig-zag or polka dot pattern. Be bold and opt for crazy patterns and colors - the bolder the better! Explorer-style pants chinos, combats, khakis in olive-green, brown or beige. No-show socks in black, beige, brown or olive green, to keep your feet comfortable while exploring and travelling.

Image source: mensuitsinstagram. Bold Society Shoes offer a range of colorful, stylish shoes that go with almost any outfit and are guaranteed to get you noticed. Image source: Bold Society Shoes. These red leather sneakers would look super cool with jeans, a white shirt or tee, and a red shemagh - you could even add a leather jacket, if you like. For a date, you could be bold and pair navy and orange leather wingtip dress shoes with black or navy pants or jeans, a tee or shirt and an orange or black shemagh.

Choose from any of the following styles of shoes to pair with your outfit and shemagh:. Wearing a shemagh requires a degree of confidence, whether you are sporting yours wrapped around your face and head in a traditional style or as more of a bandana around your neck.

There are loads of instagram accounts out there to follow for style inspo, and bear in mind you can wear a shemagh with almost any outfit. This is a great place to get shemagh inspiration. The official US reseller of Hirbawi has loads of different shemagh to choose from, from colorful styles to more traditional ones - and styles for both men and women!

This insta account is packed with style inspiration and we love how they put together full looks, including ideas for shoes. Add a shemagh to almost any of these outfits to make it your own - like this cool outdoorsy plaid jacket, boots, and beanie combo.

Image source: mensfashionstylo. We love that they feature real guys in real-life situations, wearing stylish outfits, as well as celebs like Jake Gyllenhaal sporting cooler than cool combos. We love his outfit inspirations, usually with backdrops of beautiful cities to gaze at. Image source: johanneshuebl. Close menu. New Releases Men. Sock Type.

Sock Pattern. Sock Colors. Wingtip Double Monk Sneakers Loafers. Belts Laces. Dress Athletic Compression No Show. Sock Club. Men's Sock Club. Women's Sock Club. About Help Contact. Facebook Instagram. What is a shemagh? Back to What to wear. Light-colored pants and a pastel shirt blue or pink.

Pastels, neutrals like beige or ecru, blue, black. Dark pants such as charcoal grey, navy blue or black. Ecru, beige, light grey or a pastel colored shemagh. Baby pink, light blue or beige patterned or plain socks. Olive green, ecru, brown or beige linen top or shirt.

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