Robert vaughn played what character on the a team

robert vaughn played what character on the a team

Hunt Stockwell

14 rows · Robert Vaughn as (former United States Army General) Hunt Stockwell (–) Main . 87 rows · Robert Francis Vaughn (November 22, – November 11, ) was an American actor Cited by:

Robert Francis Vaughn November 22, — November 11, was an American actor noted for his stage, film and television work. After high school, he enrolled in the University of Minnesota as a journalism major.

However, he dropped out after a year and moved to Los Angeles with his mother. Vaughn made his television debut on the November 21,"Black Friday" episode of the American television series Medicthe first of more than two hundred episodic roles through mid His first film appearance was as an uncredited extra in The Ten Commandments[3] playing a golden calf idolater also visible in a scene what is the definition of atonement in bible a chariot behind that of Yul Brynner.

He also made a guest appearance opposite Barbara Eden in a Romeo-Juliet role, in the Gunsmoke episode "Romeo", which turned out okay for the bride and groom. Vaughn's first credited movie role came the following year in the Western Hell's Crossroadsin which he played Bob Fordthe murderer of outlaw Jesse James. Vaughn was the last surviving member of those who portrayed The Magnificent Seven. His dissatisfaction with the somewhat diminished aspect of the character led him to request an expanded role.

During the conference, his name came up in a telephone call and he ended up being offered a series of his own — as Napoleon Solotitle character in a series originally to be called Solobut which became The Man from U. Carroll in the role of Solo's boss. This was the role which would make Vaughn a household name even behind the Iron Curtain.

This production spawned a spinoff show, large amounts of merchandising, overseas theatrical movies of re-edited episodes, and a sequel, The Return of the Man what is the temperature of the lower mantle in fahrenheit U.

After the series ended, Vaughn landed a major film role playing Walter Chalmers, a U. InVaughn appeared as a bachelor on the nighttime premiere of The Dating Game.

He was picked for the date, which was a trip to London. After The Man from U. E was cancelled inVaughn continued to appear on television and in mostly B movies. He starred in two seasons of the British detective series The Protectors in the early s. He also appeared in two episodes of Columbo during the mids, "Troubled Waters" and "Last Salute to the Commodore" The latter episode is one of the few in the series where the identity of the murderer is not known until the end.

Vaughn portrayed Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman[13] in addition to Woodrow Wilson in the television mini-series Backstairs at the White House. In the mids, he made several cameo appearances on Late Night with Conan O'Brien as an audience member who berates the host and his guests beginning with "you people make me sick. Vaughn also appeared as himself narrating and being a character in a radio play broadcast by BBC Radio 4 in about making the film The Bridge at Remagen in Pragueduring the Russian invasion of In later years, Vaughn appeared in syndicated advertisements marketed by Commercial Pro, Inc.

Vaughn married actress Linda Staab in They adopted two children, Cassidy born and Caitlin born For many years, it was believed Vaughn was the biological father of English film director and producer Matthew Vaughnborn when the actor was in a relationship with early s socialite Kathy Ceaton. Early in Matthew's life, Vaughn asked for the child's surname to be Vaughn, which Matthew continues to use professionally.

Vaughn was a longtime member of the Democratic Party. Kennedy in the Presidential election of for U. Vaughn was the first popular American actor to take a public stand against the Vietnam War and was active in the peace group Another Mother for Peace.

Vaughn was reported to have political ambitions of his own, [31] but in a interview, he denied having had any political aspirations. Kennedy in"I lost heart for the battle. Vaughn died in a hospice in Danbury, Connecticut[34] what vitamins should be taken together on November 11,eleven days before his 84th birthday, [12] [36] after a year-long treatment for leukemia.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Robert Vaughan. For other people named Robert Vaughn, see Robert Vaughn disambiguation. American actor. Vaughn c. New York CityU. Danbury, ConnecticutU. Linda Staab. Directed by John Tillinger [44] Written by A. Gurney [44]. Birmingham Repertory Theatre Garrick Theatre. October [45] November — June [46] [47]. Biblical epic film produced and directed by Cecil B.

Drama film directed by Vincent Sherman. Drama film produced and directed by Hall Bartlett. Romantic comedy film directed by Frank Tashlin. Feature length film of The Man from U. Darrell Hallenbeck and written by Howard Rodman. Spy film directed by Jerry Thorpe. War film directed by John Guillermin. Representative Ken Hechler. Sci-fi —drama film directed by Alan Cooke.

British comedy film directed by Rodney Amateau. Adventure—crime film directed by Gordon Hessler. Blue Jeans and Dynamiteand Double Cross. Sci-fi— horror film directed by Donald Cammell. Science fiction film directed, produced, and written by Ed Hunt [] Also known as in French : L'invasion des soucoupes volantes. Action film directed by Chuck Workman. Japanese post-apocalyptic Science fiction film directed by Kinji Fukasaku. Medic guest appearance as Dr.

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Robert Francis Vaughn was born on November 22, at Charity Hospital in New York City, the son of show business parents, Marcella Frances (Gaudel) and Gerald Walter Vaughn. His father was a radio actor and his mother starred on stage. Robert came to the public's attention first with his Oscar-nominated role, in The Young Philadelphians ( Created by Stephen J. Cannell, Frank Lupo. With George Peppard, Mr. T, Dwight Schultz, Dirk Benedict. Four Vietnam vets, framed for a crime they didn't commit, help .

After being court-martialed "for a crime they didn't commit", three members of a "crack commando unit" escaped from military prison and, while still on the run, worked as soldiers of fortune. The series was created by Stephen J. Cannell and Frank Lupo. A feature film based on the series was released by 20th Century Fox in The A-Team was created by writers and producers Stephen J. T driving the car". The A-Team was not generally expected to become a hit, although Stephen J. Cannell has said that George Peppard suggested it would be a huge hit "before we ever turned on a camera".

The show remains prominent in popular culture for its cartoonish violence in which people were seldom seriously hurt, despite the frequent use of automatic weapons , formulaic episodes, its characters' ability to form weaponry and vehicles out of old parts, and its distinctive theme tune.

The show boosted the career of Mr. T , who portrayed the character of B. Baracus , around whom the show was initially conceived. The term " A-Team " is a nickname coined for U. In a Yahoo! The A-Team is a naturally episodic show, with few overarching stories, except the characters' continuing motivation to clear their names, with few references to events in past episodes and a recognizable and steady episode structure.

In describing the ratings drop that occurred during the show's fourth season, reviewer Gold Burt points to this structure as being a leading cause for the decreased popularity "because the same basic plot had been used over and over again for the past four seasons with the same predictable outcome".

As the television ratings of The A-Team fell dramatically during the fourth season, the format was changed for the show's final season in — 87 in a bid to win back viewers. After years on the run from the authorities, the A-Team is finally apprehended by the military. General Hunt Stockwell Robert Vaughn , a mysterious CIA operative, propositions them to work for him in exchange for which he will arrange for their pardons upon successful completion of several suicide missions.

To do so, the A-Team must first escape from their captivity. With the help of a new character, Frankie "Dishpan Man" Santana, Stockwell fakes their deaths before a military firing squad. The new status of the A-Team, no longer working for themselves, remained for the duration of the fifth season while Eddie Velez and Robert Vaughn received star billing along with the principal cast.

The missions that the team had to perform in season five were somewhat reminiscent of Mission: Impossible , and based more around political espionage than beating local thugs, also usually taking place in foreign countries, including successfully overthrowing an island dictator, the rescue of a scientist from East Germany, and recovering top secret Star Wars defense information from Soviet hands.

These changes proved unsuccessful with viewers, however, and ratings continued to decline. Only 13 episodes aired in the fifth season. In what was supposed to be the final episode, " The Grey Team " although " Without Reservations " was broadcast on NBC as the last first-run episode in March , Hannibal, after being misled by Stockwell one time too many, tells him that the team will no longer work for him.

At the end, the team discusses what they were going to do if they get their pardon, and it is implied that they would continue doing what they were doing as the A-Team. The character of Howling Mad Murdock can be seen in the final scene wearing a T-shirt that says, "Fini". During the Vietnam War , the A-Team's commanding officer , Colonel Morrison, gave them orders to rob the Bank of Hanoi to help bring the war to an end.

They succeeded in their mission, but on their return to base four days after the end of the war, they discovered that Morrison had been killed by the Viet Cong , and that his headquarters had been burned to the ground. This meant that the proof that the A-Team members were acting under orders had been destroyed.

They were arrested, and imprisoned at Fort Bragg , from which they quickly escaped before standing trial. The origin of the A-Team is directly linked to the Vietnam War , during which the team formed. The show's introduction in the first four seasons mentions this, accompanied by images of soldiers coming out of a helicopter in an area resembling a forest or jungle.

Besides this, The A-Team would occasionally feature an episode in which the team came across an old ally or enemy from those war days. For example, the first season's final episode " A Nice Place To Visit " revolved around the team traveling to a small town to honor a fallen comrade and end up avenging his death, and in season two's " Recipe For Heavy Bread ", a chance encounter leads the team to meet both the POW cook who helped them during the war, and the American officer who sold his unit out.

Though he was affiliated with them during the war, the group's pilot "Howling Mad" Murdock was neither tried or involved in the bank robbery and is rather the group's secret member. An article in the New Statesman UK published shortly after the premiere of The A-Team in the United Kingdom, also pointed out The A-Team's connection to the Vietnam War, characterizing it as the representation of the idealization of the Vietnam War, and an example of the war slowly becoming accepted and assimilated into American culture.

One of the team's primary antagonists, Col. Often, Hannibal would refer to such a tactic, after which the other members of the team would complain about its failure during the War. This was also used to refer to some of Face's past accomplishments in scamming items for the team, such as in the first-season episode " Holiday In The Hills ", in which Murdock fondly remembers Face being able to secure a '53 Cadillac while in the Vietnam jungle.

The team's ties to the Vietnam War were referred to again in the fourth-season finale, " The Sound of Thunder ", in which the team is introduced to Tia Tia Carrere , a war orphan and daughter of fourth season antagonist General Fulbright. Returning to Vietnam, Fulbright is shot in the back and gives his last words as he dies. The documentary Bring Back The A-Team joked that the scene lasted seven and a half minutes, [16] but his death actually took a little over a minute.

His murderer, a Vietnamese colonel, is killed in retaliation. Tia then returns with the team to the United States see also: casting. This episode is notable for having one of the show's few truly serious dramatic moments, with each team member privately reminiscing on their war experiences, intercut with news footage from the war with Barry McGuire 's Eve of Destruction playing in the background. The show's ties to the Vietnam War are fully dealt with in the opening arc of the fifth season, dubbed "The Court-Martial Part 1—3 ", in which the team is finally court-martialed for the robbery of the bank of Hanoi.

The character of Roderick Decker makes a return on the witness stand, and various newly introduced characters from the A-Team's past also make appearances. The team, after a string of setbacks, decides to plead guilty to the crime and they are sentenced to be executed. They escape this fate and come to work for a General Hunt Stockwell, leading into the remainder of the fifth season.

The show ran for five seasons on the NBC television network, from January 23, to December 30, with one additional, previously unbroadcast episode shown on March 8, , for a total of 98 episodes.

The A-Team revolves around the four members of a former commando outfit, now mercenaries. Lieutenant Templeton Peck Dirk Benedict ; Tim Dunigan appeared as Templeton Peck in the pilot , usually called "Face" or "Faceman", is a smooth-talking con man who serves as the team's appropriator of vehicles and other useful items, as well as the team's second-in-command. The team's pilot is Captain H.

A patch on Hannibal's uniform on the right shoulder in that episode indicates he belonged to the st Airborne during a prior combat assignment, but that patch was replaced by the 1st Air Cavalry Division patch in the episode " Trial by Fire ". The patch worn on the left sleeve according to uniform wear in the Army is the current assignment of the person wearing it and in the episode "A Nice Place to Visit" shows that the team was assigned to the Special Forces with a tab Airborne over the shoulder patch.

Also their berets in that episode are green and have the tab of the 5th Special Forces in Vietnam on them. Though the name they have adopted comes from the "A-Teams", the nickname coined for Special Forces Operational Detachments Alpha, these detachments usually consisted of twelve members; whether the four were considered a "detachment" of their own or had once had eight compatriots who were killed in action was never revealed.

For its first season and the first half of the second season, the team was assisted by reporter Amy Amanda Allen Melinda Culea. In the second half of the second season, Allen was replaced by fellow reporter Tawnia Baker Marla Heasley. The character of Tia Tia Carrere , a Vietnam war orphan now living in the United States, was meant to join the Team in the fifth season, [17] but she was replaced by Frankie Santana Eddie Velez , who served as the team's special effects expert.

Velez was added to the opening credits of the fifth season after its second episode. During their adventures, the A-Team was constantly met by opposition from the Military Police. Lynch returned for one episode in the show's third season " Showdown! Decker was also briefly replaced by a Colonel Briggs Charles Napier in the third season for one episode " Fire " when LeGault was unavailable, but returned shortly after.

For the latter portion of the show's fourth season, the team was hunted by General Harlan "Bull" Fulbright Jack Ging , who would later hire the A-Team to find Tia in the season four finale, during which Fulbright was killed.

The fifth season introduced General Hunt Stockwell Robert Vaughn who, while serving as the team's primary antagonist, was also the team's boss and joined them on several missions. His most used disguise onscreen only on the pilot episode is Mr. Lee, the dry cleaner. This is one of the final parts of the client screening process, as he tells the client where to go to make full contact with the A-Team.

He dresses most often in a tan safari jacket and black leather gloves. He also is constantly seen smoking a cigar. His catchphrase is "I love it when a plan comes together". Often said, usually by B. The team's scrounger and con artist , he can get virtually anything he sets his mind to, usually exploiting women with sympathy-appeal and flirtation. He grew up an orphan, and is not without integrity, as stated by Murdock in the episode " Family Reunion ": "He would rip the shirt off his back for you, and then scam one for himself.

He dresses suavely, often appearing in suits. Sergeant Bosco "B. He is also the team's mechanic, master at arms, demolition and weapon's specialist. Baracus affects a dislike for Murdock, calling him a "crazy fool", but his true feelings of friendship are revealed when he prevents Murdock from drowning in his desire to live like a fish.

It is very rare that Baracus is awake while flying, and even rarer for him actually to consent to it. When he does, however, he then goes into a catatonic state. Baracus generally wears overalls and leopard or tiger print shirts in the early seasons, and wears a green jumpsuit in the later seasons.

He is almost always seen with many gold chains and rings on every finger, and also wears a weightlifting belt. Baracus' hairstyle is always in a mohawk-like cut. He drives a customized black GMC van that acts as the team's usual mode of transport.

Captain H. However, due to a helicopter crash in Vietnam, Murdock apparently went insane. He lives in a Veterans' Hospital in the mental wing.

Whenever the rest of the team requires a pilot, they have to break him out of the hospital, generally using Faceman to do so. In Seasons 1—4, Murdock has a different pet, imaginary friend, or alter-ego in each episode. Whenever one of his pets or imaginary friends is killed by an enemy, Murdock snaps and takes revenge but never kills.

Many times, when Baracus is mad at Murdock for being crazy, Hannibal will side with Murdock in a sympathetic way. Once he is discharged from the hospital in Season 5, Murdock has a different job each episode. Murdock usually wears a leather flight jacket, a baseball cap, and basketball sneakers. Cannell with Dirk Benedict in mind, NBC insisted that the part should be played by another actor, instead. Therefore, in the pilot, Face was portrayed by Tim Dunigan , who was later replaced by Dirk Benedict, with the comment that Dunigan was "too tall and too young".

So it was difficult to accept me as a veteran of the Vietnam War, which ended when I was a sophomore in high school.

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