How to use ies light in vray sketchup

how to use ies light in vray sketchup

Setting up IES Lights in V-Ray for SketchUp

In this simple tutorial we are going to set up three basic pin lights using imported IES files. You can download IES files files of your own choice from here GE Lighting and more here IES Maps and a SketchUp light fitting here. More IES files here if those don’t work for your particular version of can also download the GE Light*Beams software at the bottom of this page. Its a powerful lighting . Setting up IES Lights in V-Ray for SketchUp. In this mini-tutorial, Onel Pabico shows you how to set up your IES lights in V-Ray for SketchUp, includes some simple tips for adjusting the amount of light generated from your lights by changing the Unit type. 1. Initial view with the Units set to Meters. Step 1. 2. Place your IES light in position.

I am new to Vray lighting. All other kinds of lighting are working fine, but the IES lighting is not. I downloaded a number of ies files. They worked a few times in a different scene, but not this one. Can anyone help me what would be common mistakes I might be doing wrong? Also, if I want to purchase IES files versus free ones, will the fore ones make a big difference? Where can I purchase them? Thank you. If you can share screenshots of your scenes, renders, settings etc.

At this point it will be jow wild guess. Are you modelling in real life dimensions? Though, it depends where you get your free ones from. Check these IES lights if what math do you have to take for nursing are any better for your scene.

Thank you all for your help. I am modeling in real life dimensions imperial. Even if I increase intensity by times, it does not give any light. I guess I am vvray something wrong.

I tried it in a different scene and the file worked twice… I am very confused. Thanks in advance! Thanks for your advice. I took them apart from the lighting fixture, but it still does not light up anything…I wonder why it is not working…. I did pulled them down to ensure no interactions and run the rendering.

No light showed up. Very confused… all other types of lighting work fine… just not ies. Thanks ive just tried this had to put to show up lmao!!!

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Best thing is to get on the vray forum and ask there. With absence of any images, my wild guess would be to up the intensity of IES light. I had to put down unit of intensity for it to show on my screen once. Hope it help.

SketchUp & Layout for Architecture!

Jul 26,  · Lesson #1 - 1 UI Overview #1 - 2 Lights Plane #1 - 3 Light Sphere May 25,  · IES lights collection from here. IES lighting is a new feature that comes with the latest version (ver. ) of V-Ray for SketchUp. @ deepak while the IES light is chosen, right click and select .

V-Ray for SketchUp ver. V-Ray works within the SketchUp environment allowing users to be able to efficiently incorporate the task of rendering within their current workflow.

Lamp manufacturers create these files for accurately simulating their lights and now we have the ability to add IES profiles for light accuracy. I use V-Ray release version 1.

In this simple tutorial we are going to set up three basic pin lights using imported IES files. Its a powerful lighting design aid for GE directional reflector lamps.

Another collection of IES files can be found in the links below:. Follow the steps highlighted in the following images below. Steps Step 6. And here is the render where I used 3 different types of IES light data.

You will see the rendering time using default setting with no sky and no physical camera, the rendering time is just You can also see the difference in the spread and intensity of the three lights. Some sample render scenes using what we have learned in this tutorial. Image 2. Image 3. I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial and find it useful in your future projects.

Also here is another short tutorial on using IES lights in a 3ds Max work flow, may be useful in helping you understand the concept and use. Ebook with high-end rendering, awesome exercises. The amount of knowledge in this book is huge so anyone can learn V-Ray easily! Create stunning presentations to visualize your ideas. This scene is fully textured and already set with V-Ray materials and natural lighting setup for SketchUp model. I still dont get the no. Thanks for these helpful hints with regard to IES, I would just like to ask if this V-ray for sketchup ver.

And if they would be possible is it now ready for them again to be installed with the IES files after? Thanks, I hope you could help me be cleared with these. I would like to ask as well with regards to step no. Again thanks. I wonder why lots of people are having difficulty with Step 4.

All you have to do is click on the small box on the right of that box and browse the location were you saved the IES file on your computer. IES file sometimes have different values. I like those lights from lithonia and General electric.

Some of the files available in the net are not true IES data, therefore i encourage you to play on the multiplier until you get the desired effect. SketchUp 8 is still relatively new so there may still be some little bugs when working with other software. I am sure they will know what is happening with ver.

I hate to be critical of anyone who makes the time and effort to educate those of us who are less knowledgeable on a product, but this tutorial could be a lot more helpful. Personally, I would like more info on what the power setting range is. You use 5,, I have no idea if this high, low or somewhere in between. Could you clarify what useable range might be and how one determines what setting to use. Also there are links to a number of very resource full sites containing IES files. Also, you have used an IES file in the tutorial but not told us which one.

I hope I am not being unfair. I have learnt so much from your tutorials but this one could do with a bit more! Please could you assist me on this? Hoping that there would be prompt answer to this query of mine. Thanks a lot. I have done this tutorial when 1. I believe from 1. I will look again this tutorial using the latest build 1.

I have also send these concern to asgvis particularly with the question of how come we need to create a million numbers to see the effect of ies.. I found out by turning the physical camera off and sun, I remove the burden of playing the balancing act with my physical camera. You can actually have the same effect whether you put the ies inside the receptacle or not. Where ypu put , It only allows me to type zeros but no other number on the box……………… Help me please!

Pablo, that must be a bug in your version. Can you read my latest tutorial on this. I tried your steps… the lighting on the walls are ok but i just cant make the lighting fixture glow… it just appears as a black dot.. Please contact me, my email is lgonzalez hotmail. Check the other IES tutorials out as well to learn more.

How I want to know the types of ies file that you use in this rendering…i really want to know cause its hard to find the suitable one…. What should i do? I only have it under options but there is no file for ies that I can browse. Hi does this work in sketch-up 8? Also, does all ies file have the same same pre-sets? Your reply is really appreciated. Thank you. Name required.

Email Address required. Speak your mind. A simple box with 3 pin lights as shown in the image below. Room Setup. Render with 3 different types of IES light data.

Image 1. Learn SketchUp to Layout for Architecture! This book will make you wave goodbye to AutoCAD. Black Friday! Please help me ……………….. Thank you, Ruturaj. Edwin… yes then browse for it on your computer where you downloaded it too…. Thanks Sergio for the link, will add it too the tutorial….

Hi Nomeradona, thanks for this tutorial. Finally, you say to scale the light but, again, not provided info on how to do so in detail.

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