How to sew anarkali kameez

how to sew anarkali kameez

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Nov 23,  · Creative Mama from AdithisMamaSews tells how to draft a pattern for an Anarkali Kameez, and then how to sew it up. The shaping on this dress is beautiful! The bodice is fitted, while the gores create a flared skirt. Go to the tutorial. [photo from AdithisMamaSews]Author: Anne Weaver. Sewing Instruction: Now we should have 16 pieces of Front & back part Anarkali, 2 sleeve and lining. Lining can be cut by using draft 1. First we have to join these separated pieces together by sewing. When we make the complete front & back parts then the other sewing instructions are same as Kameez. Click HERE to refer Kameez sewing instruction.

Also a different neckline at the back with a opening, button and loop at the back. Give your payment details and once the payment is successful, you would have access to the class. How to sew anarkali kameez and click on 'My courses' on top. That will show you the number of classes you have taken. Click on the class you wish to learn from. We will reply at the earliest. When you receive the reply you will get a notification alert and the reply will be below your question under the respective class.

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Savitha has been conducting classes in Pattern making and sewing since the year She started with her Online classes to reach out to more students. Her words, "I love sewing and teaching and I have been lucky to be able to make my passion, my profession. I try my best to simplify things and teach in a simple and easy way so that even beginners in pattern making and sewing are able to learn from our online classes and make their garments with professional finish".

Thank you Savitha. I could successfully make a circular anarkali by taking your class. Initially I was apprehensive thinking why should I pay for a class when there are so many free online videos out there.

But Savitha, you are wonderful. Your videos are worth every penny, in fact even more. I like the fact that the validity is for one year. The videos are just simple, easy to understand and many tips which help you in making the garment look neat and professional. I advise anyone who has how to make crispy corn tortillas slightest doubt to just go for at least one video, you will be hooked.

Savitha, you have magic fingers. You are a treat to watch. Nobody teaches like you. Hope to learn more from you. Excellent teaching and more imp is detailed explanation to all the queries even if it is dmall doubt which helped me a lot to creat professionaly perfect garment.

Thank u so much Savi mam. Class details Start Here The Course Introduction Students Project. View all. How to make salwar pants. How to make waterfall jacket. How to easily make Continuous bias strip. What to do with Scrap fabrics? How to draft sleeves pattern.

About the Instructor. Savitha Instructor Profile Ms. Write a Review. You are a Wonderful teacher View All. Classes you may also like. Login with Facebook. Login with Google plus. Remember the password. Sign what it means when a cat purrs. Sign in. Forgot Password. Part 6 -Sewing sleeves and correcting the stretched Hemline.

Part 7 - Sewing the hemline of the Circular skirt part.

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Sep 20,  · DIY churidar and anarkali kameez. This is my first attempt at sewing an Indian outfit. I bought the material months and months ago and it was sitting in my closet waiting to be either taken to India to be sewn by a tailor, or for me to be brave enough to sew it without a commercial pattern. Dec 02,  · Feb 28, - ANARKALI KAMEEZ Measurement: Full Length Chest Waist length Waist Shoulder Neck Seat Construction: (). How to make a circular/umbrella Anarkali Kameez/top, you will learn the following: * Using your Darts pattern to make the bodice or upper part of the Anarkali * Calculations for making 1/2 circle skirt part for the anarkali * This garment is made without lining. However if you wish to make it with lining, you need to watch the previous class in anarkali course that.

Awesome instructions, so cool!! Yes each layer has 2 pieces, one for the front and one for the back. The first layer has two pieces of length 21" each. Hence the total length will be 42" and this is pleated and attached to the waist of length 28" Thank you so much. I stitched an anarkali and chudi bottom for my 4 year old daughter following your instructions.

It came out beautiful and she is very happy. Thanks for sharing. Hi ami, your blog is so useful for beginners like me. I thanked you very much. Keep blogging. Thanks for visiting this blog I hope you have found my posts useful. I would be delighted if you could take time and share my posts on your social media channels and like my pages on Facebook and Google plus. Do send in your comments And keep visiting :.

Anarkali suits are one of the most popular Indian dresses. I have already done a post on how to stitch a basic anarkali suit and in this post the method of stitching anarkali suit with layers or tiers is discussed. Usually in this type of anarkali suit, 3, 4 or 5 layers are pleated and stitched one below the other. The layers can be of the same colour or of 2 or 3 different but related colours. Anarkali suit is usually stitched with thin fabrics like chiffon and Georgette.

For stitching an anarkali top, you need two fabrics, a main cloth and a lining cloth. The lining cloth should always be of the same colour as the main cloth. The dress will have two parts, a single piece upper part and a lower part having layers. The lining cloth can be cut as an A line kameez. To begin with, first measure and note down the body measurements. Then prepare a draft for the upper part on paper using the construction given above and cut on the marked lines.

Keep the draft ready. Now take the cloth, fold it in the reverse such that the two selve edges of the cloth are on top of each other. Then fold again such that the two ends are on top of each other. Now you will have 4 layers. Make sure that you are seeing the reverse part. Place the draft on top of the cloth and mark the outline on the cloth using a chalk.

The front and back necks and arm holes have to be cut separately because their curves are different. Hence take care while cutting it.

The shoulder line of all the four layers must be equal. For more details refer How to stitch a kameez. Next place the draft on top of the lining cloth and mark on the cloth till the 0 to 1 measurement. For more details visit how to stitch a kameez. Now you will have 2 pieces of lining cloth, 1 for the front and the other for the back. This is different from the main dress as the main dress will have separate upper and lower parts. After cutting the cloth for the upper part, the cloth for the lower part have to be cut.

For this, thin pieces of cloth have to be cut and stitched one below the other. The height of each piece can be the same but usually the height is taken with increasing values like 9, 10, and Measure the total height of the dress and subtract the 0 to 9 measurement.

With the remaining length divide into 3 or 4 layers and cut accordingly. This can be divided into 3 or 4 layers of increasing height. Add 1" extra in all the pieces as stitching allowance i. Hence the height of the four pieces will now be 9", 10", 11", and 12". And for finding the length of each layer the following method can be followed.

For the first layer,. For the remaining layers. This is just an example; you can decide on the height of your anarkali suit and calculate accordingly using the formula given above. After cutting the layers, pleat the first layer such that the length is equal to 2 times 9 to 10 measurement. Secure it by stitching long stitches on top. You can remove this after stitching it to the upper part The next layer has to be pleated and stitched to the first layer such that its length after pleating will reduce to the actual length of the first layer.

Continue the process till all the layers are attached. Once the front part is done, do the same thing for the back portion. After stitching measure with an inch tape and check if the length of the anarkali suit is perfect. After the layers are stitched and ready, stitch them to the upper part at the waist. Now you will have two pieces of anarkali suit, 1 for the front and the other for the back. Stitch the front part with the front part of the lining cloth and the back part with the back part of the lining cloth at the shoulders.

Join the 4 pieces at the shoulders and finish the neck and sleeves. For these refer Finishing the neck and Cutting the sleeves for its construction. Once the neck part is completed and the sleeves are cut, stitch them to the armholes. Anarkalis usually have long sleeves but you can also stitch puffed sleeves as shown in the picture. The tutorial on puffed sleeves can be found here. Then start stitching both the sides starting from the sleeve ends to the upper part of the top.

Do reverse stitches at the ends. For the lower part, stitch the lining and the main cloth separately at the sides. The sides are closed in an anarkali dress hence the sides of the lining and main cloth have to be stitched without any opening. After stitching turn the dress to the reverse and overlock the open ends to prevent threads from coming out. After stitching the anarkali suit will have flair as shown.

I have tried to explain the method of stitching this variety of anarkali suit as clearly as possible but making this type of anarkali suit is quite complicated, hence it is advisable to use your discretion while you stitch. If you are a beginner it is recommended to start with stitching basic kameez or a basic anarkali suit before trying out this one. For tutorial on stitching a gathering pant visit this page. Labels: Anarkali , Dress designing basics , dress patterns , Dresses , how to stitch , How to stitch a Top.

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