How to make water slide

how to make water slide

How to Make a Homemade Water Slide for Your Backyard Play Space

Support any areas of the ramp that need it (see the padding below the plywood). Use multiple layers if you need to. You may want to use screws to secure the plywood to lower layers. We taped the top layer seams of the plywood to keep things from slipping around. We also secured the plywood so it wouldn't slide down. Jun 11,  · How to make a homemade water slide for your backyard play space using a camping tarp, garden hose and a bottle of cheap shampoo!. The hooligans and I love it when the temperatures turn warm in the spring because that’s when we start in with our simple water play activities.. A homemade slip and slide is one of my favourite ways to keep the kids entertained for hours in the .

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This year I built a water slide down the school's front steps as waterr of the activities for the kids and adults to enjoy. The first step of building a water slide is to channel your inner yow year old and consider the transitions. Well, maybe we should back up and consider our audience first. What age will most of the participants be? What is their makke to get some air, crash, tumble You want to minimize the chance of injury. Safety how to open a verified paypal account in ghana Support any areas of the ramp that need it see the padding below the plywood.

Use multiple layers if you need to. You may want to wster screws to secure the plywood to lower layers. We taped the top layer seams of the plywood to keep things from slipping around. We also secured the plywood so it wouldn't slide down. After over uses it still sat strong!

After you have the ramp built, pad it with your padding material. You might want to go wider than the ramp itself just in case.

Out of the hundreds of uses we had from kindergarten through adult, nobody went off the water slide and was injured.

But accidents happen! Tape the pool noodles together to make a long continuous bumper for each side of the slide. Pool noodles work great because they are soft, cheap and flexible. You could use PVC pipe, rolled up carpeting or other things as bumpers too. This helps contain the water and the rider. You'll need one for each side Lay out your plastic on the ramp.

Cover the length of the ramp with one edge of the plastic along where you want the pool noodle to be. Think of the profile of the ramp plastic looking wwater an S.

You want the pool noodles to lie in the hooks of the S. The best way to illustrate this is with a crude drawing. Lay one noodle bumper on the plastic and fold it over.

Lay the other noodle on and fold again. Then tuck the remaining plastic underneath. We found that by sitting in or on a garbage bag or other plastic that the ride was much faster. It didn't prevent people from getting wet - many didn't have swim suits. But the ride was quite fun this way! It is important for the slide to be safe sllide that everyone has fun. If your slide will be used by many people, take a page from the professionals and have someone stationed at the top and bottom.

Be sure the landing fo is clear before the next person goes. We didn't expect to slide so far on ours slids had to build padding around some fencing.

Next time we'll make sure there is more space. We also might hwo a wider run - perhaps 8 feet wide instead of 4 because some kids really wanted to do spins and experiment with tricks when going down.

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Much respect to you slidf, great work. That would be an awesome ible! I've been meaning to get in on that kind of work, but I've always had a hard time figuring out which programs are good or bad, and so on. So much fun! Good for you! I want to take a turn! Also, a really nice Elide and Steadicam work! By zieak Zieak's site Follow. More by the author:.

About: I like making things out wwater items that would have otherwise been discarded. Check out my other projects! More About zieak ». The exact material list will largely depend on your site. Modify this list to meet your needs.

The most important ones for building on a set of stairs are the four Ps P lywood - You need some rigidity and a little flexibility. Not too thick, not too thin. Goldilocks would pick this thickness. Somewhere around a half dlide should be about right. Xlide adding - I was very lucky to have interlocking closed-cell foam pads that are about an inch thick. You could use carpeting, carpet padding, camp mattress pads, the interlocking alphabet children's mats With some time you can find something and with a budget you can buy something.

You also may need some padding with some higher friction to get people to stop; like an old mattress. P ool noodles - small, giant, LED lit, glow in the xlide P lastic sheeting Tape Garbage bags Stairs Hose and water.

Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! How to Bike-A-Line! Reply Upvote. Great instructable - and the photos made it even better! Thanks for sharing! PropagandaPanda zieak Reply 7 years ago on Introduction.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

How to make a homemade water slide for your backyard play space using a camping tarp, garden hose and a bottle of cheap shampoo! A homemade slip and slide is one of my favourite ways to keep the kids entertained for hours in the yard in summertime.

Sometimes I use the heavy-duty clear plastic that we line our backyard skating rink with. Both the clear plastic sheeting and these camping tarps are available at most hardware stores. I spread the tarp out over a small slope in the yard, hung the garden hose up over the clothes-line, and chose a light spray setting. I used that little clip thingy on the hose nozzle to hold the trigger down so the hose would stay on.

Then I drizzled some cheap shampoo over the tarp to make it slippery. Just pick up a bottle of shampoo or dish detergent at the dollar store. We went through the whole bottle today, but I got it for a dollar so no biggie. Check out how much fun they had! The kids spent the whole morning slipping and sliding. Now that you know how easy it is to make a home water slide, your kids can slip and slide anytime they want in your own backyard. Print off the checklist and stick it on your fridge!

Jackie is a mom, wife, home daycare provider, and the creative spirit behind Happy Hooligans. She began blogging in , and today, Happy Hooligans inspires more than 2 million parents, caregivers and Early Years Professionals all over the globe. Stunning photos!!! Are you kidding me? We done it for the fourth of July last year. We are making it a lot wider and bigger this year.

We use two sprinklers on the side. You must, Adrienne! Reminded me of my childhood in the states, we got this thing called slip and slide, thanks for sharing, I love your ideas and appreciate you sharing with us. I haves used several ideas, and I must say the idea of cotton wool coated with colored flour was amazing I made it for my Playgroup kids and they enjoyed smashing it with a plastic hammer.

Looking forward to doing this for our grandkids this summer. Try no-sting baby shampoo to make it slippery. No Ouchy! Dish soap stings the eyes and hurts their previous cuts and scrapes. Could you use a big of oil — like vegetable oil on the slide instead of baby shampoo to make it slippery?? Coordinate daytime water activities like playing in a DIY sprinkler, water balloon fun, slipping and sliding on a DIY slide, outdoor water games and end the week with a trip to the local pool or […].

It was so easy and fun! Our whole family was […]. Keep the kids cool and having fun all day […]. The reality though is that we have no room for any of those things and more importantly, the […]. Happy Hooligans has a lovely visual guide with all the information you need to recreate your own diy water […]. Happy Hooligans has a great tutorial on how to make your own slip and slide. Check out this super easy to do version at Happy Holligans.

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Your kids will never be bored again! Jackie Currie. Thanks MaryAnne! I hope you make one! Beautiful photos!

Ok, now I need a hill for this! Can we come over and play? I love it! We have to try it!!! They look like they had a blast! Hey, was just wondering since i have complainers lol did they get any soap in their eye? Trackbacks […] camp! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Join My Private Support Network! Our Most Popular Posts. This site uses cookies: Find out more.

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