How to make a stop motion puppet

how to make a stop motion puppet

Stop Motion News Will Vinton Dies

Jan 26, Crafting tutorial: Making a fully articulated Puppet for Stopmotion animation. Do not hesitate to like and comment and If you want to see more videos please. Apr 13, Clamp two strips of brass together. Cut a line of four mm holes through both strips. Make with the 3 mm drill a cup on the two outer holes on both strips. Drill one of the middle holes bigger with the 3 mm drill. Cut M3 tread in the same hole on the other strip.

Stop Motion claymation pioneer Will Vinton died 4th of October at the age of Will hailed from. I came across this wonderful behind the scenes video recently from Chris Sullivan. In it he details how he. Introduction to Stop Motion Animation Stop Motion Animation or sometimes called stop go or stop frame animation is the.

I stumbled across sto; nice series on Youtube called Zey the Mouse stop motion claymation recently and decided to. Here are my top 6 favourite stop motion walk cycles online. Stop Motion Walk Cycles are plentiful on the. Can you name the first Stop Motion in a Movie ever seen? The trailer for pu;pet of the very. A few important motioon to remember when Adding Sound to Stop Motion puppef covered maks this post.

A basic sound. I would encourage all those new to paper cutout how to remove red chili stains to read through and watch his description of his art at work. Chris begins. Hello, this is Chris Sullivan. I am going to motiin a little video here to show you how to make these puppets that I use in my film Consuming Spirits.

This is a method that I how to make your own 3d hologram works really well and these puppets last for thousands and thousands of movements, years even.

So this is a box of puppets from Consuming Spirits many, many, puppets. This is a big wagon, this is a hand, here is an arm, now I am going to show you how to make these paper arms and bodies.

Many little things here, here is a full size character he has those slots mke his jaw, he lost an arm. Here is mother Superior, she has replacement jaws which are not seen here. Here is Victor, with an eye missing. This is a front face, these little jaws parts here are done with little pockets, that I make a slit and then I slide in and here is the back of one of the puppets. Here is Earl Grey with his mouth open and here is the back of his puppet.

This is how big they can be, and here is how little they can be. So these little ones are difficult. This is a character that I designed, so now I am going to make his body parts but I have to make sure that they overlap. So you will see what that means in just a motioh. So the hand will be here, make it go that far in. So I have to make sure that I am covering the stretch of all the different parts, and the same with this ot hand here.

This character is typing, is what I was thinking here. So then the body, the body Pupppet am what blue book does insurance use to cover the whole expansive character.

Neck, head, what you finally end up getting in kake end motionn something that looks like this. So now what I am going to do is I am going to take out mofion section motino.

So I am going to put a punch, so I am going to put the punch back here. I kind of like scissors, but I do both depending on the object. I am using Bristle board by the way, which is really great because it has no tooth. So now I am going to make the camera a little more close up when I finish this.

So this is a piece of paper This has a hole punched in it just like this does and there is a tiny bit of glue that connects this with this. This is just glued from here and here and these little edges and this hand is just sliding in like a little pocket. So now I am going to place this here and have all my little elements sticking on here waiting. This is my presser to press the glue how to place a trifecta bet on sportsbet is rounded with the sharpie here.

Now the trick dtop is that you have to And I have a little exacto blade to pick this up like this. I am just going to use a tiny little dot and now I going to close up to do the rest of this. You have to go a little bit fast here, so that these things do. Tiny little tiny drop, put that ppupet, take this here, and I am firmly pressing down and holding for about maybe ten seconds. So this should move along with this, this stays still.

And there you have this little puppet and he works ho nice. When I actually animate with them, I actually use a needle or the tip of an exacto blade to move them around. There you go. This same construction works great for silhouette puppets too.

If you want to use thicker materials, it can be cool too. I makf one other thing here, I blacked the edge of the figure. One thing to realize too is, I make my jotion three quarter, cause three quarters is really cinematically the most common shot that you want to use.

So I make two, three quarter puppets, a full frontal how to talk small talk hardly ever use, cause it looks too subjective, side puppets are kind of cool sometimes but they have limits too. So three quarter if you watch a film, 90 percent of your shots, your actors, are in three quarter, same with animation.

Ok, I hope that is helpful, thank you. Please support Chris over at his site linked here. Search for:. News Professional Stop Motion.

Featured Animators Stop Motion Tutorials. Stop Motion Advise What is stop motion. Amateur stop motion animators Featured Animators News. Zey the Mouse Stop Motion I stumbled across a nice series on Youtube called Zey the Mouse stop motion claymation how to get free comics on ipod and uow to. Stop Motion Walk Cycles Here are my top 6 favourite stop motion walk cycles online.

Professional Stop Motion Stop Motion history. Robot Chicken how to make a stop motion puppet How it all started. Armature for Stop Motion. Stikfas Stop Motion. Paper Cutout Stop Motion. Consuming Spirits. The finer details with glue. Applying Glue - To Arm Joint. Using Bristle board. Finished Arm Joint. Finishing the Joint.

When Animating. Share it! Video of the day. Recent Posts. Oct 3, Sep 17, Mqke 14, Jul 13, Jul 12, Claymation of the Day. How to make a stop motion puppet World - Pancake Mines. Tag Cloud. Under the Walnut Tree. Trailer of Under the Walnut Tree.

Step 1: You Will Need

So we want to make a stop motion film. After some research about how they do it at Laika studio's for movies like Boxtrolls and Coraline, I figured I should start by making an armature for the stop motion puppet. You can also buy armatures, but they are very expensive and it is also a lot more fun to make them yourself.

For a hinge you need two "bones", a plate with a 3 mm hole in the middle, a plate with a M3 tread in the middle and a M3 bolt. Now we just need a story, character design, background, music, voice actors, wardrobe, more armatures, camera, software Reply 4 years ago. I'm not sure. I think something like 20,00 euro, but that gives me enough material to make more armatures. Introduction: Stop Motion Puppet Armature.

By kenyer Technisch Speelgoed Follow. More by the author:. About: I'm a social-worker, working with 12 - 23 year-olds. I used to be a printer. In I opened a small makerspace www. Materials: Ball head screws M2. I used a drawing from internet to figure uit the dimensions of the skeleton.

Mark the length of the "bone" on the brass tube. Cut tube to length. Sand or file it square. Use the tap to cut thread in both sides of the tube. Screw the ball head screws in the brass tube. Do this for all the "bones" you need. To make the plates for the hinges is something to do in series and not one by one. Drill 2. Drill 3 mm holes between the other 2. Use the 3 mm drill or even bigger to create some kind of "cup" on the 2.

Do this by just drill in the material a little bit. Cut thread in the 2. Sand the end of the strip with all the holes as close to the first 3 holes as you dare, without damaging the holes. Cut the part with the first 3 holes from the strip. Use pliers to sand the other side also as close to the holes as you dare. Be careful while sanding: this will get very hot!

Push the M3 bolt through the 3 mm hole. Screw the bolt just slightly in the M3 threaded hole in the other plate. Make sure that the "cup" on the outer holes of the two plates is towards each other.

Hold the ball heads on both sides in between the two plates. Tighten the bolt to hold the "bones". Clamp two strips of brass together. Cut a line of four 2. Make with the 3 mm drill a cup on the two outer holes on both strips.

Drill one of the middle holes bigger with the 3 mm drill. Cut M3 tread in the same hole on the other strip. Also cut M3 tread in the other middle hole on both strips. File a gutter over one of the middle 2. Cut both strips to size.

Sand the torso pieces a bit smaller, but be sure to keep the width of the gutter. Use one M3 screw through the M3 hole to keep the ball heads in place. Use an other M3 screw to hold the brass tube that goes through the gutter in place.

Drill a 2. Drill a 2 mm hole where the heel comes. Cut M2. Cut M3 thread in the 2. Sand off the sharp corners. When your armature is how you like it, you will need to fix the ball head screws in place. Unscrew all the ball head screws until they are almost out of the tubes. Put a small drop of thread fixator Loctite on all the threads of the ball head screws. Screw the ball head screws back in. Wait at least one hour before playing, but wait one day to be sure.

You can tighten or loosen the screws according to your wishes. Step one of our movie is finished. So, we are almost finished! Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Kid Name Circle Board by julien. NeilRG 2 years ago. Reply Upvote. PinkyPie80 4 years ago.

I will post the end-result on YouTube for sure, but don't expect it soon ;. Very nicely done with the ball bearings sandwiched between the hinges!

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