How to make a pc to tv converter

how to make a pc to tv converter

4 Methods to Play MP4 Files on TV (Samsung TV Included)

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After looking at the diagram below, and determining your situation, S will point out which cable that you need to buy. Cpnverter a look at the diagram below. Convertfr you view the diagram, take a look at both your computer and your TV to determine what connections are available. Below the diagram, you will find the proper cable for your situation. I recommend this one as it will allow for the newest technologies and fastest streaming.

I did not represent this situation in the diagram above because it is somewhat archaic nowadays. Most modern laptops no longer have DVI outputs. After you have purchased and connected the proper cable to hookup your TV to your PC, you will need to get it up and running with your computer. We will take a look at the general software setup with laptops and desktops separately. Laptops and desktops differ slightly because the laptop has a built-in screen.

With each of these situations, you will need to find the input button on your TV so that you can set it to the proper input. After you have physically connected your laptop to your PC, you basically now have two monitors connected: the laptop screen and the LCD TV.

Now, on your laptop screen, you will want to right-click a vacant area of the desktop and then choose properties. Then, click the settings tab. You should now fv a second choice in the monitors window. This is my convertwr choice. How to rip boyfriend jeans use a How to delete flash player laptop and you can switch on the fly between using the laptop monitor, the LCD, or both at one time by pressing the function key Fn and F8 at the same time.

You may want to modify aa settings on both your TV and your PC for optimum resolution. Many of the new ones are. If you want to have a two monitor setup with your desktop, right-click a vacant area of the desktop and then choose properties. Note: Your video card supplier may have incorporated different video software in which case the instructions will differ slightly.

If you would like to connect your PC to your Cnverterthe process is relatively easy and you do hw need to be a technical genius. As illustrated above, you need 1 of the following 2 cables:.

The benefits of connecting your computer to your TV are amazing. This is a great way to show a room full of friends your latest pictures and videos. LCD TVs also perform well as gigantic computer monitors for everyday use. Sam, yes, this would be the ideal way. I did not add this as yet because so few people have HDMI on their computers. This is convrter however so I will add this to the list in the near future.

My laptop is new, my TV is older. I did use an S-Video cable from my laptop to my TV and it worked great. Is there a makke out there make this connection possible again? Thank you! I followed your steps pc to tv using hdmi cables, i get the hoow.

What other steps can i take? Nothing is working. I get the Ocnverter boot up screen and then it goes to black. There is a signal. It states that it has no TV out put. I have checked the resolution and it is the same audio and VGA that hooks to my monitor. Is my Hard drive unable to sent the signal?? How do I z from pc to LCD tv wirelessly? We have our Dell laptop connected to our tv, and we watch old black and white films from various sources on the web on our TV.

Is there a way to record them? How would I connect two TVs and a computor monitor together. This is something I am wanting to do at my church. I have it dualview setup and want to hook up to the DVI connection on the back of my tv. Will conerter make a difference?

There is only one VGA on my Desktop computer. I have cable internet. The cable comes out of the wall, into the cable modem…then my computer is hooked up via the dvi or whatever cord. I just had them start cable tv for me…how do i keep my tv as q monitor and beable to watch cable tv on the same tv without having to unplug the cable from what is the hd channel for nbc modem and into the tv every time I wasnt to watch tv??

Please help! My desktop pic is now on the TV screen and the mouse but no pc icons…. Sheila, Do you have your settings for clone or dualview. This will make a difference on where the desktop icons will be located. Right click on the desktop and bring up your display properties.

That should tell you wheather you are on clone or dualview. If dualview, your mouse will travel back and forth from your pc monitor to the tv. If so, you can drag the icons to the tv. Be careful cnverter, if you lose the dualview your icons might be stuck out of screen to your monitor. Hope this helps, Wayne. To answer some of the questions, you may need a splitter to split a signal from one source to multiple machines. Scart to composite adapters are out there how to rent a hotel room with cash. Good luck folks hope this helps!

I have a laptop, a sony bravia and a surround system 5. I have connected tv to surround with HDMI 1 and tv audio output to surround. How to get this output of laptop sound on surround system. Your email what does lent season mean will not be published. Yow my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Still today, this is the only option for some people with convreter TVs or laptops. As illustrated above, gow need 1 of the following 2 cables: 1. About Latest Posts.

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Feb 14,  · Scart to composite adapters are out there too. Whatever way w/out pc to tv converter box, you’ll need an audio cable for sound as those video connections are for video only. The exception is if you have a flat panel tv and a new laptop with hdmi connection that’ll carry both video and audio so all you have to do is make sure you select the. Extend the current display of your Windows 10 PC or use it as a primary display device. Your TV and PC should have a HDMI port. Some old computers, still have legacy VGA port. In that case, you need to use a converter like VGA to HDMI or DVI to HDMI. The purpose of connecting PC to TV, is to stream videos. Discover Applian's high quality, high speed streaming video downloader, screen recorder, converter and other media tools.

There are times, usually while using laptop computers, when the screen looks too small to watch the movies, and that is when you want to play MP4 on TV that has a big display and allows you to enjoy the films at full.

That said, the following sections explain various ways to connect your computer to a TV, and you can pick the one you find the easiest, cheapest, and the best as your needs. For instance, if you have access to Chromecast, you must use the Google Chrome web browser to get the job done. Download Wondershare UniConverter via the download above, make sure you're downloading the right version based on your computer. Then launch the program, click Toolbox at the top, and then choose Cast to TV as the screenshot shows.

You'll get a separate window of Wondershare Media Server, then click Disk scan or Import button to add your desired MP4 video to the program. Move your mouse over the just imported MP4 video and click Wi-Fi like the icon to play an MP4 video with the built-in video player. Assuming that they do, the only additional hardware you need is an HDMI cable to connect the two.

The process given below explains how you can use an HDMI cable to connect the computer and TV and configure your television to receive inputs from your PC:. Suppose your TV is new and has a built-in wireless network connectivity option. In that case, you are lucky because you can connect it to your computer over a Wi-Fi network and play MP4 on TV without many complications.

Setting up your PC and television to discover each other and share the media is simple and explained below:. Note: Here, it is assumed that you are using a Windows 10 PC that already has a built-in or external wireless card and is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

On the next window, click Sharing options from the right pane, on the Advanced sharing settings box, expand All Networks , click Choose media streaming options from the Media streaming section, click Turn on media streaming on the next box that opens up, and click OK to allow your PC to stream media to the devices connected to your local wireless network.

Close all the boxes when done, and proceed to the next step. Locate and right-click the folder that contains the MP4 files you want to watch on TV, click Properties from the context menu, go to the Sharing tab, click Share , choose Everyone from the drop-down list available on the Network access box, click Add , and ensure that the Permission Level next to the Everyone group is set to Read. You are highly encouraged to go through your television's Owner's Manually thoroughly for detailed instructions.

If not, use the method explained in the Owner's Manual to do so before proceeding to the next step. You can directly press 'Source' in such televisions. Likewise, some new TVs automatically pop up a menu when a USB is connected, and allow you to select the drive and play the media files from there.

There are a couple of decent conversion tools that can come in handy in such cases. These PC and online apps include:. With more than supported formats, Wondershare UniConverter is one of the best programs for Windows and Mac that can help you convert your MP4 files to TV compatible displays. The process of getting this done is given below:. Click and open the Convert all files to from the top-right area, go to the Device tab, select TV from the left pane, and select Samsung TV from the right.

Once you are back on the main window, choose a destination location from the Output field at the bottom, and click Convert to convert the file so you can play MP4 on Samsung TV. An online sibling of UniConverter, Wondershare Online UniConverter, is a free web tool that is capable of performing almost all the tasks.

Playing MP4 on TV is not rocket science as long as you know the process, have access to the correct cables and devices, and if the conversion is needed, have an efficient MP4 to TV converter installed on your Windows or Mac computer. Going further, to be able to play MP4 on Samsung TV, it is highly recommended to use device-specific presets that are present in Wondershare UniConverter.

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