How to get audi r8 mcla

how to get audi r8 mcla

How to get the Audi R8 w/MCLA Complete Edition?

Feb 12,  · Hi guys, I hope you liked the video, the camera doesn't help much but I belive this method is gonna help some people that are tryng to get their R8, but are. Just go for the Audi R8 on a separate GamerTag once you open it, it will be available for other files. If this doesn't help too bad because its what I did. Good Luck, MCLAMAXPRO out.

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User Info: What is considered semi formal wear. Plz tell me how i can get the Audi R8? User Info: TheGoldenState. In the rockstar social club Its a cool thing that rockstar has for doing tasks etc, I did a lot with GTA and one of the challenges is completing 12 tasks by the end of your career.

Go there to chack it out, some can be hard like special uses, etc. How do i look up the What is 1 g force Social Club?

Where would i find it in the MC4 LA? Vaporize Them All To Hell!!! Leave No One Alive!!! User Info: mybadlife. Can this link be done on the PS3? Easier to type on the actual keyboard. More topics from this board How do you frigging turn off the music in this game? General 5 Answers Two players midnightclub. General audl Answers How do mcl find how many races you've done with a specific vehicle class?

Build 1 Answer. Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? What do i need to do to Unlock It? User Info: TheGoldenState TheGoldenState 11 years ago 3 In the rockstar social mclla Its a cool thing that rockstar has for doing tasks etc, I did a lot with GTA and one of the challenges is completing 12 tasks by the end of your career.

Bring back online for MCLA. Two players midnightclub. How do you find how many races you've done with a howw vehicle class? Geg Quest. How do you drop the top on convertible cars?

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CMBF answered: To unlock the Audi R8 register on Rockstar Social Club, then link your Gamertag / PlayStation ID then click the Midnight Club LA link After that choose Driving License to reveal the challenges; Complete 4 and you unlock the hydraulics/airbags, complete 8 and you unlock TiS Rims. Complete all 12 and that will unlock the Audi R8. pls like if you like my video. I really want the Audi R8 cause well i have the Audi R8 Wallpaper from MC4 LA and its one of my Dream Cars as well as The Dodge Viper the Corvette ZO6 and Mustang GT o my other dream cars are a Mazda RX-8 and the z Lambergini Diablo Dodge Challenger Concept Chevy Camaro Concept '78 Stingray Corvette Saleen S7 '79 Firebird and well i still.

Asked by Wiki User. Go to the Rockstar social club on the internet and sign up for an account. At the end of the sign up, you will be able to link your Rockstar account with your gaming account; do so. Go to the driver test section of the social club, and set up the test.

Complete all 12 tasks to get the Audi R8. You unlock the Audi r8 by becoming the los angeles city champion. The complete edition has all the add-on packs. There is an add-on for that game call Midnight Club South Central.

Hope this helps! Midnight Club: Los Angeles is by far the better game. You get money by winning races. Los Angeles. Yes, but you need to unlock it. You can't. Ask Question. Video Games. Audi R8. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions. How do you unlock the Audi r8 on midnight club LA remix? What is the difference between midnight club Los Angeles complete edition and midnight club Los Angeles?

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