How to fold a cloth napkin into a heart

how to fold a cloth napkin into a heart

Best Naples restaurants 2019: JLB picks their 25 must-try favorites

Feb 28,  · This tutorial you can see 3 ways napkin folding technique how to fold a napkin heart. Aug 08,  · PLAYLISTS:ALL

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Feb 01,  · How to fold a napkin into a heart. This napkin folding heart can be folded from cloth napkins or paper napkins. Impress your dinner guests with this napkin f. Feb 04,  · Nita Gill Presents - Learn how to do a heart napkin fold. If you are planning a special meal for Valentine's day, or for a r. Now lies the Earth all Danae to the stars, And all thy heart lies open unto me. Now slides the silent meteor on, and leaves A shining furrow, as thy thoughts in me. Now folds the lily all her sweetness up, And slips into the bosom of the lake. So fold thyself, my dearest, thou, and slip Into .

There was, just 20 years ago, a culinary void in Naples. Too many of our seasonal diners frequented the Cheesecake Factories, the Red Lobsters, the Carrabba's of the world, leaving little room and attention for creative chefs to do creative things. In case you missed it: Search JLB's last three years of restaurant reviews. Look around any major intersection and you'll find at least three restaurants. Probably five. Maybe eight.

In this wealthy, tourist-heavy community, eating out is a way of life. There's a new focus on inventive restaurants, big-name chefs and local ingredients. If we haven't already been introduced, let me catch you up. Back then Naples Daily News was the competition. Now we're sister papers. So the editors in Naples brought me over last year , and I've been loving it. I've had the chances to revisit some old favorites while also checking out the latest newcomers there are so many in this town.

From that, I've compiled this list of 25, which represent the best and brightest of this high-brow community. These are the restaurants raising the bar in Naples, further distancing us from that culinary void that I do not miss. I've likely missed one of your favorites and, as always, I encourage you to make a case for it. Comment, email , write a letter to the editor. As I said, the dining scene in Naples is constantly evolving, constantly bettering itself.

Tomorrow this list could change with the opening of a new restaurant or two. Tomorrow my tastes could lean toward an entirely different set of While so many of the other Asian restaurants in town hand you a page fusion menu of Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Korean, Namba has simplified things down to really good ramen, really good sushi, and not much else. A Japanese-trained sushi chef, Namba's Pitak Hermkhunthod takes pride in his work, importing handmade noodles from Japan and brewing a hour broth for his milky-smooth ramen.

Since the restaurant opened last year, he's the only one I've ever spotted hand-rolling sushi rolls behind the counter. If Chef is out of town for the weekend, then sushi is off the menu.

That's next-level mastery. The two could not be more different. They come from different planets. A different galaxy altogether. Dorona, the modern Italian steakhouse launched a year ago by the nationally recognized Chef Fabrizio Aielli, is doing charred octopus with smoky black truffle; savory tomahawk steaks that are just as show-stopping visually as they are on the taste buds; and delicate ricotta cheesecakes with saffron sauce.

Nothing about this new tenant says tired-national-chain. It says wow-look-at-me. Sitting at the bar of this chic, bougainvillea-laced patio you could be anywhere: a villa in Milan, say, maybe an exclusive resort in Nice.

A bartender comes over with such gracious warmth it makes you wonder if you've met before. He talks about the unseasonal humidity, nudging you toward the Blind Tiger, an icy blend of reposado tequila, peach bitters and lime that is the exact right thing for that exact moment. This D'Amico and Partners restaurant isn't about innovation. Its upscale meat-and-potatoes menu has few surprises. The Continental is about the experience, about escaping from the everyday to a place that makes you feel at home.

For 22 years I've been tantalized by the Persian flavors of Bha! In the fall I went back to check in on the place, to see if my memory was still serving me correctly. Oh, it was. Chef-owner Michael Mir launched the restaurant inspired by his Iranian roots in in North Naples, but relocated it downtown in Here I think Bha! Those tomato sauces rich with saffron and zest; bone-in meats braised long and slow; dried fruits for a sweet, chewy bite — it all becomes so much more romantic on the palm tree-lined Fifth Avenue South.

Though it remains as tantalizing as ever. More: Bha! A recent brunch reminded me of this restaurant's magic.

It's in the charmingly attentive servers and the bracing cocktails. It's in the chef-inspired, Southern-infused and locally focused menu. It's in the stunning, mangrove-trimmed views of the Cocohatchee as it flows quietly by. But the some-year-old Bay House remains a Collier landmark, one that keeps getting more magical year after year.

The flagship for chef-restaurateur Fabrizio Aielli, Sea Salt showcases his incredible eye for detail. It's in the crisply seared skin of his branzino, and the touch of sweetness grapes bring to a silky parsnip puree. It's the fuchsia tint of beets against pale-orange persimmon, and the lithe bite of gnocchi as it mingles with blue crab, white truffle and nutty Parmesan.

It's in the salts from around the world that infuse various dishes, and in the adept servers able to explain this all as you soak in this comfortable dining room. Sea Salt lives for the details, and it nails them all so deliciously well. Campiello is classically Naples. It's the place I take out-of-town visitors to introduce them to this high-brow town that I love so dearly. It's an exquisite space, located in the heart of Third Street South in the historic Naples Mercantile Building, with lush gardens and dramatic architecture.

The food is always equally striking. Its menu is inspired by the traditional cooking of Tuscan country: balsamic-glazed short ribs that tug from the bone, scratch-made pastas with a delicate chew and spicy fried calamari that I'm constantly craving. Wealth surrounds you at Campiello, another D'Amico and Partners restaurant. It's classically good, classically Naples. The French is as much a great restaurant as it as a state of mind. While so many other restaurants compete to stay on top of the latest food trends, The French goes back to the basics.

Naples is lucky to have Vincenzo Betulia. The chef-owner behind three successful downtown Naples restaurants Osteria Tulia and Bar Tulia his others is working to unclutter the American palate. He takes three to five simple ingredients — a tender duck leg, locally grown kale and tart cherry tomatoes — and turns them into a simply delicious roasted duck leg confit that slows me down, even if just for a moment. To admire the 19th century Parisian decor to which The French pays homage.

To sip a cocktail mixed with gin, hibiscus syrup and Champagne. To soak up the breezes flowing through this open-air Fifth Avenue restaurant. I think I'll stay here for a while. Behind the Dish: Chef Vincenzo Betulia's dining empire grounded by simple, honest cooking.

Now's the time to dine at 21 Spices. A native of India, his menu gives us a tasting tour of his home country: a goat biryani flavored with saffron and rose water; samosas filled with spiced potato and peas with a tamarind-date chutney; deep-fried desserts adorned with carat gold.

It's in the chic furnishings and plush, modern seating, the worldly menus and pedigreed kitchen. There's no other restaurant in town quite like 21 Spices. So go, go now. More: The tandoori chicken recipe that beat celebrity chef Bobby Flay.

They've captured our hearts with Parisian gnocchi tossed with lobster, crab, spring peas and grinnell caviar; with scallops in a lusciously creamy citrus-butter sauce; and with a chocolate souffle that's the stuff of dreams. Sails takes the upscale dining for which Naples is so well known, and then ups it fold. It's in the place settings of French Laguiole flatware, the marble-lined bar, the leather-topped stools for women to rest their purses.

Service is impeccable, with plates arriving and disappearing in perfect timing. In the kitchen, Sails' executive chef Jacob Jasinski, who was brought down from the acclaimed Ocean House in Westerly, Rhode Island, oversees this seafood-laden menu. Jasinksi and his team turn the fresh dorade and prawns that rest on a fanciful display of ice into equally fanciful meals with equally hefty price tags. There is no grander restaurant in town at the moment — and it's only been a year.

South, downtown Naples; ; sailsrestaurants. More: Naples restaurants: Sails glides into rarefied waters. It has the feel of a hipster coffee shop but the menu of a seasonal, chef-driven kitchen. Think fried green tomatoes with poblano creme fraiche, or diver scallops with a Meyer-lemon-Thai-basil aioli and chorizo-sweet-potato hash. It is not cheap, but my is it good. I feel him. A sister restaurant to Sea Salt and Dorona, at Barbatella Chef Fabrizio Aielli turns his eye for detail to mozzarellas, salumi, antipasti and pastas — all of which are made in house.

It's so much work, but it's got everyone raving. The Bevy: The Bevy is as much a destination as it is a restaurant. It's a place for the well-heeled to sip drinks at the bar as the cool evening air drifts through the retractable doors and windows.

Its food menu is good, but still finding its way. What I enjoy most are The Bevy's cocktails. But if what you want is a cool atmosphere and a cedar fire Old Fashioned yes, please , then this is your destination. Chez Boet : For 16 years, this 12th Avenue S.

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