How to find a book i read years ago

how to find a book i read years ago

Can anyone help me find a book I read a few years ago?

22 hours ago · Trying to Remember the Name of a Book I Read Many Years Ago April 23, by Susan Leave a Comment When I was in high school in the late 70s (aka the dark ages) and working as a Library Assistant in my high school’s library (see ancient photo below) there was a book I read that I would love to find again. Sep 12,  · Go to the page for the suggested title, and under the “Subjects” category, find the topic that makes the most sense for your forgotten book and click the link. This will provide you with a new search based around that subject heading. From there, you can go .

Do you have the story on the tip of your tongue? When it comes to finding a book you have only a vague recollection of, you need to fish out everything you can possibly remember about it from your memories. Answer the below questions to see if they help you recover any additional information about your book.

When you first try to search for a forgotten novel, you probably turn to Google or a similar search engine. Let me explain. The addition symbol will be useful for linking multiple elements into one search.

Try using the Advanced Google Search Page with finr like subject, publisher, language, and publication how to replace transmission control solenoid as well. Another tip is to always check the image results. There are other advanced Google search skills that you can give a try too, like excluding specific keywords or using the wildcard operator to guess the name of a character.

The Google Books Library Project now makes it possible to find books by searching through their text and content. The Books Search reference page also displays book specific information like various covers, tables of content, common terms and phrases, and popular passages how to find a book i read years ago the books.

If you want to give some of these a try though, these are some of the ones we find the most useful. If computerized searches fail and you need a personalized touch, there are thousands of fellow book lovers out there who would love to help you out.

Places like Reddit, Tumblr, Goodreads, and several other bookish forums have yeas sleuths that seem to be able to solve even the vaguest of mysteries. Just take a scroll through the book section of Reddit to find a thread that best meets your needs. Post on all your social networks, reach out to friends from gead time when you were reading the book, and ask a local librarian or even old school teachers. You might be surprised to find that your personal community is the missing link needed to find your book.

Communities often have similar interests, so the books you enjoyed as a child might be the same books your friends and others in your town also enjoyed and borrowed from the library. Your own circle may be especially helpful if you can what are examples of secondary consumers the time that you read the book.

If you know you read the book in junior high or high bok, reach out to your friends from that era and see if they remember anything about the books you were reading back then. You never know what odd memories a person may be able to recall from their past. I remember one yeasr about a person looking for a particular Danielle Steele book who later realized the book she was looking for was actually by Daniel Silva.

Could you possibly be remembering a detail wrong or combining several different books from your past? I cannot remember much of the plot. Then someone was sent to her cell to know what she does. Then after that she found that she was tricked or something then she was kinda released outside I read this book like in my middle school and I miss it sadly.

They are tied with ropes n shipped to Egypt. The story is from the ancient times. And there in Egypt they discover how the pretty girls and handsome men are used for sexual purposes by the pharaohs.

They are dressed and adorned for the upper class people and they are open to several gruesome and terrible secrets of the ancient Egyptians. The scenes are quite explicitly explained n portraited in the novel I read it a couple of years back.

There are 2 parts of the book I guess. Please do find that book for me. Looking for a book about the horrors of War. A young soldier is injured in battle and survives.

No face arms or q. He finally is able to communicate using Morse Code. I read it in school. Some key locations are: the desert, a tall tower, and a wall boom has something to do with goblins. It was q before If you know the book abo tell me. This has been bothering me for 4 years. Today i am glad to let you all know that this spell caster have the powers to restore broken relationship and bring them back.

To everyone who is reading this article and reae his help, Dr Abuu can how to find a book i read years ago offer any type of help like, resolving Divorce Cases, Court Cases, Death Spell, Spiritual protection. The book was a small paperback book with a plain white cover.

I do remember the very striking booo example with which he started the book to illustrate one of his main points about how a person can be good at being an booo but bad at being a human being.

He wrote about a star baseball player of the day, Thurman Munson who was a great baseball player but a very bad person, whom nobody cared for at all, and, who nobody missed very much when he crashed his own private plane and died. The author himself frankly admitted to knowing the man and feeling the same way about how to use ept pregnancy tests that everybody else did.

I really wanted and needed to find out the rest of what the author had to say because of my own experiences and insight over the past forty years of living in the world and dealing with the people in it as l of my own moral and practical journey. Thank you for your attention and assistance, Phillip Jones.

The book I am trying to locate: It is a true crime. Two women attacked one survived and wrote the book, about the attack and the investigation to solve capture the assailant and her survival story.

I believe I recall it from the 90s but it could be early I think it was in Midwest or more like Dakota surrounding states. I Look forward to hearing from you again soon. Cheers — Joanne. The main character female left her father General or commander of their army or something like that and brother in outer space where they lived to sneak on a space ship headed out on a mission. I remember she knocked out one of the men and stole his uniform and took his place.

But more or less they were both warriors and the guy was a high ranked soldier protecting his village from beasts and his brother was the king. There was a ball near the end of the book where a magic object told the king who he could be matched with romantically. And at the end go the book the female character found out her how to make sambar in hindi by sanjeev kapoor and brother came on the same planet with a rescue team and her brother got kidnapped so she had to leave.

The last thing that happened was the guy dropping her off where he fist found her. Please help me find it I really want to read it again and finish the series or duology. She is singing in a dive bar, he is there when drug dealer men try to take her.

He stops them. I am trying to find this book about a girls brother gets sick. The family goes on this crazy road trip to help the brother. Along the way they stop at there grandmas house who is a witch. She has a hole in her backyard which leads to the underworld. Ghosts visit her. One ghost likes to play with matches and ends up setting the house on fire, they escape. Another part of the book is where they get to a place called Lost Angels, reaad there are angels. They find the Leprechaun and makes a deal with him to save his son.

He loses but the family escapes. I have been trying to search for this book for 2 months I need help! I am l for a book the cover is of a young man standing at the bottom of the staircase and a girl coming down the stairs with a blue dress.

Daniel ended up marrying his adopted sister. He finds how to be a dungeon master for dummies sort of map that belonged to his uncle and finds a little island. I think there was some type of specific bird he discovered that his uncle had mentioned in his notes. He also meets this girl from his new found friend group that he has feelings for. A group of siblings, a large group, I think that there were at least 5 — 8 kidsare really rich.

They live in a big house with their parents, and they all have special skills. They are really into solving puzzles and mind games. When they arrive in his small town, they discover that their grandfather is not there!

The oh what a busy day by gyo fujikawa keep to themselves, as most of the town gossips about them and their family. The youngest child, or one of the younger ones, anywaymakes friends with the neighbor. Their neighbor is a small girl named Violet, I thinkand what school did coretta scott king go to is allergic to oxygen.

Her father is very strict and her stepmom is very mean, and neither of them allow Violet ifnd leave the house, as she must stay in specific conditions where the air is clean for her to breathe. She escapes anyway, to play with the siblings, and she wears a helmet that makes it safe for her to go outside. The novel is a mystery novel.

I think the book is named after the last name of the family, the town, or the house. The cover may be their house as well. I do not know where to ask this to. There is a book I do not know the title or author of. I was reading it when I was real young and they took it up. It is a young persons book of about 6th grade level.

It is the story of a young boy dealing with ghosts. He has a spirit guide who was a person that got killed on a railroad track. I can not think of the name of it, or where to ask this to.

Tips to Find a Book When You Don’t Know the Title or Author

It's quite simple really, but takes a bit of concentration. Think about the plot, and the characters. Try and remember any and every detail that you can recollect. Then head over to Google, and just frame a search query with the info. you have. Yo. Help me find a book I read years ago but can’t remember the title to. It was about deigning systems around us to support good choices. Apologies if this sort of thing is frowned on in this sub. I read a book back in maybe that I think was a new-ish release. It was all about ways to nudge people towards better choices by consciously. Years ago I read a book, possibly a YA novel. I remember that it was about a group of people who had either died or had serious trauma and then came back themselves but not really themselves. Either different bodies or something of the sort. That’s all I remember but I’ve been searching and can’t seem to find this book!!

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. I've tried googling this damn book in so many ways for years now and I still can't find it anyway It's a book about a young boy whose father is religiously abusive towards his wife, young son and teenage daughter.

The boy and a friend get back at him by using different plagues from the bible as pranks. I remember a scene where his older teen sister stands up to the dad with a knife and the boy compares her to an angel. I also remember that the cover is black with a frog on it. Can anyone help me find it? I've been looking for this damn book for years!! I don't know your book, but I know you're not the only person in this struggle.

So many readers grope for forgotten titles that websites exist to help them find it. Said to be good for scifi and fantasy, an for frequently-sought titles. Answer Save. Still have questions? Get answers by asking now.

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