How to field dress a wild turkey

how to field dress a wild turkey

How to Field Dress a Wild Turkey

May 05,  · Learn how to field dress a wild turkey with tips from the National Wild Turkey Federation. Jul 23,  · HERE ARE THE STEPS TO FIELD DRESSING A TURKEY: 1. Lay the bird on its back with its feet toward you. 2. Feel for the tip of the breastbone where it comes to a V pointing at the anus. Pull up on the tip and make a shallow cut in the skin. Then cut carefully through the skin—only the skin, don’t puncture the intestines—down to the anus. 3.

After a successful turkey hunt, properly field-dressing the bird results in better meat for the dinner table. Far too many people who claim the meat "is gamey" often have failed to prepare it properly.

Getting the animal from the field, cooled and then broken down for aging or further prep is paramount to having better table fare.

You don't need a skinning shed to get the job done. If you have one or want to hang the bird, cool. Whatever works best for you. I've hunted with guys who yanked the guts in the field, took the bird back home in a cooler, tossed it in the back of their pickup, and did all the cleaning on their tailgate. Different strokes, how to make guava jam recipe folks. One thing that irks me is wasting the meat on the thighs and legs.

You hear guys say, "Eh, those legs are stringy and it's a pain in the butt. It's not cool to waste game meat just because you can. Take out the breast, what you can do to help recycle, thighs and legs, or pluck the bird and keep the skin on. Don't forget the heart, liver and gizzard, too, if you plan to fire up the grill.

Those are tasty bits. What do you need? A sharp knife works well and some kitchen shears or wirecutters are good for snipping tendons. If you're doing the cleaning in the field, have a cooler with ice in the truck and maybe some gallon-sized resealable plastic bags. Plan ahead.

If you're doing field prep, be sure to follow your state regulations and laws about tagging, checking and leaving anything intact to show the sex. You don't need to get crossways with the game warden. Check out this video from the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources about how to field dress a turkey.

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After a successful turkey hunt, properly field-dressing the bird results in better meat for the dinner table. (Photo: Screenshot/Alabama DCNR) One of the key components of the field-to-table process involves proper care of wild game meat. May 05,  · Start by finding the breast bone. Some people think you need to pluck the feathers, but you don't have to. It's an Make an incision with your knife right along the breast bone to open up the skin. Once you have that started, cut down Then, cut all the way up. Be very careful between breast. May 29,  · If you've gone turkey hunting, but have never field dressed a turkey, don't worry. In this video, Chef Decota Collins will walk you through how to properly f.

Your camera will hate you afterward. Remove the feathers. Pulling them out in small bits while securing the skin with the other hand is the way to go. It prevents the skin from tearing.

Cut the wings at the first joint. Cut the tail right at the base but above the gland. It will begin to look like your Thanksgiving table right there before your eyes.. Cut the feet at the joint. These make a good table centerpiece or a nice wedding gift.

Remove the head at the neck. Leave yourself a lot of room by cutting high at the neck. There is a lot of meat on the neck that makes a great stew. I would not recommend this has a wedding gift. It could be taken the wrong way. But it might make a good coffee table conversation piece. Get your hand in there and pull it out in one handful. The area where the colon meets the tail will need to be cut out.

Separate the liver, heart and gizzard from the innards. You will have this interesting art piece once everything is out. The gizzard, heart and liver are all edible and delicious. Remove the crop.

Save the tail feathers. They are awfully purty. They make a nice headdress for cocktail parties. Rinse the carcass thoroughly. I recommend a hose with good pressure to help you power wash the insides and remove excess blood and lung tissue. Get yourself a good sharp boning knife. Okay, this one is not a good sharp boning knife, I just liked the look of it for the photo. Set out a large cutting board and lay the turkey out. Make sure you have a place where the blood can run off and that can be rinsed easily later.

I recommend silicon for a cutting board since wood will absorb blood and bacteria. Cut to the spine and around the oyster. It is the best bite of the bird. Use a sharp knife to remove the leg from the back spine where the oyster is, to the tail. Then repeat steps with the other leg.

I would like to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to show you a mysterious man and his underwater spear fishing gear. I thought you should know what a good abalone spear looks like in case you want to swim with the Great White Sharks of the Pacific. On to the breast! Cut along one side of the breastbone. Keep your knife close to the breast bone as you slowly peel away all of the breast meat.

Trim your parts. Now that you have four beautiful turkey parts, trim them of excess tissue and debris and give them another hose down. Then put them in storage bags. Save the carcass for stew. There is nothing like a good turkey stew or even a simple stock.

Whatever your adventure, wherever it may be, let it be a wild one. What are your turkey tips, do you have anything else to add here? I surprised myself and made it through the entire post without squinting. Very interesting and entertaining! The big knife beats heck out of the Swiss Army Classic key ring size. I guess I better check to see if the mailman has already picked up the mail today….

Seriously- great advice. I would assume this works well for pheasant, chukar, grouse, etc?? Might have to give this a whirl. Oh for sure, this works with all birds and is my main method. I even do it for little birds like doves.

Great tips and demostration, very informative but I have one question, how would this process work on a bird as small as dove? I usually just grab the breast of the dove at the base or stomach and give it a pul and the entire breast comes out in one pull. This is awesome! I was a little grossed out, not gonna lie, but I always wondered how this process went down. I first ran across the term while watching the movie Amelie years ago, but never knew which part of the bird it was.

Now I know and dibs can be called. I have a feeling I will want to raise some meat birds after…. Hi Tamika! Yes, there are tons of turkeys trolling around. I may try that next. Glad this post was helpful! Thank you! Very informative and rather funny as well, and timely as well.

We have a small flock of golden broad breasted and at least 3 are about to embark to the great beyond. Happy Thanksgiving and G-d Bless America! Great post Georgia. I can admit to being squeamish, but anyone like me who enjoys Thanksgiving turkey dinner ought to be able to know how this is done, and ultimately be able to do it themselves! I recently helped my pastor butcher turkeys but the meat was tough, what happened.

We cut their heads and did every but the meat was as tough as shoe leather. Butchering is one thing but then you have to brine or marinate them before cooking, which is another step all together.

Soak the turkey in buttermilk for several days. Smiling on my end…. Live on a small farm and love to hunt.. Love this step by step instruction and the sense of humor. We have recently moved from the Washington, D. Would love to cook one for Thanksgiving. We have a bet…. I think I just may be able to do this. I believe he questions whether or not I can really do it. I would love to prove him wrong.

Gonna give it a shot. Thank You Very Much. Hi there, about to dress my first turkey today and came across your website, total score!!!! You also have a slightly twisted sense of humor, so double-score!!! Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Yes, I have at least two friends, why do you ask?

Remove the insides. Cut a slit at the base underneath the tail. The opening should be about this size, large enough to fit your hand inside. Begin by cutting along the seams of the legs.

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