How to download apps on my proscan android tablet

how to download apps on my proscan android tablet

How do I make my sd card the default storage on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A?

Jan 27,  · I what to know how to move storage or set my default download place to my sd card on my next book tablet: To turn Micro SD Card into (default storage) on android tablet Proscan PLT Kernel version: How can I make and SD card the default storage and download location on Android Marshmallow (ver. )? samsung galaxy j1 sd. Jan 14,  · Discussion about Android-specific software development. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.

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Previous Next Sort by votes. Apr 25, 1 0 10 0. I am only able to move a few apps to the sd card, but most will not let me change the storage and I am unable to update apps. Apr 6, 25,12, First, you need to be using a tablet that is running at least Android "Marshmallow" or newer or be able to upgrade to it.

Second, you will need the instructions I am including below. And third, you need a tablet that has not been restricted by the manufacturer from making this change, which does happen.

NOTE: If any of the steps are missing on your tablet, or they don't work for you, then you have a tablet that either has an older Android version or has been restricted by the manufacturer. If either of these is the case, you will not be able to use this information. It needs to be blank because when the card is converted to "Internal" storage, it will be formatted wiped and encoded making the cards data only readable by that device.

Your SD Card will now be formatted as internal storage. Reboot your tablet. NOTE: If you don't reboot the tablet, many things may not work correctly, so make sure you do.

When the card is converted to "Internal" storage, it will be formatted wiped and encoded making the cards data only readable by that deviceso anything on it prior would be gone.

At the bottom of the list you should see the SD card's details, including the option to format it and make it "Internal" storage. Once this is done, reboot the device and you can start running things from the card. If you don't reboot the tablet, some things may not work correctly, so make sure you do the reboot. Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, Jan 27, 1 0 10 0.

And third, you need a tablet that has not been restricted by the manufacturer from making this change. Which does happen. If that is the case, you will not be able to use this information. You must log in or register to reply here. My Lenovo k4 has nostorage but siorage and usb option.

It does not have option for making SD card as default storage. Android 7. I do not have the three dots. Android Tablets 1 Jun 18, M How to set default download location to external we card on Samsung tab 4 Similar threads Solved! How to d Solved! How do I set up the default location of downloads to external SD on my elecost tablet?

How to set default download location to external we card on Samsung tab 4 Post thread. Laptop Tech Support. Question Pyle av souround reciever was working great as i just bought it but now it keeps kicking off and on the screen it says protect what could be the probl Started by Carmelocassenti Apr 11, Replies: 0. Android Smartphones. Laptop General Discussion. Question My laptop has been running hot on start up i need a fan control for dell latitude e because i want to max my fans so i can get good cooling ive ri Started by Georgeop Mar 24, Replies: 3.

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Visit our corporate site. All rights reserved. England and Wales company registration number Top Bottom. How to d. Jan 22, Nov 6, Storage Problem Oppo A3s. Oct 23, Need to switch sd card to default storage on galaxy tab E.

Sep 21, May 22, Set default storage to SD card Android 6. Dec 31, Samsung tab 10 storage default. Oct 6, Change default location music storage. Jul 4, I what to know how to move storage or set my default download place to my sd card on my next book tablet. Jun 18, To turn How to win 6 49 lottery SD Card into default storage on android tablet 4.

Feb 28, Jan 5, Nov 23, How do I make my sd card the default for storage on a samsung galaxy tab E. Nov 15, Nov 1, Oct 31, Sep 26, I keep on settings my default storage to the sd card but what is roly poly turkey still doesn't work. Aug 17, how to use va loan How do i set the default storage to the sd card on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A?

Jun 4,

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Jan 01,  · Hello I have been looking for my tablet firmware for months now.I can across your never occured to me to open the tablet doing this just confused me further. My tablet is a trio stealth g4 v2 (made in china) 16GB, 1GB DDR3, Quad Core Cortex A7 GHz,Android Apr 16,  · TVs that are powered by such platforms, including Roku and Android TV sets, have the distinct advantage of receiving regular updates and additional channels/apps. Best streaming services - . Thank you for 17 amazing years! The FatWallet site is no longer active. If you have questions on your cash back, please contact us through Questions?

If you have a tablet especially one of those Chinese Tablets that seem to be everywhere and for some reason it becomes stuck on the Android screen then you will need to Flash the firmware of your tablet as shown in our previous article, but the task is easier said than done.

I am here to make the process much easier by guiding you through the entire ordeal so that you can get your Android tablet back to functionality so that you can begin using it again, so lets cut the chit-chat and get to finding your Chinese Tablet firmware, if you are looking for a your Firmware download only skip to the end of the article. The process of identifying your tablets firmware begins with knowing your Tablets Processor and board ID, believe it or not most of these entry-level Chinese tablets are usually sporting similar boards and processors for the most part, the names of the devices might change e.

Alldaymall, Irulu, GPad or so on but beneath they are sporting similar hardware and all you have to do is find a firmware that matches the board ID and the processor or ones thats close and you can flash your tablet and have it functioning as new.

The two main type of processors that you will find on your tablet are usually the A13 and A10 processors respectively. Tablets do not have screws that seal them in most cases so you will have to find the seems that hold both halves together.

Once you have found the seems, use a tool set such as the ones used in opening phones or a blunt object and force it into the seems,its best to start around the charge port in most cases, the parts will separate with little trouble as long as you are firm-do not break the clips that hold both halves together but separate the halves until the entire thing comes apart. You can refer to the video for details instructions.

Once both halves separate, carefully move them apart and watch out for wires such as the one that runs from the speakers. Look on the main part of the board and you should see a processor look out for A13 or A10 marked on them clearly:. In order for me to help you please comment and tell me the following and I will Add your Firmware to this article and also give you a direct link to downloading it so you can flash your Tablet, I will need the:. Update: Read this article before posting any requests below!!!

Next you can return or go to the article that shows you how to flash your device here after downloading your Firmware File. So here are the Chinese Tablet firmware files of the most sought after devices, also note that the files are usually compressed with WinRAR or are direct. A13 Q88 software Q8-V Download. AsimVE — download at 4shared. AsimVE Download. A13 ktfp Download. A13 ok tested camera not Download. I hope you were able to find the firmware for your tablet , remember if not please leave a comment with the required information and I will try my best to find it for you, also please note that on the download page which is not hosted on this website: the download button is a small button in white not blue, also take the time to read the comments on the download page the person who have used each firmware have left useful comment, including passwords if any file is locked thanks.

Also as a final note If your Firmware is not in the 23 listed above, be sure to download the Microsoft word file above and search the list of over plus Android firmware files that are included in the document and as always you can ask for help below.

Let me know the results. I appreciate your work. Tablet is stuck on android text logo. Thanks for the kind words but I cant seem to find an exact match you will have to try some files are keep your fingers crossed. This might be the file you are looking for: Download. Sure would Gladly Help, Seems your Tablet is a Bit different from the A13 and A10 Chinese tablets, however I think I have found the firmware files and Flashing info you need, let me know if this is what you are looking for. Click here.

No -just double checked the first one is a. IMG file and the second is a zipped or RaR file, please make sure that when you are on the download website you are not clicking on the wrong download links, they are a third party website and there is plenty of stuff on the page look carefully please. There is a green arrow pointing down then its the second link, not the first one with free at the send, common mistake if you are not careful. Please note, I downloaded the Pheonix Card 3.

You may want to warn people. As for the Phoenix Card download link I have downloaded it many times and no issues with a pile of stuff being downloaded, I usually run it in a folder and that prevents the files that are unpacked from being all over, or do you mean the stuff on the download page?

The third party websites have banners in most cases so you have to read carefully to find the download link. If I find your exact firmware I will post in a while but do some digging on your own its a busy day friend.

Sorry about that the files are not hosted by me, so if none of those links work use the one above and keep trying until you find a working one. I found this Firmware file you will have to try it, however I do not know if it will work, would appreciate it if you could confirm it for me when you are finished thanks: Firmware file: Download. I am not finding an exact match please try the firmwares in the articles until you find one that is close enough to work -thanks.

Sorry not finding a exact match try the ones from the list or the plus firmwares from the word file above until you find one that is close enough to work. I am not sure this Tablet is flashed in the same way but you could try, this is the only Firmware I could find: Download. Very good post! I am however having issues locating the firmware for my device.

Same stuck at Android loading screen issue. Can you help me to locate this firmware as ive google searched til im tired and keep getting a partial archive rar file from 4shared. Here you go my friend, this is the file you will need: qaxwvgsl Hi Ricardo, i downloaded this yesterday before posting the comment and when i tried to extract it, it gave me an error that the archive isnt complete. It basically saying this is part3 of the rar file so it doesnt extract anything. Do you have the other parts or is there another link with the full file?

Here you go try either of these matching Firmware files: q88d — Download — 4shared q88d. Jexaa JexTab HD. Itsa 1. Disable write protection then Are you talking about the SD card? Well it should be there or try using a different card. No direct match found, please try any firmware from above, chances are there is a compatible or match one above that will work for you. OK I think this will work for you: Download Firmware If it asks for a password try: gsm mithun roy Sorry for the long wait, best of luck.

Sorry no luck, please attempt to use random firmware files above until you find one that works, its a shot in the dark but often many tablets use similar firmwares files despite been two different models.

This is a long shot but try this: Turn off your tablet and look if there is a reset button anywhere on it, press it and hold for a few second and do it a few times to be sure. Test the tablet to see if it boots. Also you can try to hard reset your tablet , let me know if it works. I have vpad it has processor name a10 and there are two number on board 1:amainboard-v3. Not finding a direct match you will have to try random files from above until you find a compatible match.

Thanks for the article — it was great. I am trying to find the firmware for a generic Flash using this method. I believe I understand the process but my processor is not and A13 0r A Can you help me find firmware? You are in luck : , download the firmware file for Q8H-V1. Very important be sure to rename the file before attempting to flash or it will not work, does not matter what you call it. Let me know how things turn out. I had a similar request somewhere in the comments above, your firmware is difficult to track down I found some files but I am unsure if they will work so you will have to bite the bullet and try them yourself.

Remember i cannot grantee whats in these files as I do not host them so try them at your own risk: download. Try this File. Try this Firmware File. Am I missing something? I used the one in the first tutorial on: Tablet stuck on Android Screen Fix , but remember that these Chines Tablets are so complex and their are so many versions that the same Firmware might not work for you.

You will not find an exact match for that one try Random files until you get a matching Firmware. Here is the closest matching firmware that I found: download. I have the board that is in your video, but cannot find the download in the list.

You will not find an exact match, so try Random firmware files, even if the Tablets look alike that does not guarantee they will use the same firmware, I used the one in the previous tutorial for that board.

Your best bet is to try Random Firmware files. Took tablet apart again and wrote down every number I could see on it without removing parts. Two chips on motherboard with PE 15E F Inside coverQD. Thank you for getting back to me. Namaste, Fran.

Thanks for being as detailed as possible, I have tried every number and I cannot find a exact match experiment and try any of the firmwares files above seems you were very close with the one that you tried but it was not totally compatible.

Sorry I was not more of a help. Here you go friend: download , but please rename the file before attempting flash. You guys need to really download the Text file and search, there are several refrences in there on your board ID you will have to try them here you go: Firmware 1 Firmware 2 Firmware 3 Please save me the time of having to search for you when the files are in the text file please.

If its not there then by all means ask for help. You are lucky than most, so keep at it friend. I would appreciate your help with the following tablet firmware… there is no brand on this device. I need a Board ID and processor to work with friend and I am not sure this method of flashing will work with your device. Sorry bro no luck, plus I think that based on the number you gave you should check your manufacturers website for a management suit for your tablet it may be able to fix your issue.

First you will have to realize that most of these tablets are Rebranded from most manufacturers such as Wintouch and given different names, other who are having issues finding their Firmware can try this too. Go to the Wintouch Website. Now you can check out their line of products to see if your Tablet looks about the same and simply download various Q75s or Q75 Firmwares until you find a match that works.

Best of Luck.

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