How to do light makeup for college

how to do light makeup for college

May 15,  · Makeup for College Step 3: Blush After you are done with foundation or BB cream, apply a small amount of blush in a light shade onto your cheeks. Blush is a great way to add glow to your face, giving you a healthy, radiant look. Apply blush in an angular way, sweeping from the apples of your cheeks toward the temples. May 15,  · If you’re one with light brows, you can adjust them by using light brown or black color. You can also use the same brown color to line the upper eyelid. If you’re a beginner to makeup for college or anywhere else, a pencil is usually more comfortable to use than gel.

By Heather. Being in college can be a super fun time — but what makeup tips for college girls are out there to really cut your time in the bathroom yet still make you look beautiful?

I've got 'em, girls! I've got everything from contouring all the way down to choosing a tinted lip gloss over lipstick. If you're in college, these makeup tips for college girls can save you a ton of time and really make sure you get to class on schedule! Although there are tons of makeup tips for college girls that start out with colors and lipstick versus lip gloss, you've got to start with the your skin.

It is the blank canvas that can make your makeup look beautiful or bad. So exfoliate girls, that's the very first tip for college girls that I have! After you exfoliate, the next step is finding a really good moisturizer. I actually love Olay moisturizers or Clean what is meaning of dna test Clear, but that's just me.

What are some of the best moisturizers that you've found, girls? Also, make sure that the moisturizer matches your skin type, whether you have oily, dry or sensitive skin. I've found that mineral foundation is probably the best foundation for any college girls, as it is super easy to put on as well as a huge time saver! For me, mineral foundation works fantastic to cover up any blemishes or imperfections that I have — and it takes way less time to put on than liquid!

The best thing about college is the fact that you can switch it up a little bit and find out what really works for you. Creamy eyeshadow is the one thing that worked for me — and the color cream always seemed to be a safe bet. The reason I opted for cream all of the time was the fact that it was easy to put on and the color cream is neutral and works great no matter what you are wearing! Contouring and making sure that you sesame street what sound does a cow make keeping up that summer glow is another great college makeup tip!

Whether you are just looking to add a bit of definition how to make organic acne cream your bone structure or you are looking to define your cheekbones a little bit more, contouring is a great way to do all of that!

Bronzer is another must have for all college girls. The trick about bronzer though is that you don't ever want to use too much. That can make you look orange, but just a few little swipes of a brush over your cheeks and chin can really give you that summer glow and make you look beautiful!

I use lengthening mascara for everything. Maybelline is my favorite brand and I've got to say, using a lengthening mascara is a great way to really make your eyes pop out, without being too dramatic. Also, with this type of mascara, it can save you time, because just one or two coats will do it! Finally, a tinted lip balm is the last makeup tip for college girls that we're going to talk about.

I like tinted lip balms because they aren't quite lipsticks and they aren't huge lip glosses — they are chic and shiny, yet easier to put on.

Being in college in hard, but that doesn't mean that putting your makeup on has to be. What other makeup tips for college life have you girls encountered? Give up the goods! Please rate this article. Makeup Mistakes to Avoid on a First Date Back in Sunny L.

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When it comes to base, less is more, so being a young teenage college girl, you can try a BB cream or a light water based foundation which will not clog your pores and let the skin will make the skin look lot better than before and will also conceal some flaws. Oct 22,  · 5 Must Have Makeup Products For College Students includes face powder, comb, skin oil, manicure, pedicure kit, lip stitck or lip gloss, etc. Busy college life should not translate into a shaggy appearance. Each student should have a set of makeup kit to keep him or her glowing all day. Hire paper writing experts to save you time and enable you. What is the best lighting for makeup? Makeup artists often stress the importance of lighting when applying makeup. Some of the professionals in the entertainment industry will stress the importance of makeup lighting and in fact will often say that lighting is more important than the actual makeup they are using. The best lighting for makeup is natural daylight.

A guide to daytime makeup for college, with tips on the best makeup to wear to class and how to do your makeup in a hurry. College girls face special challenges when it comes to makeup: we need to get ready in a hurry, 8 AM classes on 4 hrs sleep means no time in the morning , want to look natural but pretty, but still love to have fun with makeup!

These questions and more will be answered. Simpler is better. When your skin looks good, the rest of your makeup routine becomes times easier. Instead of piling on the foundation and cover-up, you can just use a mineral powder or tinted moisturizer. Same goes with bright red lips and anything neon. Keep your makeup simple and neutral for daytime. Do you have any makeup or skincare tips that you think should be here?

Have I left anything out? Leave a comment with your thoughts! Tags : Classes , Makeup , Skincare. As I have to rush for office the tips that you give are very useful to get make up done within no time and still look good. It is perfect for office and as you say, do light make up during day time. Bare minerals is terrible. Dont waste your money on NARS blush. Maybelline mascaras are pretty good. Never buy covergirl mascara. I use maxfactor calorie mascara.

Clinique mascara always looks great. Almay is pretty good too. Loreal is not good. I only buy drugstore or MAC concealer. Use a brush for spot concealing. The bristles really aid staying power and coverage of spots with weird textures zits with tiny inevitable scabs etc. Use a long-lasting lipstick and smudge it with your fingers to make it look more natural. I like maybelline I think its called overstay lipstick in rose, coral, and flame looks amazing when you smudge it to tone down the color.

I use once a week a face mascara made of egg! Yes, egg. Rinse it and put on the yolk. Your face will look and feel amazing and smooth! Apply an eye liner of your choice mainly to the bottom lash line, and to the upper tight lid if needed. So somebody with the same problem please suggest me something i want my face to be fresh all day. I wash my face with an exfoliator St. Great tips I think! Buy yourself a sigg bottle and carry it everywhere.

No excuses! I think people under estimate how much water you should drink. Hydrating your skin is very important. Depending on your body weight you should drink eight 8-ounce glasses a day! I love using Benefit Erase Paste! I have the worst dark circles and it hides them perfectly. Do you know where I could possibly find the Rosebud Salve lip balm?

Oops it was meant to be for putting liquid foundation: SOON after you put on moisturizer and its better to use it sparingly around the face! I love cream blushes. Much easier and faster than wrangling with brushes early in the morning. Washing your face before exercising too! I see lots of girl at the gym trying to sweat through a layer of foundation.

Also- tinted moisturizers with SPF are great. Another thing is hemorrhoid cream i know… but it stops the extra blood flow, getting rid of the redness. Just wanted to say I love your site! Yes, you heard it right, Neosporin. Caution-wash your face the next day with a good cleanser or the spot will look…oily.

Works fab! These are all great! A highlighter is essential for me. It makes me look wide awake, even if I just rolled out of bed 15 minutes ago. I put it on the inner corners of my eyes and on the brow bone. Just make sure to blend! This is one of the greatest sites ive ever been on, and have been reading your stuff for almost 3 months :D…. Some tips i recommend as well: Neutral colour eyeshadow like pale pink, brown, nude , that way you can cover up the darkness of the top eyelids yet still look nicely done!!

For daytime, apply the shadow with a brush, not the eyeshadow placer as sometimes it may look too heavy.

Oh and avoid glitter or dark eyeshadow during daytime. Cetaphil is a wonderful way of removing makeup, if you are out of wipes!! Removes makeup easily and i swear by this product after coming home from classes!! Eye pencil is ok, but i would pretty much steer clear from black ok for night time , but brown or white eye pencil is good.. These tips are fabulous. Another tip i would add- find a trio color palate eyeshadow that is related to you eye color.

This way you know you what colors best suit you eyes, and thus having to reduce time looking for other colors that go well with the eye. Your email address will not be published. Search this website. Home About Contact Advertise Write for us. Makeup Tips for College Girls — Daytime A guide to daytime makeup for college, with tips on the best makeup to wear to class and how to do your makeup in a hurry.

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Please read our full disclosure here. Related Posts. Comments As I have to rush for office the tips that you give are very useful to get make up done within no time and still look good. I would like to ask you if you can give me some tips for dryness around lips. The essentials you posted are quite simple indeed. I love this site! I only started reading a few days ago! Awesome tips and advice! I love this site and always recommend it to my friends.

This is one of the greatest sites ive ever been on, and have been reading your stuff for almost 3 months :D… Some tips i recommend as well: Neutral colour eyeshadow like pale pink, brown, nude , that way you can cover up the darkness of the top eyelids yet still look nicely done!! I love this post! Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty.

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