How to design a room in google sketchup

how to design a room in google sketchup

Nov 30,  · This video shows you how to create a room with a door and windows. It also shows you how to add material and colors to walls and floors. How to Make a Sketchup Room Step 1: The Floor Plan. The cut out space is where my closet is, if I ever feel moved to create my design in real life I Step 2: Creating Depth. For this step I employed three tools; the push and pull tool, the line tool, and the select tool. Step 3: The Bed. This is a.

This Ti is all about how to create an amazing computer-assisted design room. I will be using Google Trimble Sketchup. Sketchup is a very limited tool but easy to use, and, it is free. You can download it here. I have several goals for this room: It must use real dimensions of my actual room It must have unique furniture It must have lots of books It must have an area designated for designing and homework It must have a place for my gecko's enclosure It must be realistic to create It tk maintain a stream-lined what color is plaque and tartar feel Let's get started!

The cut out space is where my closet is, if I ever feel moved fo create my design in real life I don't want to risk having the roof cave in on me by breaking it down. For this part of the model I exclusively used the rectangle tool hotkey 'r'.

I had previously measured the dimensions of my room to create an accurate floor plan. To exact my measurements I had typed in the little box at doom bottom right hand corner of the screen the exact dimensions. For this step I employed three tools; the push and pull tool, the line tool, and the select tool.

A ceiling should form, if it doesn't, that is O. K, if it does, erase it. To erase something in Sketchup you what kind of damage can volcanoes cause to press space to get the select tool, left click what you want to erase, then hit the delete key. This is a relatively long and complicated step that use lots of different eesign.

Ultimately, I want to create how to make power bank streamlined bed. The first thing I did was hit 'c' for the circle tool. Once I had created the circle I pulled it up a bit. Then I drew an arc how to pass btt in singapore connect in tangent to the circle. Unfortunately there is no hotkey for the follow me tool as of Sketchup 13 so I had to click 'tools' at the top of the screen and selected follow me from there.

With the follow me tool in hand I left clicked, and held, the top of the cylinder and dragged it along the arc. Be patient with the follow me tool, it is rather finicky and easy to get annoyed by. And to make things easier for the rest of the build I selected the entire structure, use the space key and pressed 'g' for group.

This keeps everything from grouping together. The other pair of legs uses identical techniques with one additional twist. After extruding the circle around the curve I created another cylinder with the exact same diameter and with the move deign hotkey 'm' I positioned designn inside the leg. Now, with the tape tool hotkey 't'I measured out the distance in between each leg to make sure that the bed was even. The boards This is probably the simplest sub-step. I simply drew the rectangles, pushed them up to give them depth, and moved them into place.

The book shelf is also as simple. Coloring Click 'b' for the paint bucket. For the boards I used wood, charcoal black, and matte black. The legs are corrugated metal. I am a bookworm, that is why I added the bookshelf to my bed. But what is a bookshelf without books? Two rectangles painted like wood will be the covers. Ggoogle then drew a slightly smaller rectangle inside one of the covers. This rectangle is white. I push it to the other cover.

To create the texture of pages I draw all resign lines at irregular intervals across the rectangle. And to cap it all off I drew two arcs to simulate the binding and pulled it to the edge.

Then I create several more books by copying and pasting. To make each book unique Make each book a group then scale it with the 's' key. Also I color each book slightly differently. To stack the books as shown I also used the rotate tool hotkey 'q' to rotate each book slightly on the blue axis. I fix up the closet, with the overhang, like I did with the doorway.

I need ih workspace for designing and homework because I fancy myself an engineer skftchup I am a student. This part of my room shall address those two requirements. I want my workspace to look streamline and industrial at the exact same time.

The counter I used a rectangular prism colored like glass to create a counter. As a single block I placed it in the corner of my room. Then I made a rectangle to mark out the area I wanted to extend out of the side of the counter. Then I pushed it out to the distance I wanted. The braces I used a series of arcs and lines to create the 2-d graphic I wanted to use as the brace.

I then copied it for later use. Then I pushed the original brace out to the thickness I wanted it to be. I then took the sections I had previously copied and moved them into the model of the brace so I could color each part differently. I copied and pasted and moved and rotated everything into position.

After a mostly streamlined bed and counter I felt like I needed a more industrial element next to balance everything out. I also needed a book shelf in my room too so an industrial book shelf was googe order.

This shelf doesn't employ many complicated build techniques but a lot of simple ones. The blocks This is pretty simple but time consuming. I made a cube, made four circles for each side, pushed the out a bit. Created a smaller circle inside of the ones I made. Deleted the center. And added an overhang for the top. From there I attached each piece together like legos to create the frame. The shelves To create the shelves I took some rectangular wood and cut out the corners.

That simple. This step details exactly what step 4 does. The only difference is that I rotated the books around the green axis. As I use a lot of electricity to charge batteries and power computers I decided that it would be appropriate to add wall sockets roim my design. I used three different rectangles to form the main body. Two are parallel to each how to get cheap pirates tickets to give the wall socket an 'edge.

I then used lines to connect the corners of the small rectangle the corners of the rectangle closest to it. For the screw a small circle pushed just jn the surface with a valley in it marked out by two lines will do. A similar technique is used for the actual plugs. A line slices the top how to price out building a house bottom off of the circle for each plug.

One of how to make a stethoscope goals was to have a place for my gecko, here it is. The stand I just used the same parts I gooyle on the bookshelf here. Everything snapped together easily. This helps add to the industrial feel of the room, and it goes well with the floor of the closet.

The enclosure My gecko's home is simply made up of several rectangles so this part was relatively easy for me to accomplish. Once completed I placed a corner of the enclosure on the far left corner of the stand and moved the right side more right until everything was nice and snug. For this step I used the follow me tool to create the turns around the circles. Besides that everything is very straight forward.

This lamp uses the same basic strategies as my previous lamp did. I wanted this lamp to add a 'futuristic' zeal into my room, and, of course, to help me read at night. What is the cook temp for chicken those of you who happen to possess a leopard gecko you already know that they need a heat lamp to keep them warm. This lamp is for that purpose.

Also, by surprise, this lamp looked pretty cool in the corner so I copied an pasted it so I could have two lamps. This lamp does not use any special tools not mentioned under the instructions for the other lamps. As I do a lot of designing of robots I like using computers a lot. So it is natural that if I have a workspace in my room I also get a computer.

This step entails a lot of rectangles. There isn't really any need for me to explain where I put each rectangle. If you have any questions about this step you can just comment and I will reply as quickly as I can.

My workspace was feeling a little blank so I decided I needed to add something. Besides designing on computers I do a LOT of work on paper. A lot of the time I end up losing some really cool stuff because I am so disorganized.

Introduction: How to Make a Sketchup Room

Oct 29,  · Use the line tool to click on a place on the lines of the building. Drag the line to the midpoint of the top of the building. Click on the same spot again and then drag the line downward until you see a line that crosses the first dot to the dot that you're dragging down. Jan 01,  · Design interior bedroom using Sketchup. In this video we make learnhow to build living room design use vray google sketchup in hindi,how to create material and relastic material in to use.

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Click delete on your computer keyboard. Use the line tool to click on a place on the lines of the building. Drag the line to the midpoint of the top of the building. Click on the same spot again and then drag the line downward until you see a line that crosses the first dot to the dot that you're dragging down. Click on Windows and then Materials. Use Brick and Cladding and then Roofing to finish the building. Yes No. Not Helpful 7 Helpful 8.

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