How to copy from a dvr to dvd

how to copy from a dvr to dvd

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You can copy a file from the internal hard drive to an external hard drive or you can copy to a DVD. Unlike my old DVR, there is no high speed option for making the copy and you can't choose the compression level. The compression level is set automatically and the video is copied in real time. Mar 29,  · Select COPY to mirror the settings from an existing Genie HD DVR or Genie Mini setup in your home. Next, select the location where you wish to copy the settings from. Then, select Watch DIRECTV or Browse the Guide to complete the guide setup. Select DONE on the Add a Client screen of the Genie HD DVR.

Manuals Brands H. Table Of Contents. Quick Links. DVR User Manual. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Related Manuals for H. DVR H. Summary of Contents for H. Page 2 Do not block any ventilation openings. And ensure well what to expect when your expectiong around the machine Do not power off the DVR at normal recording condition!

Page 5 6. Page ffom 8. Page 7: Introduction 1. It adopts how to copy from a dvr to dvd performance video processing chips and embedded Linux system. Meanwhile, it utilizes many most advanced technologies, such as standard H. Please disconnect the power before being connected to other devices. The how to add gantt chart in word must be the compatible devices we recommend.

This device is only for backup Step1: Unscrew and Open the top cover Step2: Connect the power and data cables. The Front Panel interface for is shown as Fig 2. Page Remote Controller The interface of remote controller is shown in Fig2. Fig 2. Do it before power off. Change a mouse to try 2. In live: Double-click left button on one camera to be full screen display.

Double-click again to return to the previous screen display. Click right svd to show the control bar at the bottom of the screen as Fig 2. Step3: disconnect the power dcr. User cannot do any other operations except changing the multi-screen display once logout. Page Main Menu Setup What is the fastest laptop processor available Click the icon how to make coir products the screen display mode, a channel select dialog will appear as below: Take 8-channel DVR for example: user can tick off 8 channels form 1-ch to ch at random to display the live pictures.

Then click button to confirm the setting. The definitions for every parameters display as below: Device name: the name of the device. It may display on the client end or CMS that help user to recognize the device remotely. Language: setup the menu language. Note: after changed the language and video output, the device needs to login again. Page 32 Digital Video Recorder User Manual Fig live configuration-mask Setup mask area: click Setting button, enter into live image to press left mouse and drag mouse to set mask area, refer to below picture.

Click Apply button to save the setting. Delete mask area: select a certain mask area, click left mouse to delete that mask area, click Apply button to save the setting. Definitions and descriptions of Record: Parameter Meaning The higher the value is, the clearer the recorded image is. Six options: lowest, lower, low, medium, higher and highest.

If the set date is overdue, how to make small video files record files will be deleted automatically. Page 39 Digital Video Recorder User Manual Fig schedule fdom Step2: select channel, double-click and a dialog box will pop-up as Figuser can edit week schedule: Fig schedule-week schedule Note: the default schedule of sensor is full-selected, that is, the color of schedule setting interface is blue.

Fig schedule configuration-sensor 4. Page 42 Digital Video Recorder User Manual Step1: enter into system configuration alarm configuration sensor basic; refer to Fig Fig alarm configuration-sensor-basic Step2: enable sensor alarm, set the alarm type according to triggered alarm type. Two option: Hos and NC. Page 43 Digital Video Recorder User Manual Fig alarm configuration-sensor-alarm dvg Step2: select hold time, click Trigger button, and a dialog box will pop-up as Fig Fig alarm handling-trigger Step3: tick off Buzzer, there will be triggered buzzer alarm out; Full screen alarm: when triggered alarm, there will pop up full screen alarm; To record: tick off recoding channels, it will record the camera dvd alarm triggered.

Click OK button to save the setting; click Exit button to exit the current interface. Z: set linked preset and cruise for alarm. If there is other motion detected during the interval period which is dvv continuous movement; Page 46 Digital Video Recorder User Manual Fig motion-area Step5: in the Area interface, user can drag slide bar to set the sensitivity valuethe default value is 4.

The higher the value is the higher sensitivity you get. Due to the sensitivity is influenced by color and time day or nightuser can adjust its value according to the practical conditions; Page Other Alarm Digital Video Recorder User Manual Fig alarm configuration-video loss Step2: the setup steps of video loss trigger are familiar with alarm handling; user can refer to Chapter 4.

Page Alarm Out Digital Video Recorder User Manual Step1: enter into system configuration other alarm; refer to Fig Step2: select a hard disk in the pull down list box, when the disk capacity is lower than that value, there will appear some text information on the lower right of the live image.

Page Network Configuration Digital Video Recorder User Manual Note: the default schedule of motion detection is full-selected, that is, the color of schedule setting interface is blue. Step 2: Click "Account Manager" on the right of homepage to login. Step 3: Input the username and password with the information that you have registered. Step 4: Click "Enter" Page 53 2. Note: If the value changed, user needs to add the port number when typing IP address in IE address blank.

Definitions and descriptions ocpy network stream: Parameter Meaning Z configuration P. Z configuration serial port; refer to Fig Fig P. Z configuration-serial port Step2: tick off Enable, setup the value of address, baud rate and protocol according to the settings of the speed dome. Communication protocol of the PTZ device.

User can click those icons to adjust the position of preset point. Page File Manager Digital Video Recorder User Manual Step2: click Search button, the searched event information will displayed in the event list box, user can select date, channel, tick off Motion, Sensor or All accordingly. Step3: double check a certain record file to playback. Step4: double click an unlocked item to playback. Page 67 Digital Vdd Recorder User Manual Fig backup information Step4: in the backup information interface, user can check the relevant information of backup files, storage type, save file type, etc.

Get the firmware from your vendor when there is a new firmware version, and make sure it is corresponding with the DVR. User can check the USB information in Disk manager.

Page Remote Surveillance Remote Surveillance 7. Then enable network server in the unit. Please refer to 4. This unit supports IE browser, not any client software installed. In addition, it supports XP and Vista. User name and password here are the same with that used coy the DVR. The default is admin and Page On Wan Notice: Forwarding block may be different in different routers and server, please check your router manual.

Then add to the DVR or router. Page 77 Fig Channel select dialog Take 8-channel DVR for example: user can tick off channels form how to copy from a dvr to dvd to ch at random to display the live pictures, 8 channels can be selected at most.

Then click OK button to confirm the setting. Click Default to reset them to original value. Buttons Description Drag the scroll bar to adjust the brightness of channel Drag the scroll bar to adjust the contrast dvvr channel Drag the scroll dvvd to adjust the saturation of channel Drag the scroll bar to adjust the hue of channel Click this button to recover the default value of brightness, contrast, saturation and hue.

Fig Play record file interface Page Remote System Configuration Click Config to enter into the below interface refer to Fig Fig remote menu setup The sub menu lists and the options in every item are similar with those on the DVR. At the same time, it supports 3G network. Page 90 It will show the picture if access successfully. Then run Web browser. Click this bookmark to connect to the DVR.

Notice: User name and password here are the same with that used on the DVR. Step 5: Just be patient to download and install. Click Back to save. Step 7: Click Live View, the default Cam1 picture will be displayed.

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Mar 19,  · DVD Shrink comes to lend a hand not only to users who like to copy their DVDs on the computer, but also to those who have a problem with storage space. Simple visuals quickly get . The DVD copy software has advanced ripping and burning engines for decrypting DVD protections and cloning DVDs. You can copy DVD-5 (single-layer with GB capacity) disc to DVD-5 disc, DVD-9 (dual-layer with GB capacity) disc to DVD-9 disc, or even copy one DVD-9 movie into two DVD-5 discs. Page Install Dvd Writer Digital Video Recorder User Manual Fig Screw HDD Install DVD Writer Notice: 1. The writers must be the compatible devices we recommend. Please refer to “Appendix C Compatible Devices” 2. This device is only for backup Step1: Unscrew and Open the top cover Step2: Connect the power and data cables.

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