How to color concrete pavers

how to color concrete pavers

How to Stain Concrete Paving Stones

Pour water on the paver surface. If it absorbs easily, it has not been sealed. If the water “beads” on the surface or water is slow to be absorbed, the concrete has been sealed previously. Aug 27,  · Staining concrete pavers - renew the color for a fraction of the cost of repaving. Rick "Stainman" Conner shows us how it's done with beautiful results whil.

Concrete pavers are often the most practical and cost effective way to create a backyard patio, driveway or walkway.

Acid stain -- a mixture of metallic salts, hydrochloric acid and water -- is an inexpensive, safe method that can be performed in a single afternoon. The stain absorbs into the concrete's pores and is available at home improvement stores in a variety of colors. Clean the pavers correctly and protect yourself from the etching chemicals to create concrete pavers your neighbors will envy.

Spread a tarp in a well-ventilated area, preferable outdoors. Lay down the pavers and clean each one with a mixture of warm water and a mild detergent. Work the soapy mixture into the pavers with a plastic bristled scrub brush to remove any surface dirt and grease. Rinse the pavers thoroughly with a garden hose. Allow the pavers to dry for at least 24 to 48 hours before continuing. Wear a pair of rubber gloves and a safety mask to handle acid stain.

Slowly mix 3 parts stain to 97 parts water. Stir and add more stain until you reach a 10 percent concentration of the product. Apply the concrete stain with a paintbrush. Begin by covering the top surface of the paver with an even coat of the product before continuing onto the sides, if the pavers will be used as edging. Allow the pavers to dry for at least how to remove outlook 2003 to two hours before applying a second coat, if desired to create a more intense color.

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How Do I Know If My Pavers Have Been Sealed

To change the appearance of pavers and concrete you can have tint or color added. This can be done to concrete or pavers that are being poured from a wet cement mix. The color can be added to the batch before it is poured into the form. For pavers or concrete that already exist, you can apply and colored concrete stain to the. Sander. Paintbrush. Cotton booties or thick socks. Concrete paving stones look great in your yard or around your garden area, but in their natural state they fail to add color and character. Concrete paint is a decent option, but that easily wears off so staining concrete paving stones is a much better choice.

You must have javascript enabled to use this form. Enter only the red text: By9 A q. Patio pavers come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Our customer Larry ran into this same issue. So, he sent us an email:. I have an outdoor patio made of the red concrete brick pavers and 1 ft.

Can I stain these to a darker color? If not, is there some other method of coloring these bricks? Thanks, Larry. To help out Larry and anyone else hoping to stain their brick patio pavers, our acid stain expert, Justin, has some advice on how to stain, how to check if your pavers are sealed, and more. Justin has a bunch of great tips and tricks to prepare for and complete this project. Patio pavers are often sealed. The reasons vary, but this is generally to increase longevity.

If your patio pavers are porous, they will erode faster, and experience water damage. Sealed patio pavers last much longer than their non-sealed counterparts. To find out for sure, follow these three steps:. However, specific types of concrete colorant are designed for this kind of job: to work on top of previously sealed surfaces such as patio pavers. But, you have a couple of options for staining brick pavers.

Portico Paver Stain does not need to react with the underlying concrete itself in order to work properly. This is unlike traditional concrete acid stains. To stain your brick patio pavers, follow these 5 simple steps. In order to achieve the desired shade, you may need to apply more layers if the color is being entirely changed. Outdoor concrete stain can be used to restore color to previously stained concrete pavers. They can even be applied directly on top of an existing sealer.

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Quick Contact Indicates Required Fields. Staining Concrete Pavers. How to Stain Brick Patio Pavers Clean the surface : Make sure that your patio pavers are free of dust, dirt, stains, or other obstructions that may affect your final product. Prepare the stain : Pour the Outdoor Concrete Stain into a pump sprayer, or paint tray depending on how you wish to apply it. Apply the stain : Using the pump sprayer, evenly distribute the Outdoor Concrete Stain to the brick patio pavers.

If rolling the stain on, do the same in even layers. Layer if needed : Allow to fully dry. If the resulting color is too light, add layers until you achieve the desired result. Seal the surface : Allow the surface to dry fully before applying sealer. Either pour or roll the sealer onto the brick patio pavers evenly, and let fully dry. Stay In The Know Special promotions, product training, product releases, news and more! Join Our Newsletter Email:. All Rights Reserved.

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