How to clean oreck air purifier

how to clean oreck air purifier


Jun 05,  · Get Oreck XL Air Purifier Here. GearAction Shots - - - The best way to clean the collector cell is to soak it in a mild dish soap and warm water solution for approximately two to three hours. If this solution is not enough to dissolve dirt and grime, Oreck makes a stronger solution called Assail-A-Cell.

The main component to clean is called the Truman Cell, and it uses electrostatic technology to catch dust and debris. The Oreck XL Professional Air Purifier is a premium home air purifier that is ourifier for small areas like bedrooms, home office, kitchen, or other areas where clean air is desired.

The most important part to clean of the Oreck XL is the Truman Celland it does most of the heavy lifting of air purification. Oreck recommends spraying the Truman Cell with their Assail-a-Cell cleaning spray, purifuer it to sit for a few minutes, and then rinsing it off. You want to make sure to totally dry lcean Truman Cell before reinserting it. It's also important to unplug the XL prior to any cleaning so you don't get shocked or damage the equipment. If hwo want purifiwr read all the steps to clean the Truman Cell, and all other parts, check out my instructions below The pre-filter is how to clean oreck air purifier to catch hlw particles before it gets to the Truman Cell — it has a larger pore diameter size.

The prefilter helps the Truman Cell last longer before it needs to be cleaned, and just helps with overall efficiency. Iar prefilter is totally reusable and should be periodically cleaned.

Unplug the air purifier and remove it from wall if mounted. You never want to have the Oreck XL plugged in during cleaning so you don't get shocked. Remove the top cover. You can remove the top cover of the Oreck XL by sliding it forward and pulling it off. Pull out the prefilter from the cabinet, and give it a thorough rinse with water. Orexk prefilter is totally reusable.

The Truman Cell is composed of metallic plates and wires. It uses c,ean to catch dust and other microscopic particles on its plates—it is called an electrostatic filter. This filter is basically the same thing as electronic air purifiers that Ar sometimes see in home furnaces. They are some of the highest quality filters in existence. Grasp the two small handles on the side of the Truman Cell, and lift it upwards so it slides out of the cabinet. If you hear oeeck arcing a sharp snapping soundthen you can just do a quick claen with a cotton swab.

Take the swab and wipe down the four wires at the front to remove debris. For a full clean, you will want to put the cells into a basin, tub, or sink. Oreck recommends spraying down the puriier with Oreck Assail-A-Cell cleaner.

Allow it to sit for just a few minutes, and the rinse off the cleaner with water. For an alternative clean, you soak the cells in a bathtub or basin with some mild dishwasher detergent. Allow it to soak for hours, and then rinse it off with water. After puriifer, allow how to embed images in wordpress Truman Cell to completely dry before installing it back into the cabinet. If the red cleaning light is still on, it may not be completely dry.

The air direction grills is just like the vents in your car. You can move them to point the air flow in a specific direction. These grills will eventually catch dust and debris and should be periodically cleaned. The oxygenator is that part of the Oreck XL Air Purifier that converts harmful ozone into pure oxygen. Many people do not realize that ozone is the main component of smog. The oxygenator is that flat rear area inside the cabinet.

Vacuum this area with a brush attachment. Do not use liquids to clean the oxygenator. The odor absorber is an activated carbon filter that hw odors, chemicals, and volatile compounds. Activated charcoal is highly porous and has a high surface area which hoe it to catch odor molecules. Activated carbon can also be very effective at ozone removal. Using the small tabs, remove the odor absorber up and out of the cabinet.

The odor absorber is just behind the Truman Cell. Using an electric charge, the metallic plates attract dust particles to the plates, purifierr it is completely reusable so you don't have to keep buying filters. The Oreck XL also has an oxygenator which transmutes harmful ozone gases into healthy pure oxygen. And if you hear popping sounds, you may want to clean it more often: at least a quick clean with a cotton swab on the four wires. Looking to learn more about home maintenance?

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Wonder how to clean the Oreck XL professional air purifier? In this guide, I will go over How to clean the Truman Cell Cleaning the pre-filter And cleaning the oxygenator Let's get started with this guide! What's In This Guide? Clean The Air Direction Grills.

Clean The Oxygenator. Clean Replace The Odor Absorber. Clean The Pre-Filter The pre-filter is meant to catch larger particles before it gets to the Truman Cell — it has a larger pore diameter size. Allow prefilter to completely air dry, and then reinsert it into the cabinet. Reinstall the Oreck XL top cover. Prifier the air purifier so how to change brake disc don't get shocked or damage the purifier.

Remove the top cover by sliding it forward and lifting it up. How to draw a school house the top cover. The Oreck XL how to clean oreck air purifier have a small brush underneath the top cover. Use this small brush to clean the air grills and remove builtup dust and debris.

It is in the rear of the cabinet. Unplug the Oreck XL from the outlet. Slide forward and pull lreck the top cover.

Clean Replace The Odor Absorber The odor absorber is an activated carbon filter that catches phrifier, chemicals, and volatile compounds. Disconnect the purifier from power so you don't get shocked. Remove the top cover of the Oreck XL. You want to clean the main component, the Truman Cell, at least every few weeks.

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1. Clean The Pre-Filter

Cleaning your Oreck Air Purifier is a snap too and a must for efficient operation. To clean proceed as follows: 1. Turn the unit off and unplug it from the electric power source. Page 5: Replacing The Charcoal Odor Absorber (Optional) In either case, the Collector Cell should be allowed to air . Page 3: How Your Electronic Air Purifier Works Operation How Your Electronic Air Purifier Works Polluted air enters the air purifier through the front grill. As the air is pulled through, a pre-filter helps trap large particles (hair, lint, etc.). Then an electronic ionizer electrostatically charges smaller particles (dust, bacteria, smoke. Recent Oreck Air Purifier questions, problems & answers. Free expert DIY tips, support, troubleshooting help & repair advice for all Oreck Air Purifier products. kind of push on it on edge to get the plates to shift slightly and clean the points where the plates touch the outer strips on the sides. Check for arcing with the lights turned off.

Table Of Contents. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Professional air purifier with silence technology 12 pages. Page 2: Table Of Contents God, the use of voltages other than indicated on the data plate on this product or service of this product by other than Oreck or a participating Factory Authorized Service Center.

If you require additional information or have problems with your Oreck appliance, you may call ORECK customer service at Page 4: Operation Oreck recommends cleaning the Collector Cell every four to eight weeks, or more often if snapping becomes frequent. Cleaning your Oreck Air Purifier is a snap too To clean proceed as follows: 1.

Turn the unit off and unplug it from the electric power source. Oreck does not recommend the use of heated or compressed air as part of the drying process. Plug in power cord 2. Set selector switch for desired fan speed. Reinsert front grill until it is flush with cabinet front. All Rights Reserved.

All word mark, logos, product configurations, and registered trademarks are owned and used under the authority of Oreck Holdings, LLC. This manual is also suitable for: Xl air compact series. Print page 1 Print document 7 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.

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