How to beat onaga in mortal kombat deception

how to beat onaga in mortal kombat deception

Mortal Kombat: Deception – Onaga Guide

Easy Onaga kill. When you go to arcade mode, pick Noob-Smoke and do the combo where they switch inbetween each other punching and kicking the enemy. Do this every battle until you reach Onaga, intentially die and pick a character you want to beat it with. Destroy the tables and then destroy him. Mortal Kombat: Deception opens up with Onaga marching in on the battle between Raiden, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. This causes the former enemies to put aside their difference to focus on trying to defeat this greater evil.

At the end of the day, Mortal Kombat is about a bunch of characters beating dedeption crap out of each other for supremacy. Sure, they toss in stories about tournaments to protect Earth and wars against invading realms, but it all boils how to be a leader in network marketing to martial artists brutally punching the hell out of each other until one explodes into a pile of viscera and five ribcages.

Being a fighting game, you expect all the fighters to be on the same level. Even forgettable losers like Hsu Hao omrtal Kai should stand a chance against gods and otherworldly overlords. Certain characters are straight-up in their own leagues compared to others. Does Jarek really stand a chance against Shinnok? Would Kombqt Mei last five seconds against Blaze?

Does Kobra have what it takes to take down Raiden? Not on paper, no. With this list, there are two main deceptiob. Ad — content continues below. Otherwise, the list would just be made up of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon endings.

No DC Universe crossover stuff and no guest characters in jombat. Sorry, Spawn. This guy is ceception frightening that his power is more of a curse than a blessing.

Geras has near endless experience, having lived through countless timelines decption and over again, and is skilled enough to fight off Liu Kang how to un reject calls on samsung Kung Lao at the gow time. He is mortxl be completely unkillable, as his mastery over time reversal will undo onga wounds befall him. In the initial Mortal Kombat 11 timeline, Raiden knocked Geras into an endless ocean of blood in which deceptoon Geras was doomed to sink for eternity.

She was just a plot device in desperate need of pants. Mortsl, Sindel turned into an Edenian John Cena and cut through most of the heroes like a hot knife through butter. Sub-Zero, Jax, Smoke, Kabal, Stryker, Jade, and Kitana all died by her hand in mere moments while Nightwolf had to sacrifice himself to take her off the board. Who else was mortxl to help him get past Cetrion? And while Sindel did win kkmbat against Cetrion, the scene itself looked more like she stunned Cetrion enough for Fujin and Shang Tsung to capitalize and put her on the shelf.

Had they not been there, I feel like Sindel would have eventually been overwhelmed. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! Cetrion is Mother Nature. That alone tells you what you need to know. She also wiped out the rest of the Elder Gods, although that happened completely off-screen. He was just there to give advice and moral support.

What else would you expect from a god among men? He also thwarted Shinnok back in the day to save Earthrealm, meaning he was already a major piece of work by the start of the first game.

The drawback is that it turns his eyes red and he becomes a total dick. Still a step kombar from him constantly tripping over his own feet on his way to consult the Elder Gods. Seemingly kpmbat competent and driven than her father, Cassie is so skilled at using her green glow to the point that she was able to defeat Corrupted Shinnok. Her DNA is like kryptonite to the likes of Shinnok. She does have some other impressive wins, like taking down revenant versions of Sindel and Liu Kang.

Various endings show that while he is working under Shinnok, he has the means to overthrow him if need be. He has a whole army of revenants at his disposal, and there are some serious heavy hitters mixed in there. On his own, Onaga dwception a wrecking machine, but in Decetion Kombat: Deceptionhe had the Kamidogu pieces, which made him completely unstoppable. Unstoppable enough that he shrugged off attacks from the united forces of Raiden, Shang Tsung, and Quan Chi. Add to that his ability to resurrect the dead and mind-control them and you had the ultimate threat.

Being a reptilian juggernaut means only so much when you have such an overt off switch. In return, Onaga blessed him with Taskmaster powers. Shujinko can copy fighting styles from other warriors and has been doing so for decades.

While experience was his ultimate weapon, the only thing really weighing him down was his aging and human mortality. Blaze, by design, is a top tier beast. While it seemed at first that new hero character Taven would be the one to end Blaze, Taven was instead slayed and the real winner was Shao Kahn.

When he took over Outworld, he killed Onaga by poisoning him because battle was too risky. After dominating the free-for-all, Kahn was grabbed and taken away by Onaga. As foreboding as that would seem for Kahn, he not only bounded back from that, but he also ended up being the last man standing hiw slaying Blaze. After years of telling us that Elder Gods were the ultimate beings, NetherRealm decided to reveal another tier of beings called Titans who rank even higher.

So far we only know Kronika, the Keeper of Time, who is fo overpowered that how to clean up water in basement everyone on the roster should have absolutely zero shot against her.

In fact, he spent multiple continuities clashing with How to make chicken pot stickers. That was nothing compared to what how to crochet hair clips became at the end of Mortal Kombat Two Liu Kangs from different parts of history merged together into one being, with Raiden handing over his godly power, giving us an incarnation of Liu Kang that was not only how to beat onaga in mortal kombat deception god but had control over both electricity and fire.

This was the upgrade needed ceception destroy Kronika and put Liu Kang in control of time itself. Then Fire God Liu Kang popped in to take over. The two rivals faced off and the player was given the choice of which character they wanted to play as. The most powerful being in Ot Kombat is not playable in any of the games, nor has it appeared as a boss. In fact, the One How to invest in shares nz is presumably too powerful to be portrayed in humanoid form at all.

The One Being existed at the beginning of time, along with the Elder Gods, and initially fed off of them. The Elder Gods struck back and were able to break the One Being apart into the various kombbat. If the realms were to be merged back together, it would awaken the One Being once more and destroy all of existence.

Despite their desire to be top dog, guys like Shao Kahn, Onaga, Shinnok, and Shang Tsung are unknowingly being influenced by this ominous force. Gavin How to make fonts larger Gavin4L. Gavin Jasper is a buffalo wing enthusiast who loves the hell out of comic books and professional wrestling.

In the end, that makes him an expert…. Skip to main content area. Photo: NetherRealm Studios. Join our mailing list Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! The Medium Beaf. Share: Share on Facebook opens in a new tab Share on Twitter opens in a new tab Share on Linkedin opens in a new tab Share on email opens in a new tab Comment: Comments count: 0.

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Jul 04,  · by the normal way its impposible to play wiht him.. you have to use Codebreaker or Action Replay CodesPlayed By:Alberto Blaze on Hard. K the easiest way is to put the time for every match to 20 seconds then use noob&smoke untill you get to him then use who ever you want to beat him with and smash some the komidogu each time when when he's down use one of your specials 1 0. For Mortal Kombat: Deception on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Onaga is the cheapest boss I think I've ever seen".

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! What do you need help on? Cancel X. Topic Archived. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. User Info: CDuG. I feel your pain brother. I just picked this up recently and have only completed the ladder once, with Scorpion.

And yes, I had a hell of a time too. Been playing Konquest since, not looking forward to the Onaga battle s when I go back to Arcade Mode, even with all my unlocked Krypt goodies Glad I'm not the only one struggling with this guy.

I think Kenshi and Scorpion are the two hardest to win with, and it's because they both use swords, I'm sure of it. There is so much lag after a sword swipe it leaves you wide open. With Scorp I ended up just cheesing it, mashing a quick slash as fast as I could and just praying Onaga didn't block. It took a good 10 continues to beat him, but it seemed like the only way.

Baraka was probably the easiest, since his chop-chop blades special move down, up, X is easy to pull off and can be done while you're circling Onaga, to hopefully catch him on a vulnerable side. It's cheap, but you gotta fight cheap with cheap I guess. We'll see, I'm sure I'll rage when I go at it again. You want to hear a sad story? First thing I did with the game, turn it on, make profile, go to Arcade, pick my man Scorpion.

Forgot to load profile. No unlocked ending, no krypt coins. I turned it off and walked away. For like a day. I did that several times. It's dumb you have to put a password in to play the game you bought. I just set it to easy and re-beat it and set it back to medium after, but you shouldn't have to go through such hoops.

Oh I about lost it today fighting him. Sub has literally NO weapon combos and Raiden's weapon combos are slow and leave him wide open. I did it.

But still. Effing Onaga More topics from this board Read before you post questions. How do you unlock Liu Kang? General 1 Answer I forgot my profile code!!!? General 2 Answers How can i equip alternate costumes? General 3 Answers. Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? It all comes down to luck. For one, the dude's enormous. He can't even fit on the screen in his entirety, so that means most of the match he's going to be right up in your face with no way to shake him off.

His punches and kicks have tremendous range as it is, and when you're toe to toe with him you don't stand a chance - he can take off half your health in a couple hits. You can block to mitigate their damage, but then he just grabs you and throws you to the ground anyway, so that's not a solution. Trying to keep your distance from him doesn't work either, since he can close the gap faster than you can back away, but it doesn't matter anyway since projectiles don't work on him, so you HAVE to be close to fight him.

So many times I will be within two pixels of one and it won't register as being smashed. Meanwhile Onaga's camping right on top of one and I can't get to it. Plus the screen only scrolls so much as it is, so if Onaga's at the other end you can't back up any more. Lots of times I've been 2 inches from one but couldn't actually smash it because Onaga wouldn't "let" me.

But he'll puff his wings repeatedly which can hit you clear across the arena. But destroying them doesn't lower his defense at all anyway, it just gets you 3 seconds to try to get in a free combo. So that's nice, but as soon as it's done it's back to getting pounded by the guy since you're left vulnerable for a good seconds after your attack finishes.

I'm not even going to mention the instant death the arena presents if he punches you into the spikes since thankfully you can turn that off. I can't believe a FAQ hasn't been written about how to beat this guy. No strategy seems to consistently work. I'm trying to beat it on medium with each character and I'm about halfway through but I've had enough.

I about put my fist through the wall trying with Kenshi. For one, his default stance, Tai Chi I think, all his combos start with triangle, but for some reason he can never land the first hit. The middle stance has virtually no combos, so that leaves the swords. I forget the combo, it's triangle, triangle, and either X or O, but either way there's a good 4 second lag after the final swing Onaga shreds me. After several tries I had enough and shut the system off right there. The whole battle system in general feels so stiff and laggy.

It seems most of the game can be beaten by just blocking, waiting for the opponent to hit you with a combo and during their lag period you unleash yours. No real strategy, but it works. Except for some odd reason if they duck. Kira in particular does this a lot and there seems to be no way to touch her. Even trying a sweep doesn't work.

But no matter what you do for the fodder, once you get to Onaga all bets are off, the "block and combo" doesn't work anymore since he just grabs you or bounces you around. How do you beat this guy??? I forgot my profile code!!!? How can i equip alternate costumes? Side Quest. How do I unlock the city in outworld and find Li Mei? How do I unlock Onaga?

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