How many realtors in canada

how many realtors in canada

Number of real estate employees in Canada 2016-2020

May 20,  · The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) is frequently cited as representing more than , real estate brokers, agents and salespeople. But we’re not sure that number is as specific as we’d like it to be. A little Internet sleuthing resulted in this number from first quarter of Nov 06,  · This statistic shows the number of real estate employees in Canada from October to August There were , employees in the Canadian real estate industry in August

This was up sharply by This was how many realtors in canada a new sales record for the month of March and was the highest level for any month in history.

On a year-to-date basis, home sales totalled a record 68, units over the first three months of the year. What is d mannose made from was a substantial increase of The national average price, by comparison, marked a substantial increase of There were 44, new residential listings in March This was also the largest number of new listings added in the month of March in history.

Active residential listings numbered 20, units on the market at the end of March, a substantial decline of Active listings haven't been this low in the month of March in more than three decades. Months of inventory numbered 0. The number of months of inventory is the number of months it would take to sell current inventories at the current rate of sales activity.

This was a new record for the month of March and was also the largest dollar value of homes sold for any month in history. The Ontario Real Estate Association represents 78, brokers and salespeople who are members of the 38 real estate boards throughout the province. The association provides all real estate licensing courses in Ontario. Visit external site.

For more information, please contact: Katarina Praljak Head of Communications T: info orea. The information has been drawn from sources deemed to be reliable, but the accuracy and completeness of the information is not guaranteed. The Canadian Real Estate Association. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without written permission. Whether you're buying or selling, a real estate transaction can be complicated.

Legal Privacy. Housing Market Stats. Dark Mode. Ontario Real Estate Association. Nationally, home sales activity posted an advance of For additional information, please email info orea. Why A Realtor? Get Info And Stats Whether you're buying or selling, a real estate transaction can be complicated. Phone


A rough answer (over ,) is provided by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) at A more specific number provided by CREA is occasionally quoted in the press, as Etienne Kane noted; most recently the Financial Post was told , at . May 16,  · Statistics Canada said in its labour force survey for the year , there were , carpenters. There are only , cooks in Canada. I’ve been saying this for years. Although to be fair, I’m sure that there were long-time, seasoned Realtors saying this when I got into the business in Residential sales activity reported through the MLS® Systems of real estate Boards and Associations in Ontario numbered 21, units in February This was a large increase of % from February This was also a new sales record for the month of February.

But what am I supposed to do? And you may or may not… be surprised to know that I agree with a LOT of the content of these articles. The housing boom has not only resulted in record real estate prices, it has spawned an unprecedented number of realtors. The number of people selling real estate reached , during the first quarter of the year, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association. No where is the bubble in agents more apparent than Toronto, perhaps the hottest market in the country for property.

Just over a year ago in December, , that number was 35, That number grew from 31, a year earlier. TREB had about 20, members a decade ago. We have almost as many people selling houses as making them. Statistics Canada said in its labour force survey for the year , there were , carpenters. There are only , cooks in Canada. Notably the idea that there are too many agents, too few barriers to entry, and inexperienced and lazy agents are ruining the business.

As I wrote in my blog post HERE , I think that of the 72 offers on the severely under-priced property, probably 50 of them had no business being presented.

There are zero barriers to entry in organized real estate in Ontario you just need to be years-old, a resident of Ontario, and have enough money to take the courses , and thus most of the people taking their real estate courses are doing so for all the wrong reasons.

I love big houses! I love talking on my phone! This is the American dream. But as for the rest of the article, I do agree that there are far too many Realtors in Canada, and specifically, Toronto. There are a lot of speculative agents who get their licenses. I can make money doing this!

After months of unemployment, and with few options out there, you might just decide that……… wait for it ……… drumroll ………. This is how a LOT of folks get into the business, and I see them out there every day.

You just need to be 18…. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Post Comment. Did you see the 3-minute feature on CBC news a few days ago? I really thought of you when I heard that. As for elections… I know I would never vote Hudak even under the threat of bodily harm. Great article David. I would think that it is not the HGTV real estate shows that make people think that real estate is an easy job, but that the majority or SFH in Toronto sell on their offer date, which is usually within a week.

I understand the allure of getting into the business, as many houses sell with no, or terrible pictures on MLS. I think that many are missing out on the hard work it takes to buy in this environment and long timeframes and that is where most are going to get their start.

Real Estate really depends on the market. If it takes a day to sell a property then it probably takes months to purchase a property. If the market was reversed, working with buyers would take less time and working with sellers would take time and expertise. I have seen a bit of both markets working in Calgary, mostly it has been good for sellers, however with oil prices dropping I anticipate a buyers market.

Which means as a Realtor our focus will shift from buyers to sellers. Our expertise and experience will now benefit our sellers more than our buyers. In a balanced market, where it takes 2 months to sell a property and 2 months to purchase a property on average, experienced and competent Realtors will offer the best service to both sides of the equation.

There is some truth to this article but a few points need a be pointed out. On the jobs point. A job by definition is doing a task for money.

So being a realtor is a job in the sense the real estate agent gets paid commision to act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers.

A real estate agent has a job , but is not an employee but an independent contractor. In fact a lot of people in the economy are independent contractors. Also frankly speaking the minute these benefits get expensive for the employers , the salary and benefit cuts will follow. For starters Canada is a very expensive country to live in. Many need a side skill , a side job to make extra income upwork,fiverr, taskrabbit, uber.

Real estate may be one avenue ,however other ideas are preferable. Many of my Millenials peer are slowly moving forward in what is a frankly speaking a harsh economic environment. Finally if more experienced real estate agencies or agents complain about part timers , change the business model. Why dont they do that? Because hiring realtors as employees will cost too much money.

Inevitably real estate becomes a part time thing. Even paying a paltry 20K a year base with some commision will cost too much for an agency.

So some people in the industry need to look in the mirror. Because running an agency is expensive so they need as many agents to pay the fees.

So people who are benefiting from this are also complaining about this. Funny how that works. I got my real estate licence on Nov. Back then the market was heating up and everyone seemed to be getting in to the biz, or heading out west to work in Alberta. Sound familiar? He was right then and he was right now.

No matter how many multiple offer situations arise, the listing agent always makes money. Newbie agents are notoriously guilty of running around with not-so-serious buyers for months chasing a deal that never materializes. Real estate is an entrepreneurial business not a highly intellectual one. But they are honest, hard-working, determined and persistent. As many of us know, those are the qualities that matter most for success. David did a post that addressed your point 2 here, a year or so ago.

Maybe he can post a link. This comment should be printed and attached to every real estate license application. Spot on. I have a brother and sister who became agents 1 year ago — sister falls into cateogry a concentrate on securing saleable listings — in a very hot market; brother is flame-out of other industry, literally cateogory b chasing down deals with not-so-serious buyers. He go back to industry he hates. She is no 10 yr veteran. It would be interesting to quantitatively compare the CREA membership data graphed in the Financial Post article with some other housing metric average Canadian home price or price-to-income ratio, etc.

Perhaps it clusters around a long-term average? One year later, that number had been revised down to , and the new number was much lower at sales. One more year later, the reported sales from has been revised down to sales and TREB is reporting current sales of The reported year-over-year gain is thus over-reported by a similar percentage each and every month.

If you compare the unadjusted numbers, as-reported at the time, the gain over last year is a still quite-impressive However, if you compare to two years ago, then the gain is a mere 0. TREB picks and chooses the numbers that suit them best, as I guess that we should fully expect them to do. Prices and sales are still rising, just not at the levels that TREB chooses to report. I find it disappointing that they feel the need to massage the numbers even when the unadjusted numbers are still positive.

Do you have access to this data, LTR? Why the negativity, Long Time Realtor, and how can you conclude that the data I mention is irrelevant, without actually seeing it? I think most would agree that it would be interesting to see how well correlated this number is with housing prices. How much is the size of the Realtor community driven by house values? One would think this would be an interesting discussion to have, especially for active Realtors concerned about the health of the profession.

The guy also has visible neck tattoos and several facial piercings. In Canada, or just in Toronto and Vancouver? Seems like there would only be an over-supply in the super-hot markets. It sucks for those that fail, but hopefully they learn from it and choose their next career more carefully. For those that fail at it, well, they can just go into politics.

I guess I prefer a slow decline to a complete implosion, but it sucks having to choose between the two. Is this how Harris got elected?

The other options were just so terrible it was preferable to simply destroy the province? They should know better.

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