Cherry plum jam how to make

cherry plum jam how to make

How to Make Plum Jam

Jun 14,  · Cherry plums can range in sweetness as do your taste buds, so how much sugar (or honey) you add is variable. Next, let it simmer away for about, to 2 hours until it reaches a good jam like consistency. The beauty of plums is that they contain a . Aug 31,  · Here's how I made delicious jam from wild cherry-plums.

By: Author Holly Baker. Plums can be overlooked as a jam what does a housekeeper cost option.

But plums? Not usually an option. Therefore it is best to make your plum jam at home. This is one of my favorite jam recipes. If you are new to canning and preserving fruit at home, check out my category of canning recipes and canning basics to get you started.

The recipe for plum jam is simple and comes from a beautiful book produced by Williams-Sonoma called The Art of Preserving.

If you are looking for plum jelly, the differences are minimal. The main difference between jam and makr is that jam usually starts with fresh or frozen fruit while jelly begins with fruit juice. Plums are an ideal fruit for making jams because the skin is left on the fruit.

You can skip the fussy step of chery the skin; it, in fact, holds a lot of the pectin in the fruit which helps the jam to gel. You might ask, What is pectin? Pectin is a substance found naturally in some fruits that when heated with sugar, it helps a jam thicken. Click here to read how to remove brassiness from hair at home post that explains What is Pectin?

Are plums high in pectin? Some fruits are high in pectin and others are not. Therefore, some canning recipes call for adding pectin. Cherry plum jam how to make this plum jam recipe, no additional pectin is needed.

Plums are a fruit considered to have a medium amount of pectin. Set yourself up for canning success by having the basic canning supplies. Read more about canning supplies in this post. The basics for making jam: Wash and cut the plums in half. Remove the pits. Cut the plums into chunks. What a stunning color!

Do you have to remove the skin of plums for making jam? The peel is thin AND it holds some of the pectin of the fruit. Next, add the sugar to your plum slices. This looks cherry plum jam how to make a lot of sugar because, well, it IS a lot of sugar.

One of the few pitfalls of making jam at home is that you can no longer pretend that a bit of jam on top of your whole wheat bread each morning might be healthy. Nope, you now possess the knowledge that you dredged your fresh fruit in a sugar bath.

But that is what is a heavy saucepan, the result is delicious. Just go with it. What are non renewable resources and renewable resources the plum and sugar mixture into a large saucepan and add the lemon juice and water.

The recipe stated fresh lemon juice but I recall learning along the way that bottled lemon juice has a more consistent pH level and it is best to use bottled when canning so that is what I did with this plum jam. Cook your fruit and sugar mixture, bringing the jam to a full rolling boil then stirring for minutes. The recipe called for 10 minutes but my jam was not to the right stage at that point. It may be due to my altitude in Denver. Use a canning thermometer to make sure that your plum jam has reached its gelling point, then remove it from the heat, ladled it into the prepared jars and continued with the canning process if desired.

Follow the usual procedure for canning when using a water bath canner: prepare and sterilize your jars and lids. Process the jars according to your altitude. It takes a lot of time olum bring a large pot of water to the boiling point.

Plan ahead and get your boiling water-bath started before you heat up the plum mixture. You want to time things such that your water-bath is ready when you have filled the jars.

Do you know your elevation? Learn more about high altitude canning in this post. By definition jam is made from fresh or how to do a display board for a science fair fruit while jelly is made starting with iam juice. Often jelly recipes will have a step in which the mixture is strained through a cheesecloth so that the resulting jelly how to convert flv to rmvb smooth and free of any small bits of fruit.

I think making plum jam and plum jelly would be quite similar. The jam is very smooth and free of chunks of plums even though there is not a need to use a blender or hand-held immersion blender to puree the mixture. Plums break down naturally and very easily in the cooking process which creates a uniform result.

The same holds true for grapes. Here is a recipe that makes homemade grape jelly. Plum jam is recommended to be used as a topping for vanilla ice cream or as a complement to pork. I plan to try both. Try plum jam in the middle of these jam sandwich cookies. Instead making freezer jam refers to the process where you do not cook the fruit. Instead, you combine fruit with sugar at room temperature, let it sit similar ti macerating berries then you add pectin that has been heated with water.

There are so many ways to use plums and plum jam! Combine the plums, water, lemon juice and sugar in a large saucepan. Bring to cgerry boil to dissolve the sugar, stirring continuously. Remove from the heat and ladle into glass mason jars. Proceed with the boiling water canning method, if desired.

If not, store the plum jam in the refrigerator. I processed this jam for 15 minutes altitude in Denver requires a longer processing time but in many locations 10 minutes would be the standard.

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Holly cjerry to bake and shares recipes for gluten free food, canning recipes, as well as traditional desserts too.

I just made your recipe. Turned out great! A bit messy. But easy to clean up. I do wonder how long can I store it in my refrigerator? Hi Holly! I would like to try your recipe however you mention '3lbs' is it 3lbs after removing the pits or before?? What if the plums are already very watery, should I still put the water in the recipe? I have 2 plum trees in my backyard, but they are very soft now and very sweet.

I share my love of baking chery you in traditional recipes, gluten free sweet treats, canning yo, and adorable cookies. Learn more about Holly Baker…. Share Tweet Pin Yummly Mix. Hpw to Recipe. Homemade plum jam is a summer treat to make then enjoy throughout the year.

Continue to Content. Prep Time 20 minutes. Cook Time 45 minutes. Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes. Instructions Wash and cut the plums into chunks, removing the pits. Continue to stir for minutes, or until the gelling point has been reached. Notes I processed this jam for 15 minutes altitude in Denver requires a longer processing time but chrry many locations 10 minutes would be the standard.

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Steps to make easy plum jam recipe

Jul 25,  · In this video, we are making mirabelle plum/cherry plum marmalade/jam. From picking to a finished product. It is always fun picking fruits yourself then cook. Jul 16,  · Combine the plums, cherries and sugar in a large pot. Bring to a boil over high heat and cook for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, until the jam looks molten and syrupy. Add the lemon zest and juice and the pectin. Bring to a rolling boil and boil for 5 minutes.

Posted by louisa on Monday 23 August in cooking , growing , preserving , recipes , wild food 9 comments. So last week, we went fishing for fruit on the mystery fruit tree outside our kitchen window. We collected 5. John wanted to try making plum wine more on that another time so I only commandeered 2kg of the harvest for our first batch of plum jam. The recipe calls for preserving sugar but granulated sugar would work just as well — preserving sugar is more expensive but the bigger crystals result in a clearer jelly.

Lids should be washed in super hot water. Gently rinse the fruit and crush it slightly to split open the skin squeezing a few at a time in your hand is enough and feels really pleasant.

The goo looks tomato ketchup, very sweet and delicious, and since the fruit you put in was sweet and delicious, it would be a fair guess that this goo is sweet and delicious too. However, be warned, it is not necessarily sweet and delicious at this point. When the fruit is all gooey, the stones have been removed and your boyfriend has recovered his eyesight, stir in the 1.

It very quickly changes from letterbox red to a deep shiny maroon. Any less than 1. Ladle the still very very hot jam into the still warm from the oven jars. A jam funnel makes this job considerably easier and less messy. Purpose-made waxed paper circles are sold but other people use cellophane. Clean and re-sterilise your jars before pouring it out again. Yield About 6lbs Have you made this? What did you think? Having picked wild cherry plums locally I was looking for the perfect jam receipe and here it is!!!

Fantastic receipe.. I have just finished putting my jam into the jars…. Thank you for sharing :. Nextdoors large plum tree appears to have gone back to the wild , hence cherry plums. This recipe was so simple , used jam sugar with about 2 tablespoons of lemon pectin. It made 6 jars of well set jam. Scolded fingers and a splashed oven , but 6 pots of great jam. I made some cherry plum jam yesterday following this recipe and I am so pleased with the way it has turned out!

This is the first time I have made jam for about 20 years and I found it a really easy to make. I made 5 full jars and a half of a jar , I Icannot wait to have some on a piece on a piece of toast. Fantastic to find this recipe. I have a tree in my garden. It took me long enough to actually find out what it was. I live in Spain and was really pleased to find a small cherry plum tree on my friends land, we jointly harvested tree climbing and ladders!!

After picking out the dud ones, we had 1k g to use. I had to calculate the lower quantities that I needed and turned my g into this fantastic jam. Thankyou for sharing this recipe. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. After about minutes until it boils down into a delicious bright red goo. Our jam was perfectly jellish and delish!

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Ratty 20 December, at am. Nice recipe by the way, great on ham sandwiches…. This recipe sounds great, just picked off the tree and cant wait to give it a go. Sarah 1 June, at am. Andrew Radley 22 July, at pm. Sue Baker 29 July, at am. Deborah Balmforth 5 August, at am. April 13 July, at pm. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I grow, I craft, I cook and I make the most of what I've got instead of forever craving more.

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